Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 116

Jehovah's Witnesses Perform Historically Many Hours

Are bleeding killers the only true Christians?

After the incident yesterday, I was very happy that Juergen came forward to accompany me. We drove to Wiesloch and met some Jehovah's Witnesses who photographed us and looked at us strangely. Quite fast we decided to go to Speyer.

In Speyer, however, we could not discover a single active Jehovah's Witness, even though the Watchtower Society had propagated in its June 2014 Royal Service Gazette that historical efforts would have to lead to historical peak performances in August 2014 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Jehovah's kingdom. The aim was to reach unprecedented highs. But Jehovah's Witnesses were not to be seen in Speyer.

It is disappointing not to be able to embarrass Jehovah's Witnesses with upheld signs. This triumph of truth over the Watchtower lie can really be addictive, and you have to rebuke yourself time and again not to conduct this confrontation of enlightenment for your own pleasure. This victory over the lie must never become an end in itself, but it is about reminding seduced people that they are led to sign and confirm the religious murder by letting it bleed to death. And the point is to show the seduced that they have fallen for an anti-Christian religion.

Jehovah's Witnesses actually advertise for an organization that, by misinterpreting the Bible, leads people to surrender to bleeding to death. They show people that the God of the Bible demands sacrifice from people. What paganism! The Watchtower doctrine has the goal of alienating man from God by misinterpreting and twisting "true" Christianity into a deeply pagan cult.

Jehovah's Witnesses live off the great "we" feeling of the elite that not even the 120 richest Germans share. Jehovah's Witnesses live an elite life based on know-it-all, and they don't realize they've become blood murderers. Spiritual control by the governing body has driven them into the deepest sin by turning Jehovah's Witnesses into people who lead themselves and others to death by bleeding to death in the name of God. The "we" feeling makes this possible and the cross of Christ that these people would have to take upon themselves is the exclusion from the group and the resulting loneliness and renunciation of this "we" feeling that worked so splendidly even under the Nazi regime.

No man can satisfy God without the grace of Jesus, the Son of God, who is God. Jehovah's Witnesses have a God whom they can satisfy with the help of spiritual misting by the feeling of we. They serve a God who has a historically false name, and they are convinced that this God, as in Islam, demands godliness. The fact that they are thereby turning the work of Jesus into the Islamic opposite does not suit them, because they suck on the mother's breast of the worldwide brotherhood of murder by bleeding to death, which is similar to the mutilating Islam of man.

For some time now, the Watchtower Society has been forced to make new appeals to its voluntary newspaper stands. After it had to abolish the because too many people on the landed, if they searched Google for "watchtower", the small, regionally limited embarrassment in Wiesloch, Speyer and Bruchsal intervenes so hard in the we-feel-lubricated gear train of the Watchtower Society that it must urge its voluntary pro-blood murderers to achieve a historic sermon service result in August 2014.

Who wants to publish massively declining figures when Jehovah's Witnesses are accustomed to reading such statistics about their worldwide hemorrhage? The Watchtower apparatus must come up with a solution as quickly as possible to avoid having to falsify the statistics. What's funny, though, is that Jehovah's Witnesses can no longer be found as easily on the streets on Saturday as in Wiesloch, Speyer and Bruchsal. They prefer to eat in their kingdom halls and sunbathe in the good old "we" feeling.

If the kingdom system of the Watchtower Society were really that important, Jehovah's Witnesses would stand by it too. But they insist that their faces be made unrecognizable, as with criminals, they celebrate feast feasts of eating and feeling like us, they sunbathe in their only true niche of religion, they do not preach in Speyer, thus documenting that their religion is more of a profit-oriented thing after all. Nobody would celebrate a Saturday meal together if he knew that his sermon service is vital.

The primitiveness of the mainstream believer is the inner nature of all Jehovah's Witnesses and they find sufficient fulfillment in the seemingly Islamic feeling of godliness. They do not realize that they not only do not differ from Islam with its leadership mechanisms, but that they fulfill the leadership cult even more drastically than Islam.

That people who deliberately and religiously bleed themselves and others to death, feel Christian and demonize the rest of the world should make it clear to the world that the devil himself is the lord of the Watchtower organization. How long does the world unconscious accept the lying strategy?

The Watchtower Society has suffered heavy losses from all the reconnaissance aircraft on the Internet and on the street. The clearer the criticism, the more Jehovah's Witnesses must respond to save face and maintain their self-deception. Let us hope that the state does not stop criticizing the Watchtower doctrine. Let us hope that dictatorial Europe does not take this step too early. Europe has already made good progress in denying God.


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