Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 403

Jehovah's Witnesses go on patrol

Some just sit around ...

It's always interesting to see what MORD.ORG is up to when they change from time to time and their slaves all show a uniform behaviour that has been reconsidered. The slaves of the Watchtower organization bring a tactically more or less clever change of behavior every now and then in certain intervals. They voluntarily demonstrate their absolute conformity and the viewer immediately sees the image of the clever slave bringing the less clever slaves consistently to his line.

A Jehovah's Witness does not need modesty because he is really stupid after his Watchtower training. But in the crowd, Jehovah's Witnesses work flawlessly. In the fulfillment of some tasks, unnecessary knowledge is only a hindrance.

After the first joyous surprise of not seeing any Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer, the second came immediately: they were there, but they just strutted about, exercising some sort of informer-like control. They ran patrol. That was my impression and some even sat patrol. A funny scenery. What does the clever slave want to tell me with this behavior of his less clever slaves? There already went to me some by the head, which had to do among other things also with the data security basic regulation (DSGVO) (photography). But it is simply too boring to list all these if-then considerations here. The fact is that the structure of the DSGVO has long been present and authoritative in Jehovah's Witnesses and is now also being introduced at state level in Europe. This Watchtower "DSGVO" structure has always existed and means that all stupider slaves are at the mercy of the clever slave and can be excluded at any time for the most flimsy reasons.

Jehovah's Witnesses know very well and love the most abysmal prohibitions and commandments up to the bleeding to death of their own child, because with them they can distinguish themselves and make themselves the hope to survive in Armageddon after all. The European data protection basic regulation opens the first big political barn door for this kind of regency. No one knows and no one recognises the justification for these exaggerated and yet vague norms, but everyone shows by his subservience the will to be ahead of his neighbour. I do not want to be excluded! And if anyone has to believe it, then I simply look away.

Data protection, which was once supposed to prevent the transparent citizen, i.e. limit state access, but now puts the citizen on the nail board, uniquely reflects the strategy of the Watchtower Society. While the Bible scholars in their early days still called on Jesus, the Jehovah's Witnesses are forbidden to do so today and they only have the rather stupid hope of an earthly organization to which they have to be in bondage in a fascist way in order to possibly survive. At any time the authorities, the guardians, as the MORD.ORG likes to call themselves, can pick out every single one and crush it between thumb and index finger. No one is safe because the arbitrariness of MORD.ORG counts. The knitting pattern is now also available in Europe. First in data protection, then in other aspects of life.

The exact purpose of running and sitting around Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer was not clear to me. Once again the appearance of new pioneers was conspicuous, flown in from somewhere, recruited somewhere, sent somewhere. Willing bag-bearers and lookers around, chickens who always look jerkily in a different direction.

Maybe I should ask a few public prosecutors if they have taken note of the homicide charges against the Watchtower Society or not. A while later one could sue the public prosecutors directly because they so grossly neglect their duties.


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