Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 250

Speyer: Jehovah's alibi witness only

Jehovah's Witnesses chicken out

After the sensational presentation of the Speyer Jehovah's Witnesses, after this power demonstration of the Watchtower Moloch in the pedestrian zone of Speyer last Saturday, the presence of the Speyer Jehovah's Witnesses falls back to almost zero. Only the lonely pseudo-witness of Jehovah's Witness, who does not correspond at all to the usual image of a Jehovah's Witness, remained in the sight of the signs for a few minutes: "Jehovah's Witnesses do not decapitate – Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". He spoke extra loudly with a few acquaintances who were not Jehovah's Witnesses. That looked like the roar in the pub at the bar with a pat on the back and with the typical gestures of the reigning top dog. This behavior seems highly Jehovah's Witness alien and superimposed. Is this Jehovah's Witness putting on his own show?

After the Watchtower-Show last Saturday the picture was dominated today by the uniforms of catholic nuns. This leads directly to the idea that the lie spreaders are literally working shifts and replacing each other to distract people from Jesus. Is that still worth it, in view of the mass of esoteric attheists who make up our society to a large extent? Yes. The liar's desire is always to obstruct the path to the knowledge of truth at an early age. Strategies that seem unlikely are the strategies of choice. The earlier faith in Jesus is made an absurd ego-trip by Catholicism and Jehovahism, the better. The lying religions let their protagonists stroll through the public, sometimes so, sometimes so, without revealing a common plan. The fundamental opposition of these lying religions takes a back seat in order to adapt to the mainstream of humanist tolerance. The whole thing looks like the good cooperation of arch-enemies, who basically have the same goals. Where the ground-breaking ceremony of the Watchtower Society still took place, Rome took over without grumbling and continues digging at this point.

Unfortunately, free Christian congregations that have organized themselves into federations are also working on this system of religions that put people into trance. And even the churches that have not placed themselves under the regime of ecumenism and the Evangelical Alliance are professionally infiltrated by Freemasonry and its friends. There from the pulpit they preach from the rough stone which has to be polished (Christian community Sinsheim) and the prohibition to bear witness to Jesus in the pedestrian zone (FEG Bruchsal) is pronounced. The proportion of the population asking for God is cleanly divided among the infiltrated religious actors. The crow doesn't hack the rat's eye out and the cooperation works very well even without recognizable agreements.

The catholic coinage of the people in Speyer and in the Kraichgau causes a strangely dull attitude. One divides one's (also material) benefices among one another finely and cleanly and is unattainable for the faith in Jesus. There is no man in these latitudes who is not thoroughly integrated into this system and dependent on it. Americanized Christians behave like the Jehovah's Witnesses and ruthlessly refuse open dialogue. Catholics are open but very close to esoteric atheism because of their disinformation.

Islam of the Saudis type plays its jack of spades into this situation and firmly intends to establish its aggressive, theocratic religion in a quite manageable period of time. For a long time people have been well prepared for it through detached religions and denominations and through the consequent turning away from Jesus Christ. Ecumenical guidelines that protect the staked claims of priests and pastors are more valid than the conscience of the individual. The system of religiously garnished tolerance is the gate that is wide open for Islamist Sharia. This is hardly recognizable yet, because the masses of the unconscious and Facebook successors still dominate the street scene, but the clock is ticking and the actors have meanwhile memorized their war plans.

Jehovah's Witnesses, who in these contexts have an almost restful restrictive effect and want to stand out from the others in every respect and only too gladly take on the role of victims, work diligently in this round dance of human fraud. When the ecumenical movement snaps its finger at the driving Freemasonry, the Watchtower Society takes a few steps back and leaves the true rulers in charge. This "peaceful" coexistence in ecumenism and the contemporary establishment of capitalism as the salvation path of mankind (see DHL advertisement) in connection with the stiff refusal to think of (supposedly) intellectual atheism is the cake baked for all of us. Take your piece and enjoy the poison it contains. The main thing is that you belong to it.


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