Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 441

Jehovah's Witness admits: We are becoming less and less

Minutes of chasing in Walldorf with the most violent threats

On Saturday, 06.04.2019, Renate and I were in Walldorf. A very eloquent Jehovah's Witness started after some time a chase on me. Unfortunately Renate was somewhere else during this time and so I had no witness. The passers-by just watched. The man chased me all over the central square in Walldorf. Nobody intervened. Jehovah's Witnesses enjoyed the thing grinning. Passers-by stood around pointlessly, while this Witness ran after me for a meter and threatened me with everything that could be imagined. I can no longer say with any certainty whether there was murder or not. But it was absolutely threatening.

The judge who convicted me claimed that my reaction to the Jehovah's Witness who was chasing after me at the time was only a classic swallow. Youarerightmanreally!

All photos – except one – were taken after the hunt

The man who rushed me through Walldorf kept claiming that I had photographed him all the time. That's not true. I only turned to him once with my camera running while he was telling the passer-by that the six-year-old had not died of Jehovah's blood doctrine. This can also be seen in the video. Unfortunately I had to delete the video again. I will publish it again with an explanatory opening credits.

When he approached me at the beginning of his hunt, he had the face of a madman. Grinning broadly, even radiantly, he approached me to put me under pressure as brutally as possible. The reason for his behavior was, as he said, that I had photographed him. The whole thing went over minutes and a distance of 300-400 meters across the central square in Walldorf. Nobody called the police and the man ran after me and ejected the most hateful thing I had ever heard. Only when I shouted to two Indians in passing whether they would call the police, did the Jehovah's Witness turn away from me and turn to Renate, whom he had discovered on the other side of the street.

Shortly before, he intimidated a passer-by. I had asked her about her e-mail address so that I could later obtain a testimony from her. It's a pity that the prosecutor of the district court Wiesloch was not present. He could have attacked the passer-by from behind.

I hid for about 15 minutes and then approached Renate, who was already looking for me. We walked towards the car when this man ran behind us screaming loudly again. At this point we were already more than 500 meters away from the central square of Walldorf. But this Jehovah's Witness felt called to run after me again screaming loudly. I rescued myself in a gas station. Here I stayed for a longer time and Jehovah's Witness told Renate the wildest stories. He would only have wanted to apologize. He only wanted peace and such things. I managed to get the car undiscovered from the parking lot and to start my way home without further contact with this man.

Thank you, high court!

This threat was a logical course of action by the Jehovah's Witnesses following the plea of the prosecutor, in which he openly called for the use of force and for vigilante justice. Literally, the prosecutor said in his plea: "If I had been there, the camera would have been with me earlier." The Wiesloch legal system actually runs people against each other and risks bodily harm and more. Was the Wiesloch Local Court forced to speak injustice to protect its own careers? The result is another enjoyable chase by Jehovah's Witnesses.

What this Jehovah's Witness told Renate

Among other things, he told Jehovah's Witness that he had only been with Jehovah's Witnesses for almost two years. I don't believe that. I think it's a protective statement that allows the Watchtower Society to say in the event of unplanned events: No, that is not a Jehovah's Witness. He is not baptized at all!

Besides, he mentioned they were getting less and less. Renate didn't believe that. But I can understand that very well. The madness in Jehovah's Witnesses has an effect as soon as you call it by its name.


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