Jehovah's Witnesses Visit No. 106

Jehovah's Witnesses Congress Frankfurt

The loudspeaker rattle at the Jehovah's Witnesses Congress in Frankfurt was annoying and a torture for the children!

The second day of the congress was already more businesslike than the day before. Instead of the spiritually hungry, we now only saw more tormented people who made themselves a bearable time in this or another way. Some were very exhausted and sat on the concrete walls like bums on the street, only they were better dressed. The people certainly radiated something. But it was just good clothes, polite monotony and the wish that the day would pass quickly. The sound of the loudspeakers put everyone, including us, under a lot of pressure. To make matters worse, the talk was such a useless triviality that nothing could be gained from all this noise.

In several languages the Jehovah's Witnesses were forcibly sprinkled and we had the great advantage of being able to get up and walk at any time. A real pleasure in such a situation as the Jehovah's Witnesses Congress in Frankfurt. Jehovah's Witnesses do not have the Christian freedom to avoid such noise by a swift departure. They must stay there and force their children to endure this torment as well. In front of us sat a mother with daughter and son. The daughter looked around for us and immediately realized that we were not Jehovah's Witnesses. Envy could be seen in her eyes. Terrible, especially in view of this noise nuisance and spiritual emptiness!

The shreds of speeches that could be deciphered to some extent without being immediately distracted again by anything were so empty and irrelevant and only pointed to the increase in performance in sermon service that one's last nerve was robbed if one didn't have to live from the hope of being saved by the good works of Watchtower propagation. Even the speakers felt effort and listlessness, but the program was mercilessly unwound. When the Jehovah's Witnesses smashed their song (expressing salvation: "Yuhuu! It's almost pause!), we were already in the neighboring woods, sitting on a tree trunk and talking about Jesus.

A woman came by and we called out to her: "We realized that Jesus is God!" She didn't understand it until the fifth time and then said exactly two seconds too late: "That's actually wrong." She said it exactly two seconds too late because it didn't come out of the gun and you had the impression that this woman was suddenly very insecure. She also built this into her sentence "actually", which showed all her insecurity in addition. We also told two men that we realized that Jesus is God. They went on wordlessly. Two young men, to whom we also called our knowledge, hardly reacted at all. One asked, "And?" When the two had already walked a few meters, I called after them if they were Jehovah's Witnesses. The conversation that followed was fantastic and did not end with a handshake, but with this fist-to-fist gesture that I had never done before in my life.

The young man said his parents were Jehovah's Witnesses, but he wasn't. Religion could not save. I added, "If anyone saves, it's Jesus." They were both in a good mood, especially the one who spoke the word, and we were happy to have met someone who, out of the midst of Jehovah's racket, thought that religion was human work and couldn't save. The day was very interesting, the impressions strange, the people friendly but tortured, the speeches gruesomely superficial and shallow, the heat crass and the little experiences wonderful. The Jehovah's Witnesses Congress in Frankfurt 2014 was a ray of hope for us because we could leave whenever we wanted, and because we had a conversation with a supposed Jehovah's Witness who gave us hope. The guy with the fist-to-fist gesture was the surprise of the year. A Jehovah's Witness who was not a Jehovah's Witness.


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