Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 201

Jehovah's Witnesses Let Me Being Arrested

Jehovah's Witnesses don't like pictures.

Dear Mr. Police Officer,

Your intervention was correct and didn't scare me like in Speyer. Thank you in advance. Here comes my statement, which you expect from me within a week. I hope that you accept the statement in the form of a website. If not, I am willing to print the page for you and send it to you by fax.

This site is guaranteed to be on the Internet for years unless Jehovah's Witnesses find a way to get rid of my server or me. In this respect, this site has a true document character and even if you do not print it immediately, it will be available to you as a document for a long time to come. After all, a legal procedure is connected with it. In this case I guarantee the document for years to come.

The course of events

Jehovah's Witnesses go public as unpaid employees on behalf of a newspaper publisher and leave their status as private individuals at that moment. True to the maxim of the Watchtower Society, Jehovah's Witnesses are informed as wrongly as possible, including their rights and duties. One suggests to these people that they have the right not to be photographed during their worship (Watchtower campaign). But the definite status of Jehovah's Witnesses advertising in public is not private. Nevertheless, the Watchtower Society, as its mistress in these people, maintains the illusion that one is also on the road privately in sermon service.

This leads to the misunderstanding that any lie without documentation is allowed if you are a Jehovah's Witness. In this way, Jehovah's Witnesses not only have an absurd elite feeling, but they also imagine they can report any kind of criticism or documentation of their actions to the police as illegal. For example, police officers appeared in Bruchsal who wanted to tell me that I could not exceed a certain volume. When I asked him how loud that was, the policeman replied: "I am not a measuring device!"

The instrumentalization of state power is one of the easiest exercises of the Watchtower Society and Jehovah's Witnesses. They can be photographed for hours – as can be seen from the photos integrated on this page (click on the pictures, then press the right arrow key) – and suddenly, after arbitrariness, they attack me. And this Jehovah's Witness today also made the claim that I physically attacked him. But I just went to meet him and said to his face: "When Jehovah's Witnesses are photographed, they are ashamed of their God!" This Jehovah's Witness actually went to his knees, but that was not the effect of any physical influence. I myself was amazed at the effect of my words, but I did not touch this man.

After this incident, I met the man I had used as one who allegedly persecuted me as member of the Extreme Hatwear sect . We had a nice chat and I invited him to take a look at the picture on the website showing him. While we were talking, Jehovah's Witness, insulted by a photo, came by. Later I was to see this man again who had me arrested by you. I am sure you will now say that this was not an arrest. But from my point of view, I can tell you it was. If you disappear within the police's sphere of influence, it is not certain whether you will get out again. That is how low we have sunk in Germany. There is, for example, the black man who just burned to death on his mattress in police custody. Anyway, I was afraid. The very broadly built colleague of yours, who strapped on some tool while you were walking towards me, did not inspire me with awe, but with naked fear. I prayed. And then, after your request to follow you to the police station, I went to the police station with raised signs. Fortunately, it turned out that you were a perfectly normal person. Happiness and many thanks. In recent years I have had various strange experiences in which the pressure of the police was partly due to ignorance, partly due to partiality. That was either way not beautiful. Rather alarming, what is possible in the constitutional state of Germany. Therefore today's interrogation was rather pleasant because of a photo.

The Watchtower Society seems to have issued the maxim to be photographed calmly by me as a Jehovah's Witness, because it is known that not a single Witness is recognizably depicted on my website, and because the accusation of Jehovah's shame hurts Jehovah's Witnesses. This Jehovah shame exposes them. At the same time, I wonder why the Watchtower Society remains stiff and firm about not allowing Jehovah's Witnesses to be photographed. There seem to be different currents in the Watchtower Society's strategy, and Jehovah's Witnesses are very differently informed. The bottom line, however, is that the conflicting instructions of the Watchtower Society give us the right to take photographs for journalistic purposes. Only an "unlawful" publication could lead to your intervention as a state authority and the Watchtower Society as the mistress of those who cannot be photographed. So there is no reason to reward the airs and graces of a public unpaid sect leader who thinks he is a private citizen with police action.

Anyone who stands next to a watchtower troll should put up a sign: "No photography!", if he doesn't want to be photographed. Otherwise he should rather stay in the pedestrian zone or stay at home as a private person without a Watchtower Trollli. As soon as the humanity elite of Watchtower Society Graces appear publicly, they have forfeited their claim to private rights. Anyone who goes public to be noticed by other people is a public figure. So we will never see a politician in public who campaigns for his party and at the same time forbids that he be photographed. No circus elephant walking in full ornament through the streets is protected from photos taken by someone by his elephant leader. Whether for private or journalistic purposes. Jehovah's Witnesses abuse the police and the rule of law to act like circus elephants while enjoying the full protection of a private individual.

If Mister Unfotografifierbar really wants to go through with his ad, he should do so quietly. The more publicity this creates, the better. And I am sure that he will be the one who will possibly hold the file in front of his face in front of the camera. Not me. There is a border somewhere! Where the naked lie begins, journalistic reportage of these things must be possible. How many nations are there in which this is still possible?

PS: And when I called to the unphotographable Jehovah's Witness, my name is Ruediger Hentschel, he called back: "I know that!" These people are fully informed. Did the man give my name to you when he reported me? I would have liked to have known that once.


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