Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 303

Jehovah's Witness stronghold?

Saturdays not

I'm freaking out! Wiesloch is a Jehovah's Witness stronghold! Sometimes you can get this impression. But mostly it's about three or four old women and a young caregiver, called a servant. The real superiority of Jehovah's Witnesses lies in the waves of Jehovah's Witnesses arriving in Germany, who are gathered together to get to know Wiesloch. It has been the custom of the Watchtower Society since the 1920s to gather masses of Jehovah's Witnesses somewhere when needed.

And in Wiesloch there is demand! Since there is resistance to the lies of the Watchtower Society, there is a regular travel service to Wiesloch for Jehovah's Witnesses from all directions. One day, approximately 20 men came to position themselves in the Wiesloch pedestrian zone 10 meters apart to demonstrate Jehovah's superiority.

On this day three young Selters-pupils were also present. However, the three specialists from Selters were the first not to be seen when I explained to them why blood doctrine is a fat lie and why it was invented to bring Jehovah's Witnesses from life to death as early as possible.

Today everything was quiet in Wiesloch. I had to wait some time until finally the lime green Witness Jehovas appeared, who hit me once because I had photographed him. He just went on, so I had no authority on his part to photograph him for lack of Watchtower advertising. Later he came by again, this time with a curled watchtower-like magazine in his hand, but I played it safe and didn't photograph him.

And when I had turned again to the pleasant atmosphere in the Wiesloch pedestrian zone, I saw the two hardest old Jehovah's Witnesses ever. They went up to the Volksbank and stood opposite her. I sat across from them on the bench in front of the Volksbank and held the sign on my lap: "Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood."

A man came by, looked left and right, read the spell and grinned broadly. Thereupon the two old Jehovah's Witnesses left, for they had to reckon that I would be able to sit in my comfortable seat for many more hours.

So today the infiltration of the crowds by Jehovah's watchtowers lasted only 119 seconds and no Jehovah's Witness was seen anymore. A passer-by asked where my clientele was. The clientele is missing! I wasted my time shopping and drove home. Why should I wait for hours for Jehovah's Witnesses?

The Yesterday's maximum use of Jehovah's Witnesses to invite people to their sinister antievening meal celebration has probably weakened Jehovah's Witnesses quite a bit. But standing behind a bookstall for two hours and experiencing the pure disinterest of the people is also bad and doesn't build up. It's more than understandable that Jehovah's Witnesses need a little wellness and a rest after this performance.

If you want to see the dark atmosphere at the Jehovah's Witnesses' Christ Death Celebration, you should join in. As long as you do not fall into the trap of the Watchtower Society, this is an important general education measure! Experiencing the Jesus rejection of Jehovah's Witnesses in all their ritual manifestation will save you from ever believing a word to these false teachers.

The Wiesloch Anti Abendmahlsfeier takes place in the Kulturhaus Wiesloch above the city library, Gerbersruhstrasse 41, 69168 Wiesloch at 20:00 o'clock. They will be counted so that the Antichrist religion of Jehovah's Witnesses can boast of how many people have already been touched by it satanically. Do not pay attention to this. Much more important is the unbiased impression you get at this celebration of the rejection of Jesus. Satanists are jealous of it!


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