Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 269

Jehovah's Witnesses in Darmstadt

And a Muslim

Juergen reports:

John 6:44 No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up on the last day.

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst.

These two verses have once again proved to be absolutely true today and I thank Jesus for the fact that we were allowed to be witnesses of how a person was drawn by the Father and how Jesus was in our midst.

It does not happen every day that a Muslim approaches us and is then interested for hours in our sign campaign.

I was very impressed by how patient and inquisitive the young man from Syria was. He had many questions and could listen. He had no objections and agreed with Ruediger's remarks.

The right heart attitude was present and that is what matters.

Spiritual values can only be transmitted if the heart is ready for them.

It was simply unbelievable how well the Muslim could absorb everything, understand it and not get enough of it, despite the linguistic communication difficulties we had because we could only talk in English.

What we experienced there reminds me in retrospect a bit of the event where Philip was sent by the Holy Spirit to the chamberlain in Ethiopia to preach the Gospel to him. In Acts 8:26-39, the only thing missing was baptism.

In the end, we even prayed together. What a rare situation. I thanked Jesus for it. The Muslim wondered about the simplicity with which our prayers were addressed to Jesus.

Ruediger reports:

Rain, cold, night workers who were happy to be able to talk to someone, a guy who saw himself as a friend of hooligans, busy people who filled their shelves – that's how we experienced Darmstadt at eight in the morning. Jehovah's Witnesses did not appear until 10:00. Jehovah's Witnesses do not attach importance to people, but only to crowds of people. The religious practice of Jehovah's Witnesses refers to optimized advertising for a newspaper publisher. You don't have to be in the pedestrian zone at 8:00 am. So it happens that all people who are no longer in the pedestrian zone after 10:00 a.m. have to be destroyed in Armageddon. The Jehovah's Witnesses' advertising concept ensures that a certain part of humanity cannot come to this Jehovah "God" at all.

But the other people who, like Jehovah's Witnesses, do not enter the pedestrian zone until 10:00 a.m. have the advantage of possibly being able to survive Armageddon. Unfortunately, however, they also have the disadvantage of having to surrender their lives, money and thoughts to the Watchtower Society for the possible survival of the evil Watchtower fantasy. How does it feel to have bet your whole life on the wrong horse and then meet a God who became man? Jehovah's Witnesses can look back on a rich life when they learn that they worshiped the wrong God. Jehovah's Witnesses cannot look back on thoughts or knowledge, but they can look back on many hours that they have invested – wrongly, but wrongly. The capital Jehovah's Witnesses have with God is Watchtower newspaper publishing advertising hours! That is enormous!

In order to be able to imagine anything about Watchtower newspaper publishing advertising hours, you have to be taken aback. But in order to build a bridge to the paradise of oversized tomatoes and pumpkins out of these Watchtower Newspaper Advertising Hours, you have to listen to Jehovah's Witnesses and never read the Bible yourself. And yet there is also a chance for these people, who on their way to Jehovah's Paradise stand their legs in their stomachs. All people have this one chance to really get to know God – even the stupid ones with the Watchtower Trolley.

That every person has this chance was proven today by a Muslim who questioned us so intensively that we almost lost sight of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus, the only chance we humans have, was the center of our conversations and we had to be very patient until we finally discovered Jehovah's Witnesses again. Our knowledge-thirsty Muslim took us so hard that Jehovah's Witnesses were directed to the back benches. In the end, our interlocutor even laughed at the situation comedy caused by Jehovah's Witnesses because they always disappear after a few minutes. The Muslim had understood the discrepancy between Christian and Antichrist.

While the older Jehovah's Witness tried to impress us only by disparagement, so that our Muslim guest was able to shed light on Jehovah's Witnesses, at the end of the morning two young Jehovah's Witnesses reacted with the Victory sign and an embarrassing grin that did not want to stop. The young Jehovah's Witnesses understood our slogans immediately and one of them suddenly had a very important phone call. He ended this phone call with the overloud phrase: "Yes, we'll be right there!" This had given him the position of being able to leave the place of embarrassment without losing face.

Impressive and at the same time seductive was the repeated statement of our Muslim friend that he misses people in Germany who really do something for others. According to him, we were exactly what he missed. This statement was seductive in the sense that we could have felt praised if we had not given the honor to Jesus. Because no achievement and no merit meets us. We have only acted according to our heart and do not do a job like Jehovah's Witnesses have to do. We do not do a job and therefore cannot quit it. When Jesus hits you in the heart, you no longer do a job, you live.

So today in Darmstadt the several days of thinking about sense and nonsense of our actions by a Muslim person, who gave us testimony about our work, has come to an end. Within ourselves we already knew and felt quite clearly that there is nothing more meaningful than to warn people of the antichristian lie. But the fact that a person who did not know Jesus at all gave us his signature impressively, that we are not travelling senselessly, exceeds my boldest hopes for an answer to the question of meaning.

We will not now attack the Muslim with declarations of love and force him to study the Bible. We know that only Jesus can draw him to himself.


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