Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 241

Three Full Hours of Jehovah's Witness Reconnaissance

Jehovah's salesman totally frustrated

Whoever knows the penetrance of Jehovah's Witnesses, with which they let someone run aground and with which they ignore facts and people, understands that in the meantime I prayed that the encouragement and support of Jesus would become visible to me. When you stand in front of Jehovah's Witnesses with shaking signs and nothing happens and the faces of Jehovah's Witnesses radiate only the usual self-confidence, then such a prayer is understandable. And it is not that Jesus would not hear such a prayer.

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This day was so clearly under the guidance of Jesus that I can only bear witness to it in gratitude. Many people inquired about the circumstances, the reasons and the meaning of the action. This resulted in many conversations and I had reason to thank them time and time again. Someone photographed me from behind to document the texts on the signs. I have absolutely nothing against being photographed, because I go to the public so that my information can be seen. It's logical that I can't remain incognito. Jehovah's Witnesses, on the other hand, imagine that they can claim the right to their own image even though they publicly present themselves.

Towards the end my feet began to hurt, so I walked up and down in the small area in front of the Jehovah's Witnesses bookstall in Speyer. The range of the signs I held up was nice and wide. I had not yet been aware of this range. Due to the high range all people on the whole area were addressed Рincluding the audience of several caf̩s and restaurants Рand they watched the scenery with curiosity. This also resulted in some conversations. One man said: "They are much more conspicuous than the Jehovah's Witnesses."

Once again it was a beautiful day. In the beginning I had doubts if there would be anything going on today, because I had to drive through quite dense spray rain on my motorcycle on the way there. But in the pedestrian zone in Speyer I dried again, so that the three hours of Jehovah's Witnesses could take place without problems. The longer the confrontation lasted, the clearer became the confrontation between the Jehovah's Witnesses and the facts of their own religion.

After the many enjoyable encounters I was allowed to enjoy, encounters with interested passers-by, Jehovah's Witnesses looked like always only holes in the air. Only the lieutenant of the Jehovah sellers stared at me unrelatedly, and I don't want to know what was on his mind. The man must have noticed something about the Watchtower strategy. Jehovah's Witnesses – the ceremonial bread-and-wine rejects – do not have God on their side. Letting people bleed to death according to the rules has no access to God. They have rejected Jesus.

The prayer of the Christian to Jesus

Prayer to Jesus is a matter of course for me, as it is for every Christian, for Jesus says, "Come to me, all," and the Father says, "This is my son. Hear him!" The prayer to Jesus through Jesus is the direct address of God. Jesus is God. The Bible forces this coldly and without embellishment by forbidding other gods in the Ten Commandments and coming in John 1 with Jesus, who is God. The Word that became flesh is Jesus. Jesus cannot be any other God than the Father, because otherwise the Ten Commandments would be a lie. It cannot be that the Bible says no in the front and then in John 1 still comes with another God. That would mean that the Bible is really only a religious book and not the Word of God.

Prayer to Jesus is not only a possibility for a Christian, but also a necessity. For Jesus wants and must be Lord of the Christian. He who cannot say that Jesus is his Lord cannot be a Christian. The one who recognizes Jesus as his Lord talks to him as one talks to his Lord.

Prayer to Jesus from the Jehovah's Witness's Point of View

For a Jehovah's Witness, prayer to Jesus is blasphemy because Jesus exists as a second God in the Watchtower doctrine. In the NWT (New World Translation of Jehovah's Witnesses), as in other Bibles, there is the strict prohibition of another God in the Ten Commandments. But as if to brand the Bible as a book of lies, John 1 comes in the NWT with the little magic word "ein". In the NWT Jesus is only one God and thus another God than the Father.

While Jehovah's Witnesses willingly accept the invention of Catholic monks, namely the name Jehovah, they totally don't care that they have two different gods in their religion, only one of which may be worshipped for heaven's sake! And of course that can't be Jesus, but this Jehovah-God made in the synagogue out of a terrible signal for the Jewish reader. Blamabel is already the habit of constantly adding the term God to this Jehovah. As if these people had to forcefully get used to the fact that this Jehovah is God.

And to fill the measure of the lie, Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate their ultimate Jesus rejection celebration once a year, at which the Jonadabe (almost all Jehovah's Witnesses) solemnly reject Jesus by letting bread and wine, the symbols of Christ, pass untouched. But at the same time they use the formula "in the name of Jesus" in their Jehovah prayers as a magic formula without which prayer does not arrive. The solemnly rejected Jesus thus becomes, in Jehovah's Witnesses, a kind of fax machine for data transmission or a magic phrase.

Prayer to Jesus is idolatry for Jehovah's Witnesses. Making an idol out of Jesus is the true core of the Watchtower religion.

Prayer to Jesus from the Muslim's point of view

The prayer to Jesus is an unimaginable abomination for the Muslim. By making Jesus a liar by saying that Jesus let a doppelganger die for him, Islam prepares that nobody can pray to Jesus. Who would like to worship a deceiver? Nobody. Jehovah's Witnesses might be very envious of the Muslim Jesus is a liar doctrine, because the Muslim is more deterred by Jesus for worlds than all Jehovah's Witnesses put together.

And why on earth should Jesus be God?!

All religions have knitted themselves something together. But also power-obsessed and fanatical men have developed something, which could lead to something according to all rules of humans. In Jesus alone someone appears who does his own thing independently of human power fantasies. Nothing in Jesus' words indicates a construction of power. All religions are power constructions. Shouldn't this make us think?

Only in Jesus does the absolute independence of God from people and their religions show itself. Only in Jesus is freedom from all rules guaranteed, because he claims succinctly that we cannot do anything without him anyway. At the same time Jesus gives us the security of having accomplished everything in Him, because He has accomplished everything for us. This absolute freedom is not arbitrariness or a carte blanche, but the opening of the door for God to dwell in us, even though we are sinners. No one who knows Jesus can ignore him. His Spirit works in the Christian and makes him happy. Happy to have done everything in faith in Jesus that saves him.

It is obvious that it must seem absolutely strange when God gives Himself as a human being for us. According to all human rules, Jesus is the greatest loser there ever was. But whoever gets involved with Jesus realizes that Jesus is the greatest victor there ever was. Anyone, for example, who imposes his name on the world in the matter of time calculation through just under three years of public activity, cannot be the loser than Satan and atheism want to see him. Jehovah's Witnesses deny in every one of their writings the calendar named after Jesus. In fact, there is no Watchtower scripture that uses the time before or after Christ. This is a sacred taboo for these people because they must avoid recognizing the greatness of Christ.

Nothing works without faith. Jesus is the only one who has openly emphasized again and again that our faith in him is important. All religions of this world work with belonging, with oath and donation, with ideology and conviction. Only with Jesus do we find the factual statement that we are lost without the simple faith in him. Faith does not matter to religions. They are concerned about crowds, money and influence.

If someone writes you by email that you have won 500 million dollars, doubt is in order. As for Jesus, you can be sure that he is not a spammer. Every person has the opportunity to ask Jesus personally who he is. Is there a more exciting question in this world?

The Atheist and the Prayer

As if to ridicule himself for all eternity, the atheist has chosen chance as his creator. The prayer to Jesus is almost as repugnant to the atheist as it is to the Muslim. It is beneath his dignity. In the galley of the Antichrist, the atheist sits on the very outside of the rudder, next to the Muslim. Both are extraordinarily scientific and both indulge in a man-made religion.


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