Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 465September 14, 2019

Jew hatred in Germany

Muslim, Jehovah's Witness and the so-called Christian are working on Jew-hatred

Russian Jehovah's Witnesses took a stand and the man discovered me. I was about 100 meters away. But nothing escaped Jehovah's Witness's eagle eye. Are Russian Jehovah's Witnesses particularly aggressive because their organization has been banned in Russia? I left by constantly looking around to see if he was following me.

Russian Jehovah's Witnesses are committed to anti-Semitism. They share this with all Jehovah's Witnesses in the world. Catholicism and the Watchtower Organization hold the same doctrine on Jews. They have both replaced the Jews as the people of God. What a beautiful coincidence of these two competing religions! In anti-Semitism there is agreement.

A Muslim in a blasphemous outfit, thus opened up as a revealing German, said referring to the Jehovah's Witnesses: "Similar to the Jews. Only worse." I replied: "Jews are not bad." He: "They both have no God!" I: "What about killing Muslims?" The Muslim must hate everybody who does not have Allah as God. And he may rape anybody who is not veiled.

But when you hear people analysing the Muslim scriptures, it quickly becomes clear why there can be no real Muslim in the world who accepts anything other than Sharia law. In the long run, Muslims must demand the death of all non-Muslims.

And the German pseudo-Christians and church Germans and the Jehovah's Witnesses are working to raise Jewish hatred to a new, undreamt-of level. Only one thing is important to them. Bring all anti-Semites to Germany. Their maxim is: "The borders down and all here!"

Conversations with passers-by

A former Watchtower student testified to her faith in Jesus Christ. She understood that Jesus must be God. The God who became human for us.

An older gentleman said that the statement "Jehovah's Witnesses let bleed to death" was too sweeping and discriminatory. He did not hear my arguments. But ten minutes later, while he was still standing at his bicycle, he understood. Every single Jehovah's Witness is responsible for the bleeding death of every single Watchtower bleeded worldwide. Whoever is in a party that kills people is responsible for the death of those people or he leaves this party. It is simple. Everyone understands it. Anyone who supports an organization that murders people is responsible for every single murder that originated with that organization. There is not a single Jehovah's Witness who is free from serial murder by religious bleeding to death. They have all taken on this terrible responsibility. Whether they know it or not.

Kate and kill Jews – the essence of all Satan's religions

Modern German Christianity, which goes under the flag of humanism, takes concrete action against Judaism. Catholicism has always taught that it has replaced the Jews as the people of God, and the Protestant Church buys a ship to bring even more Jew-haters to Germany. Islam stands and falls with anti-Semitism. Without Jews hatred there is no Islam. Without Jews hatred there is no Muslim infant.

Jesus said: "Salvation comes from the Jews." This is the thorn in the flesh of all religions and all organizations. Churches and humanistic idolaters cannot endure Jesus. But Jesus Christ is the only way we can go. All other ways lead to death, lies and deception.

How beautiful it is to stand up for Jesus Christ!

Even if lies are spread about you, that the beams bend.


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