Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 277

Speyer: almost no Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witness hides the Watchtower

Today was not the usual Jehovah's Witness flood in Speyer. Relaxation and freedom seem to take over the pedestrian zone. If Jehovah's Witnesses don't drive their attacks, you can breathe. In such situations my self-criticism goes through with me. Sometimes I think I'm just as over-enthusiastic as Jehovah's Witnesses. But even if that is the case, the one difference remains: Jehovah's Witnesses chase after a deity invented by Americans. I am a counterforce that at least opposes the attempts at seduction visible in the pedestrian zone. I think this is necessary and I am curious to see how things develop.

Jehovah's Witness at the other end of the Speyer pedestrian zone always hides his Watchtower in one of the leather folders distributed by the Watchtower Society. He rarely unfolds the watchtower folder and thus confesses to being a Jehovah's Witness. His trick is to talk to people he knows and has known for so long. I suspect that this Jehovah's Witness does not really perform sermon service, but only fulfils the required formality because of the required hours and applies as thinly as possible. This suspicion is confirmed by the fact that he always appears alone. There is never another Jehovah's Witness present who could control him and, if necessary, betray him to the Jehovah's Witness Committee.

After a few minutes the Jehovah's Witness disappeared and some people who read my signs looked in disbelief and without understanding until they had understood the context. They all understood the implications of the accusations.

A rare snapshot

After an hour or two, I decided to go home. At that very moment, two young Jehovah's Witnesses appeared right in front of me. The photo I took shows on the left a probably freshly baked preacher with a horrified expression on her face, while on the right the Jehovah's Witness is telling her some mess from the Watchtower doctrine, such as the takeover of all the vacant houses after the annihilation of the wicked in Armageddon. Unfortunately I have to pixelate the faces, unfortunately I can't deliver the facial expression. But Jehovah's novice actually looks as if she just got a slap in the face.

This Jehovah's Witness novice was also the first of the two to read my signs and you could see a shock scurrying over her face again. Hopefully this young woman will go inside herself again and not let Jehovah's Witnesses spin her back!

And the lies of the Catholic Church are sometimes even worse than the lies of the Watchtower Society. The number of people who have been stunned by Catholicism is endless, and here, too, the exposure hardly takes effect, because the claim to administer salvation alone is just as much at home in the Catholic Church as it is in the Watchtower Society. Power apparatuses that scold themselves as Christians rule over the great mass of people and keep them away from Jesus, who for these people is only such a kind of founder of religion. The great apostasy has basically already taken place and the free churches are one after the other entering the clutches of the ecumenism introduced by Freemasons. The spiritual mother of Jehovah's Witnesses, Adventism, joins the religious rulers. Jehovah's Witnesses, on the other hand, are still restfully poorly established and are still polishing their facades.

Jesus can be experienced by everyone. Anyone who says yes to Jesus will never again need a human religious organization in order to be saved by human hands. Whoever has Jesus by promising Himself in a simple prayer is independent of people and religions and gurus.

Flees all religious communities that join the ranks of pseudo-Christian power structures. Find out so that you can recognize Masonic leaders. They also have the name Jesus in their mouths, but have knitted their own mindset around God. These churches are often the most devout and appear in a Fast-Jehovah's Witness outfit to shine with their piety, but in the end to mislead people.

A word to G.: The whole breeding and order theology of the Sinsheimer only intensifies your problems. Nobody can solve your burdens except Jesus. Be content with his grace and don't look at him who says before the assembly: "We are the rough stones that must be cut..." This is the core sentence of Freemasonry and absolutely anti-Christian and directs you directly away from Jesus. Don't rely on people and their pious appearances, but pay attention to Jesus Christ. God looks at the heart and not what you feel is a constant attack. – Without Jesus we can do nothing.

Freemasonry versus Christianity

Jesus has unmistakably told us that we cannot change or improve anything about ourselves. He alone can do this and we depend on Him. All religions suggest the opposite to people. The message of Freemasonry, that man can perfect himself by working on himself (work on the rough stone), has entered all Christian areas and works like battery acid on the coat of the craftsman to dissolve the substance. Man imagines that he somehow only has to be good to "go to heaven". Even the so-called Biblical Christians are impressed by this fairy tale and create in themselves and their neighbors the man-improvement mania of Freemasonry. The result is the adaptation of Christian self-understanding to the ideals of Freemasonry and the ubiquitous ignorance of Jesus.

But Jesus says:

John 15,5 I am the vine, you are the vines. He who abides in me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without me you can do nothing.

The freedom given to us by Jesus in telling us that we cannot perfect or improve ourselves is, of course, a thorn in the side of Freemasonry and all religions in its wake. Human religious organizations do not want to give up the power that comes from people having to obey their rules and norms. Jesus takes the reins off all these organisations and promises salvation to every single person without formalities and corsets of behaviour.


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