Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 399

What's the use of the ban on human blood, if not murder?

When you get an incredibly good offer, you get into trouble. Especially if the goal can only be reached by letting someone jump over the blade, the conflict of conscience is big. Many crime novels are about people who want to eliminate someone somehow for the sake of an advantage. However, such a promised advantage must be as tempting as the final and perfect solution to a long-standing problem.

It is easy for a well-funded organisation to intervene in the lives of certain private individuals who are their tenants through very good offers to landlords. For this, people can be hired who act as solvent, highly interested tenants, but only pursue the interests of the organisation concerned, namely to force someone out of their home.

Jehovah's Witnesses do not have such an interest-driven problem. Jehovah's Witnesses' protection against the guilt of murderers and accomplices consists of flat ignorance. They recruit new murderers and death row candidates, but do not know what they are doing. Even if they are spelled out slowly, Jehovah's Witnesses look like freshly shot deer.

God didn't allow us to eat human flesh. But Watchtower forbids human blood! Why?

Jehovah's Witnesses don't understand. Even people who are not Jehovah's Witnesses do not understand.

Huh? They're to blame themselves!

But, dear people, comfort you! The public prosecutors don't understand either. Imagine someone inventing a car that doesn't drive but always explodes. At some point a legal authority will intervene if people are seduced to buy this car again and again. Not so with the blood question of Jehovah's Witnesses. Although the Watchtower blood question is absolutely nonsensical, because God never released human flesh for consumption, and although several thousand people die every year worldwide, the public prosecutor's offices do not lift a finger. They act according to the motto:

Huh? They're to blame themselves!

And yesterday a Jehovah's Witness in Heidelberg told me that I couldn't reach the people. It is indeed amazing that worldwide the serial murder is simply ignored by letting people bleed to death. There is not a single plausible reason for the Watchtower Society's human blood ban other than satanic murderousness, which is so manifold in the lives of many Jehovah's Witnesses. No one acknowledges that. I pay each 1000 Euros of Renate's money if he offers a plausible explanation for the human blood ban, which excludes the satanic lust for murder as the only motivation for the Jehovah's Witnesses' lied human blood ban.

However, Renate has not yet given her consent and legal recourse and left-wing recourse are excluded.

The session in Bruchsal was short but painful. My feet already logged off at 11am and Renate had to carry me to the car. Before that she had poured pure wine on Jehovah's Witnesses for almost an hour. It was a miracle that they even talked to Renate or at least listened to her pretend.

Many passers-by reacted very eloquently to our action. Some realized after minutes what to do with the questions "Do you eat human meat? Why then the lied human blood prohibition" was meant. But the majority could not understand the matter. I didn't even know that so many people carry the stuff of being a prosecutor.

Oh, if only we could make clear to all these people what the Watchtower Society is trying to do with the ban on human blood. Jehovah's Witnesses would immediately take off their tie and throw it far away. They would tear up the Watchtower literature in the air and then trample on it. Then it would come to a spontaneous folk festival and the worldwide brothers would become human again. What a wonderful situation that would be! A dream. A paradisiacal dream!

I'm having a dream, I was just about to write. But then you get shot as fast as Martin Luther King. And the reality is much closer to me. I believe that public prosecutors are consistently influenced, if not controlled, by a worldwide brotherhood. Otherwise they should have reacted to the Watchtower murders a long time ago.


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