Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 281

Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal don't drink human blood!

At Google, a Jehovah's Witness is turning the screws!

For some time now, probably the most effective site for investigating the Watchtower lies has been blocked at Google under the keyword "Jehovah's Witnesses". There is no other explanation for this arbitrary censorship on Google than that there is a Jehovah's Witness playing around with the databases. It can also be a good friend of a Jehovah's Witness who is emotionally and mentally dependent on that person. Since a few days the is now completely blocked under the search term "Jehovah's Witnesses". A week ago, entering "Jehovah's Witnesses" into Google caused to appear on the first hit page. But now the is totally excluded, blocked, censored, removed, abolished, eliminated and switched off under the most important search terms at Google.

With this manipulative act of power, the Watchtower Society demonstrates that it suffers greatly from the enlightenment side At the same time, it becomes clear that the Watchtower Society is so well versed in infiltration as a means of power that it is almost impossible to measure what Jehovah's Witnesses cannot bring under their influence. The infiltration of the Watchtower Society is boundless if not even Google can resist!

Gestern: No watchtower advertising at Walldorf-Wiesloch railway station

Yesterday: No watchtower advertising in the pedestrian zone Wiesloch

Yesterday: No Watchtower Advertising in Heidelberg

Today: Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal do not drink human blood!

The gray Jehovah's Witness mouse with the big nose enjoyed standing next to the pretty Jehovah's Witness very much. And that for hours! The pretty Jehovah's Witness was clear about his attractiveness and mimicked the uninvolved. However, the permanent sermon service flirtation did not suffer from it and the Jehovah's Witness probably won't be able to sleep in front of airplanes in his stomach for the next few days.

The stupid idiot with his signs burst into this love idyll. Before that he took a few photos of the Watchtower advertising stock in Bruchsal.

In the morning it was suddenly clear to me that it was right to keep the following slogans high:

Jehovah's Witnesses let bleed to death!

Jehovah's Witnesses don't drink human blood!

The response was enormous.

The striking contradictoriness of these statements caused real reflection. Both the passers-by showed that a lot of pennies were falling, and the old Jehovah's Witness, who unfortunately couldn't flirt with them, showed that free impulses were developing in his brain. The crackling in the watchtower beam of this Jehovah's Witness was made recognizable by the sequence of his different facial expressions. But already after a few minutes the greenish Watchtower slime closed over his mind again and the old rigor mortis regained the upper hand over the Witness Jehovah's brain.

Jehovah's Witnesses equate the oral administration of human blood with the intravenous administration of an emergency blood transfusion. At the Watchtower Society, for example, the medical emergency measure of blood transfusion becomes cannibalism. For the Watchtower Society, this almost insane equation of oral intake and intravenous administration of human blood forms the basis for bringing Jehovah's Witnesses to bleeding death through the use of organized hospital liaison committees. The organized hospital liaison committees put so much mental pressure on the bleeding Jehovah's Witnesses that they cannot help but give themselves to dying by bleeding to death. This is religious murder and I accuse all public prosecutors in the world of not pursuing this religious murder!

A police officer person walked up and down and was approached by the old Jehovah's Witness. Then the police authority person came up to me and asked me if I had taken a picture of the Jehovah's Witnesses. After answering the question positively, I was asked to delete the photo or photos under his supervision. Once again I had to clarify the legal context and after our conversation the police authorities person took a photo of all of us. Not bad, Mr. Specht! The scenery was ready to be filmed.

There were many conversations with passers-by and the Jehovah's Witnesses suddenly stopped their advertising and went home unusually early.


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