Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 202

Heidelberg: Jehovah's Witnesses Kind and Friendly

Lie to yourself, or you can't be a Jehovah's Witness!

What a beautiful day. No riot, no artificial theatricality, only young girls and women captured by the Jehovah religion. The average Jehovah's Witness who comes to us in Germany is young and female. It is precisely women who, in a parenthesis reflex to the superficial organization that offers security, have put thinking to the bottom of their hearts under the death penalty. Women are the human backbone of the Watchtower structure. Women are predestined to cultivate error as truth out of their insatiable longing for security and to generously ignore screaming incongruities. The Watchtower Society offers people the security of phrases repeated millions of times. Women love this security, and they are still involved in their propaganda task, even though the falsity of their convictions has long been proven.

We all know that men are less mature than women when it comes to safety. A male society is marked by the delusion of war and suicidal self-importance. Women are generally more practical when it comes to everyday life and its risks. But once a woman has been thoroughly lured onto the wrong path, her bonus becomes a malus. Because then she goes with her gender-specific advantages the wrong way up to the absurd end. So those among the people who have stopped their thinking in favor of the Watchtower fiction are especially the women the iron-clad persevering beings. They thus form the actual backbone of the Watchtower sect.

If anyone believes, they have to live with the risk of making a mistake. This is the innermost nature of being a Christian in human power. Only the living Jesus Christ redeems the humanly acting Christian from his risk by letting him experience things again and again that the unbelieving man can never experience. Anyone who wants to eliminate this risk of faith must change from faith to conviction. Conviction is concreted in the most brutal way and forbids any further testing. Conviction solidifies the human mind into a concrete substance that will never again allow testing or self-reflection. Anyone who has changed from faith to conviction enjoys the absolute certainty of his orientation, but is now following the path of a contemptible human ideology. Thus the convinced person finds himself in the illustrious society of communism, capitalism and similar ideological currents, all of which can only kill man in the end. The non-communist in the re-education camp and the starving on the capitalist street sketch the abomination of ideology itself. Ideology, that is, conviction, kills. Being a Christian is far removed from ideology.

The Watchtower doctrine is nothing but ideology. Jehovah's Witness is convinced. Jehovah's Witness cannot and will not test himself, nor question himself. Everyone who has ever talked or discussed with a Jehovah's Witness knows this.

Fortunately, we can at least warn people who are still thinking about this trap. A young girl asked me about the Jehovah's Witnesses and I was able to share this page with her as a source of information. Two men inquired about the connections between the refusal of blood transfusion and the fact of religious murder. The necessity of warning against the Watchtower doctrine and its relatives will probably never stop. And strangely enough, it is not spirit-steel combat robots that give this warning, but people who are deeply aware of their faith risk.


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