Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 458July 26, 2019

New excuse for the six-year-old's death by bleeding to death

"He'd have died if he'd gotten blood, too."

Cities in Kalergistan

Kalergi is the godless Freemason fantasist who designed the plan for the mixing of races in Europe. Kalergistan is on the advance, accompanied by even more indifference and careful attention to large breasts and wide buttocks. The mastermen have arrived and are feeling well. The green-left Nazis do not tolerate any rebuttal. And Jehovah's Witnesses feel very comfortable in this political development. It is not for nothing that they have played through this development in their sandpit religion. They regard everything that remains after Armageddon as their possession. Likewise the true Muslim. He likes to look at the houses and thinks about which one he will probably move into after the order to civil war.

Then, however, he will not be a tenant, but an owner. In Tairnbach, a district of Muehlhausen, the Kaftan Muslims are already strolling around and dividing the houses among themselves. They look quite surprised when you watch them. They are quite harmless. They only go for a walk in a caftan in 40 degrees heat.

New excuse for the death of the six-year-old found

When I stood in front of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg and raised the shield as always (six-year-old died of Jehovah's blood doctrine in Walldorf), a woman and a man came from behind and made fun of me. The woman sniffed: "You should inform yourself before you do something like that." I called after her: "Oh, you're informed? Do you know that this six-year-old had to die because of the Jehovah's Witness doctrine?"

The man came back and told me, "He [the boy] would also have died if he had gotten blood." And he said, "Doctors don't let give them blood."

What interesting statements! What enlightening insights! What must be concluded from such statements? These people sprayed the new excuse of the Watchtower Society in passing and with utter contempt. As if this information were the most natural thing a well-informed person needs to know. But have these two well-informed people considered their statements? Have they thought about their statements?

Consequences of the New Watchtower Excuse

What clinic in the world and what doctor in this world would ever tell the parents of a 6-year-old patient, oh, he dies and so on. Is there a medical institution in Germany that writes off a six-year-old because he has a bacterial infection that is accompanied by a secondary viral infection? If it were a cancer patient who, according to all medical findings, has only a short time to live, then this patient would definitely be allowed to spend his last days at home. But can this procedure be applied to a six-year-old who has a serious infectious disease? Does a doctor simply give up on a 6-year-old patient and tell the press that his parents have stopped treatment?

If not all medical possibilities are exhausted just because the parents refuse, then a doctor will say: "Well, why not? That saves us money! If that's what they want! Here you go." Can there be such a doctor? Even if the boy's heart hadn't beaten, a resuscitation would have been ordered and the boy would have stayed in intensive care. Everything would have been tried to save this boy. And then there will be doctors at the Heidelberg Hospital who will simply refrain from doing so and announce it succinctly: "Oh, he dies after all"?

Exactly the other way around it becomes a shoe

The Watchtower Society has prevented this 6-year-old boy from receiving blood transfusions. To disguise their murderous activity, they proclaim from the pulpit in the Kingdom Hall the excuse that the boy had died, whether blood transfused or not. The nice thing is that she can expect Jehovah's Witnesses to believe this nonsense. Untested, not reflected, blind, deaf, hollow. This is how Jehovah's Witnesses are held by the bar that is still to be held. But what happens when this flimsy, unsustainable excuse gets out? The lies of the Watchtower Society are unmasked again. But no public prosecutor's office reacts.

Jehovah's Witnesses actually live in the conviction that they are entirely innocent of the dead produced by the Watchtower Society. They spread the lies and excuses of their spiritual mother and don't even have the chance to pay their last respects to the six-year-old from Walldorf and other Watchtower dead. For this they would have to realize that the lying doctrine of the human being, whom one may only eat thoroughly bled to death, is the instrument of murder (cannibalistic Bible interpretation of the WTS). And the left-green Nazis hold their protective hand over it. They are committed to resisting in order to prevent enlightenment. Freedom of religion is simply more important to them. – Than a human life.

If you believe a serial murder organization that the doctors won't give you a child and then say in the newspapers that your parents have stopped the treatment, you must be deep in the left-green mainstream or a guinea pig in a watchtower experiment. Such a guinea pig in the Watchtower experiment is the forerunner of the racist-touched light brown mass that, according to Kalergi, must be created in Europe. Suppose there is no God. How and under what circumstances do the servants of the racist mixing experiment want to experience their dying? All the dead and raped will stand before their eyes. Their inhuman lives will stand before them on the day of their death and their deeds will haunt them. Even if there is no God, these people have become filth that has corrupted the lives of others.

If the Bible threatens the eternal torment of those who despise Jesus, how can such a tormenting, painful man hope to be destroyed in the end? Why should God end the use of just punishment at some point? Has the tormenting Kalergic ever ended the suffering of his victims?


The assertion that the boy died with or without a blood transfusion relieves him of the honor of having died for something or someone. While the Watchtower Society is glorifying the young victims of its doctrine, in search of an excuse it gets lost in the additional contempt of this 6-year-old deceased from Walldorf. It doesn't get any meaner. Here, too, there is a veritable reason for the public prosecutors to investigate the Watchtower Society's killing practice. Because the principles of this religion are as flexible as a snake.


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