Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 334

Jehovah's murders: No one looks at

No prosecution, no police

To the public prosecutor's office Speyer and the police authority Speyer

Today three police officers came to me in a patrol car and politely asked me "that preferring to do it on the sidewalk". My question as to whether this was not a pedestrian zone was answered with something that could only have been understood from a distance of ten centimeters and with an amplifier microphone. I accepted the inaudible explanation of the police and went to the sidewalk in the pedestrian zone. What a self-delarvation! There comes a patrol car and directs someone inside the pedestrian zone onto the sidewalk! Ridiculous. Who called the police and got the police to stop such nonsense? And why did the police officers have to show up in threes? What a spectacle! What a farce!

Not a single individual of this institution cares about the murders of the Watchtower Society! It is unbelievable!

A public prosecutor's office is legally obliged to take action in the event of suspicion of a capital crime. And murder is not time-barred. So the murder of 1788 would still have to be investigated today, when the actual great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was killed by Franz Beckenbauer and another completely different one came to the chance. This is only a fictitious example, but the systematic murders of the Watchtower Society are a fact! And nothing and nobody is interested in these murders. It can now be proven that the Watchtower Society has been systematically murdering people worldwide on a religious basis for decades. However, this does not interest any public prosecutor's office or the police. But someone who points out the systematic murders of the Watchtower Society by referring to the sidewalk in the pedestrian precinct can do that, the policemen. Terrific!

How disinformed are these officers? How sick is the system? How complacent are German public prosecutors? What kind of filter is effective in our society? Do piously and wear a tie and you can murder as you like.

No Jehovah's Witnesses appeared at Walldorf-Wiesloch station because they knew exactly that they had only embarrassed themselves. In Speyer, the Altpoertel-Nazi Witnesses of Jehovah delivered their usual show. I just sat on the bench with the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" for about 10 minutes when I realized I'd rather ride my folding bicycle along the pedestrian zone. And that in the middle of the street! Whenever a pedestrian crosses the pedestrian zone, I show consideration and make a big curve, so that the pedestrian in the pedestrian zone recognizes that he can go on. This is a pedestrian zone! No cyclist can simply take priority. But the police can ban a pedestrian in the pedestrian zone from the sidewalk. And so Jehovah's Witnesses can also kill in a religious way without being bothered, organize committees that make sure that the bleeding person really dies.

In front of the Kaufhof, where no systematic murders take place, Jehovah's Witnesses waited for their disabled colleague, who was then delivered by his wife. This woman, threatened by the police, forbade me to photograph her car. Perhaps she should rather take action against systematic religious murder. But she cannot do that. She is one of them and is convinced that you have to sacrifice yourself or others mercilessly for this Jehovah God.

In front of the Kaufhof I had a few discussions with passers-by, which I of course played with a little louder voices at the most explosive points, so that the non-cannibals of Jehovah could hear everything well. All the clear facts that the Watchtower Society's serial murders prove were acknowledged by Jehovah's Witnesses with a smug grin before they moved on.

Jehovah's Witnesses and I changed locations several times, and at almost every new location, I was able to speak so loudly about the Watchtower Society's accusation of murder that hardly anyone could have heard it. So at one point a young Fau approached me and got excited about freedom of religion. She was not a Jehovah's Witness, but still had to ask me why I was taking such one-sided action against Jehovah's Witnesses. Why not also against Catholics, Buddhists or or or or. She also mentioned a few denominations. I asked her why she would ask me of all people and not any Greens or Leftists. The lady didn't understand this joke and complained that I was too aggressive. Then I actually got loud, so everyone listened when I called: "The Watchtower Org is a murder Org! The Watchtower Society is killing people with the help of a law of cannibalism pulled at their hair! The Watchtower Society murders with impunity!" When I had made my somewhat louder statements, I could still recognize the young lady as a dot on the horizon.

Now that both Jehovah's Witnesses and the police have finally learned in Speyer that Jehovah's Witnesses can be photographed in public without breaking any regulations, more and more people are showing me that they see their self-evident possessions in danger through me. While Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to recruit further victims undisturbed in the form of whole squadrons, my warning against this is perceived as disturbing. Cyclists have three metres on both sides of the road and still drive straight towards me to sibilate insults. But a passerby amazed me. He had always been openly excited about me, then passed the bench of a bus stop where I was sitting. I was sitting right next to the recruiters of new deaths with the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses Bleed to death". I decided to stay very calm and let everything that would come now pass over me. The man grinned broadly, looked extra at the sign, grinned even wider and then went on amused. Finally progress! It may take time, but people are not stupid.

The process of sucking a law of cannibalism out of the Bible that does not exist at all in order to be able to murder people in public for decades on the basis of it is not catchy for our brain. In order to be able to bring this Watchtower tactic closer to the people, I will have to appear publicly for a long time to come. The question that is legally important is: "Are there cannibals among Jehovah's Witnesses? " As soon as even one Jehovah's Witness drinks a cup of human blood before my eyes or in court, the accusation of murder is refuted, because then the cannibal law of Jehovah's Witnesses would have its meaning. Then the Watchtower Society can wash itself into innocence, for the cannibalism law then has a different meaning than killing by bleeding to death. But since no Jehovah's Witness and no Jehovah's Witness drinks human blood and is human flesh, only one reason remains for the Watchtower Society's cannibalism law: systematic murder by bleeding to death.

This is where all modern ladies and gentlemen should start. They should not criticise me for attacking the Watchtower Society, but should join me in discussing and denouncing the years of religious murder of the Watchtower people. Legally speaking, the Watchtower Society does not have the slightest chance of getting out of this matter freely, for there is not a single Jehovah's Witness who drinks human blood and would thus make the Cannibalism Law necessary. The law of cannibalism of the Governing Body can only be intended as an instrument of killing. There is no other motive left. And with this only remaining motive, the Governing Body becomes a convicted gang of murderers.

Today in Speyer was a very productive day. Incredibly many people were warned and pointed to the Watchtower murder series. Those who were blind and deaf were Jehovah's Witnesses and the police.


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