Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 64

Jehovah's Witnesses non-existent

Christmas magic makes the Watchtower doctrine superfluous

Christmas has more to do with Jesus nothing from the point of view of the world far away from God. The human and social pattern of behaviour that clouds our consciousness at Christmas is described by a German television station with the slogan: "Christmas, the most magical time of the year!". People's thoughts during the Christmas season are dominated by shopping frenzy, decoration fever and what one cannot afford all year round in our society, namely to show love and the need for love.

It's an upside-down world. What every human being can, may and should do at any time is clumped into a collective love trombus at Christmas and no one thinks about the negative consequences of such a blockage of the lifelines. Jehovah's Witnesses, who are misleaders in their main vocation, can free at Christmas. They are of the trade and come from the same source from which the Christmas devastation of the people comes. Jehovah's Witnesses stay at home so as not to disturb the deception that people willingly receive in Christmas bliss. Then the greatest Antichrist of all time becomes the Christian pope and magic and magic suddenly belong to people's everyday lives. Everyone loves Harry Potter and hangs in front of the TV. There they refuel illusion energy for the next year of spiritual bondage in economic theology and other religious heresies.

Jehovah's Witnesses are only a small gear in the transmission of human-wide self-deception. But the decided anti-Christianism of their teachings invites one in a special way to deal with the facts that lead to the fact that such a sharpened anti-Jesus campaign was and is conceived and implemented at all. A characteristic to be added to the facts documented on these pages is the balance maintained between the misleading moments. As soon as Christmas comes, the Jehovah's Witnesses leave. As soon as Christmas goes, the Jehovah's Witnesses come. This is not agreed. This is simply the natural capacity of the self-deceiving people. The customs and practices leading away from Jesus Christ do not stand in the way of the antichristian teachings and vice versa. Fuelling the human spirit with antichristian fuel only works as far as the consumption of this black energy makes it possible.

Already last year the prompt disappearance of Jehovah's Witnesses at Christmas time could be observed. It was not that they were using the wrong time to point to their contrary doctrine. No! They simply disappear and leave the people to Christmas anesthesia, knowing full well that their own teaching is even anti-Christian. They behave like the nocturnal toothache that disappears when nausea and diarrhea reign in the morning. Jehovah's Witnesses are the sickness that resides benevolently beside the Christmas plague, and they take great care not to get in the way of the otherwise so pleasantly anti-Christian influences.

Blessed is the one who does not have to feel affected by all these influences by his self-chosen godlessness and by the carelessly assumed randomness of his existence (theory of evolution). He has decided to vegetate as a higher stage of the bacterium or amoeba in this world and sees the meaning of life in indifference to the question of whether there is a God. This form of bliss of the all-in-all denier takes the idiotic denial of Christ already as a scientific premise into his existence and in this way creates for himself a foundation that is as hollow as its expression.

Where people are not together in the name of Jesus, Jesus is not among them. People take this as an opportunity not only to deny the work and existence of Jesus, but also, if need be, to cut their own Jesus into pieces, which in the end confirms the resonance theory and many other esoteric theories. Women and men who grew up in a monastery are all the same. They have at some point blindly and deafly joined human opinions or blindly and deafly resisted them and have never asked Jesus himself who he is and what he wants. Jehovah's Witnesses support precisely this turning away from man's original need to come into direct contact with God. And when, seasonally, the anti-Christian irritation culminates in the Christmas consumer frenzy, Jehovah's Witnesses lean back comfortably at home and think they know they are something better.

What about me?

Aren't I one of those people who feels better? Am I not worse than Jehovah's Witnesses in my criticism of Christmas self-deception? Yes, that's easy to suspect. I am no better than other people. I am in the same temptations and in the same moods as others. But Jesus does something in my being that I can only receive and that everyone who turns to him in prayer receives. It is something that no one can explain but himself. He says: "My sheep know their shepherd. They know my voice and follow me... More than that no man can claim and no one can rely on anything but him. The one who omits Jesus as the reason for his being only does his own good works. And these are the good works of Cain, which God cannot accept. But the one who receives Jesus and trusts him experiences how Jesus does good works in him, which God has long accepted. So we notice that God has taken over the good deeds himself. He does it in us when we are in contact with Jesus. Our own strength counts for nothing before him. We may believe in him and experience him.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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