Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 325

Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe it themselves!

Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe! They are only loyal!

For about a year or more, these pages have not been well listed on Google if the keyword is the male form of "Jehovah's Witnesses". The usual justification should be as follows: This keyword has been used too often and has been rated as spam by Google. According to all the rules Google sets up itself, however, this should not be the case. Rather, it is more obvious that Google has "regulated" something internally that relieves the Jehovah's Witnesses' murder orgies to a certain extent. The Watchtower Society is well organized and very happy to do anything it can to limit damage. Also with pleasure with lies and illegal means. For this reason, the Watchtower Society activists on this website are now called "Witnesses of Jehovah".

This does not break the omnipotence of the Internet goddess Google, but confirms it. You have to worship Google in a certain way or pay it heavily.

This new labeling of the Watchtower hearing people on these pages also has a natural reference to reality. Male Jehovah's Witnesses are significantly less involved in the Watchtower Society's propaganda than female witnesses. In this respect, avoiding the masculine label of the Watchtower deceivers is not meaningless. Jehovah's male witnesses are rather rare in preaching service, and Jehovah's female witnesses have to earn their living in Armageddon with unreasonably higher effort. This is not the case with Jesus. Those who believe in Jesus are saved regardless of gender. With Jesus there is no such difference between man and woman. Thus, the renaming of the Watchtower slaves comes about because of Google's "regulations", even the approximation to the facts of the slave life of Jehovah's Witnesses.

There were no Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf-Wiesloch station. Jehovah's Witnesses have learned that they are exposed when they appear at Walldorf-Wiesloch station on Fridays. That brings us to the topic:

Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe it themselves!

Anyone who has to break off his propaganda without any prospect of the slightest success when a Christian appears on the scene with a few facts can never be regarded as a representative of the truth. Jehovah's Witnesses prove about two to three times a week that they bring lies to the people. They immediately clear the field in confrontation with facts from their religion. From this it can be concluded with razor-sharp precision that the Jehovah's Witnesses are at least halfway aware of the injustice they are doing. This can be observed very beautifully with the male Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer.

The male Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer need just three minutes to expose their own "truth" by making the shameful exit. This disgraceful departure of Jehovah's Witnesses at Altpoertel is characterized by a lot of snootiness and a behavior we know from the schoolyard. The feeling of a schoolyard clique dominates the behaviour of Jehovah's Witnesses. I assume that this elite psychic attitude is common to all Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide.

In Speyer, a young woman with a pram approached me and expressed her satisfaction that I was resisting the Jehovah's Witnesses. In her family, where there are also some Jehovah's Witnesses, her cousin survived only barely because he had to reject Jehovah's blood as a Witness. This incident has divided the whole clan and the woman is happy that finally someone at the Altpoertel is bringing facts. The rest of the population behaves rather humanistic. Switch off the brain and create peace through stupidity.

In Wiesloch, Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to read

The Jehovah's Witnesses of Wiesloch's lies protection method consists of not reading the signs at all. Apart from Jehovah's Witnesses, I have never seen people who can simply look elsewhere for hours. This is only possible with Jehovah's Witnesses. Only Jehovah's Witnesses have perfect ignorance of people, and there is no group of people who master this dirty tactic so perfectly. And these advocates of the Watchtower lie feed on the approval they receive from people, almost all women, who have blindly fallen for the humanistic fetish and hate to even rudimentarily question lies. The left-green mainstream in the brains of old women! Gross! Jehovah's Witnesses profit massively from this. Anyone like me who can observe these symbiotic interactions is reminded of roundworms, which with their hormone enable a certain organism to survive in the first place. Human behaviour is by no means dependent on the brain and certainly not on values such as truth and justice. People very often live in symbiotic networks of relationships and show their environment very clearly how the lowest motives turn the human brain into a machine programmed by an organization.

Once you have detached yourself from yourself for the "we" feeling, it is very difficult to return to yourself. Once you have followed the leader, you can no longer hold your right arm still. Once you have given your voice to the Trump, you can't let him go without losing face. The deeper the fall, the harder the return. The religion of Jehovah's Witnesses is reminiscent of an elevator shaft without an elevator. There is only the way down and those who are opened at the bottom can no longer sue the elevator organization. And the green and left humanized old women hold the corpses' hands and offer comfort.

In between I stood next to Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch – with the sign: Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death. One man passed by and calmly expressed his doubts that Jehovah's Witnesses still knew anything at all. The Jehovah's Witness took up distance and stood a few meters further up. Something moved.


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