Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 235

Jehovah's Witnesses argue against it

Through stubbornness or flight reflex and even more lies

Again and again some old lady speaks to me and tells me: "That's not true!" The respective old woman points to the sign: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". They are not Jehovah's Witnesses, but "independent" women manipulated by Jehovah's Witnesses. Neighbours, colleagues and the like. Today another woman came up to me and said, "I spoke to a woman who is also with Jehovah's Witnesses. She told me that was not true." And she pointed to my sign: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". I answered: "But there they were sitting on a lie, may I explain it to you?" The old woman said harshly: "No!" and made off.

This cumulative feedback indicates that the "good reputation" of the Watchtower Society is suffering. Jehovah's Witnesses must warn of me through one-on-one interviews. And they actually find fertile ground for their lies.

But the facts are:

  1. The blood doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses is devoted solely to religious murder, since Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood anyway.
  2. Jehovah's Witnesses practice organized murder by setting up hospital liaison committees in addition to their blood doctrine to ensure that bleeding Jehovah's Witnesses actually refuse the necessary blood transfusion. This active intervention is murder!
  3. The Watchtower Society is not taking legal action against my allegations. It thus confirms these allegations.
  4. A further confirmation of the murder accusations by bleeding to death takes place precisely through the individual conversations that Jehovah's Witnesses seem to conduct on a grand scale.

All those women who want to teach me more or less harshly that the bleeding and murder accusations were not true, are all characterized by the fact that they do not allow the slightest objective conversation. It is also strange that it is only old women who make such appearances. These appearances have a certain range. Comforting words and caresses distributed to the "preaching" Jehovah's Witnesses are also part of the Old Women's Actions. Then they pass me very close and shake their heads finely.

It is quite sick to stand up for a killing religion and simply deny simple facts for it. Every single Jehovah's Witness blesses and calls good the bleeding murder upon entering the Watchtower Society. Each individual "preaching" Jehovah's Witness recruits new candidates who will be murdered by bleeding to death or possibly become bleeding murder victims. There is not a single Jehovah's Witness in the world who escapes this guilt. Every single Jehovah's Witness supports the murder by bleeding to death. And this at the latest since the bleeding murder accusations even seeing eye and quite knowingly.

And then do indeed many men who do not belong to this murdering religion indulge in the support of the Watchtower lies. By this we recognize the manipulative potential of the Watchtower religion.


In Heidelberg there was only one Jehovah's Witness in transit. Only his condensation strip was visible.


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