Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 466September 18, 2019

The end of the world for Jehovah's Witnesses and High school teachers

How Germany is becoming a sect

What is the greatest embarrassment of an educated man? High school teachers believe in the imminent end of the world and use every lever to force the entire human race into their faith. At the Hebel-Gymnasium in Schwetzingen, Jehovah's End of the World is a teaching subject and the students have to take part in the Climate Champagne Dance. If parents rebel against it, they must expect to harm their children. How quickly does a 2 become a 4 or 5, without even the slightest objective justification being necessary? Oh! One remains there rather completely calmly and smiles. This smile is exactly what we see at people who are close to Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Watchtower prophet's artery is Armageddon, the end of the world, which should have taken place at several well-founded and proven times. The artery of the Greens is the end of the world due to climate change. However, no fixed dates are known yet. Green high school teachers in Schwetzingen are working intensively to prevent the end of the world caused by climate change. And they are using the right levers. At the Hebel grammar school in Schwetzingen they exercise their sectarian power and force pupils and parents to keep quiet.

Nothing else takes place at Jehovah's Witnesses. Each individual who has even a slightly different insight is hated and excluded. What has been tested over decades in the Watchtower experiment is now finding its way into politics. Those who do not jump for the climate are not welcome. If you don't listen to the Schwetzingen lever grammar school teachers, you have to be cleared. Who would have ever dreamed that Germany would become a cult?


And like every good sect, Germany becomes a paradise for Jew-haters. It is with great pleasure that the Greens and the Left import the people whose hatred on Jews is known throughout the world. The Watchtower-Society as an experimental laboratory for the end of the world and hatred on Jews provides the model and the Greens and the Left follow it. Only that they have not replaced the Jews themselves as the people of God, but they do it by recruiting the people who will do the dirty work for them. These are the Muslims.

Muslims already in their infancy are instilled therapeutically with the hatred on Jews. The Greens and the Left take advantage of this to put an end to their true object of hatred. The fat elephant in the chancellor's office blasts, as the Greens and the left expect.

Sect Germany

It is obvious that many see an advantage in weakening Germany. To turn Germany into a sect, however, is a goal that no normal person could have dreamed of. But the Germans are working diligently on that. There is the green elderly lady with her rimless 2,500 euro glasses, there is the casual grammar school teacher at the Hebel grammar school, there is the gray-haired elderly gentleman who understands everything willingly because the green lady is so pretty and the grammar school teacher so casual. And the female pupils! When they jump and bounce, a great disco feeling comes up, which our old man has missed for so long. And everywhere is peace. Peace like in the Kingdom Hall.

Germany has always been carved out of madness when it comes to hatred on Jews and other nonsense. Today this German madness is once again concentrated and you can see the yellow and brown stripes in the underpants of politicians, Jehovah's Witnesses and high school teachers from Schwetzingen. There are no levers to help. Reason is needed and a thorough wash. No cleaning! Just one wash. This is the process that man has to apply to himself.

You're nothing, the collective is everything!

Addition from September 21, 2019

In fact, Fridays for Future Demos is said to have used the slogan: "You are nothing, the collective is everything!"

No one can fulfill the program of Jehovah's Witnesses more drastically. One can only shout at the Merkel-Habeck disciples: AWAKEN!


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