Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 372

Speyer: Jehovah's Witness beats Christian

The name Jesus Christ is a red cloth for Jehovah's Witnesses

Always this Renate with her own thoughts. Terrible! No. Just kidding.

Renate wanted to meet the two Jehovah's Witnesses at Altpoertel in Speyer in a way that would not frighten them. She wanted to talk to them alone and without a camera. I waited 200 meters further back in a side street. A few minutes later Renate came back and told me that the great Jehovah's Witness had beaten her. The blow she received was quite brutal, but the shock Renate experienced was worse. Here is a video in which she describes the affair.

This physical attack on Christians by Jehovah's Witnesses is now the third of its kind. The beginning was made by a Jehovah's Witness who did not want to be photographed. After that there was a violent scramble in Speyer. And today Renate received coaching not to suspect too much good in Watchtower personnel. The Watchtower Society seems to be under high tension.

The princes and nobles of the Watchtower Society, as the powerful leaders of this brotherhood call themselves, do not allow the infantry to read But they teach about what it contains: blasphemy and lies! The broad lower layers of the Watchtower crowd taught in this way are full of hatred for this website and its creators. This view was shared by the Jehovah's Renate Rollatorzeuge with the chest tone of the highest safety. All Jehovah's Witnesses have this opinion. They photograph me with my signs and call out to their companions: "I have documented the harassment." By this they mean they could provide evidence in a legal dispute. But they do not realize that they have only documented facts from their own religion. Hopefully the evidence documenting Jehovah's Witness will take a close look at the photo she took. Then she will read: "CONDICTIONAL Murder – A Clean Accident?" and: "Whoever bleeds people to death for a religion is a murderer."

Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer meet us with the utmost aggressiveness. They threaten the police, scream that they don't want anything to do with us, that passers-by stop and consider if they should get help. There is slamming and pulling at the signs. Anger and arrogance is the program that Jehovah's Witnesses are performing in Speyer. After recently showing how to scare children to death, they seem to have exhausted all means to feel comfortable in their skin. Jehovah's Witnesses are nervous. Why? Because a Christian woman wants to talk to them about Jesus.

One accusation Renate had to listen to today was that she was putting lies on the Internet. Renate has never contributed a word to the, she has only had a few conversations with Jehovah's Witnesses on the street. I have reported this one to one. I joked: "Then I cannot believe you that you were beaten!" But the truth is that Renate is absolutely believable. Renate has today heard broadly what is really going on with Jehovah's Witnesses, and I am grateful that I am not alone with my experiences.

Renate wanted to tell the Catholic, who is always so loyal on the side of Jehovah's Witnesses at Altpoertel, that she had just been beaten by one of them. The Catholic woman hissed, "Talk to someone else," and ran away in rage. How had she learned that she should never talk to Renate? Between the Jehovah's Witness assault and the attempt to talk to the Catholic, there were perhaps only 20 minutes! We were hated by the two Jehovah Altpoertel rulers today. We saw disparaging, contemptuous gestures at every corner where we met the people who always stand so friendly together with the old Jehovah's witnesses.

Renate hasn't said a word on these pages yet. But this weekend there will be a small premiere. We will add a letter from her to the Jehovah's Witnesses below. This means that the final video version of this page will come later. By Sunday at the latest. What we experienced today showed us once again all the wickedness of the Watchtower Society. A small highlight was a strict Jehovah's Witness with a light military impact who photographed the slogan "BLOODING MURDER – REINER ZUFALL?" and thought she had documented the harassment.

Dear Jehovah's Witness! If I were to throw the skulls of the Jehovah's Witnesses who have bled to death in the last 3 years, that would be "harassment". To hold up facts from the Watchtower Society in black and white is not harassment. That's just the truth about Jehovah's Witnesses.

And the public prosecutors' offices, who are still steadfastly silent about the bleeding deaths in the Watchtower religion, are thus making themselves the vicarious agents of those who pour out these hate tirades and contempt for humanity over us and a few children. Do the parents of these children even know that Jehovah's Witnesses scared them to death? Who entrusts children to a fourteen-year-old actor who should be learning to think for himself at puberty, but who instead is carrying out the instructions of his Watchtower nobles and princes? The boy felt as important as Trump and Kim Jong-un at the same time. Who takes the responsibility for the damage done to these children? Who doesn't ask if the allegedly voluntarily bled to death Jehovah's Witnesses really bled to death voluntarily? Who constantly refuses to be adequately informed about the religious justifications of the bleeding murders in the Watchtower Society? The German Public Prosecutor's Offices!

Today in Speyer the grimace of religious dogmatism in combination with an ancient (not only) Catholic superficiality of the people showed itself to us openly. The frame is formed by imaginary "free thinkers" who, according to their own statements, are pretty much indifferent to everything. The old Jehovah's Witness with the rollator stood out from the crowd in a pleasant way. He couldn't walk past any piece of rubbish lying on the street and picked it up and disposed of it. What's sad is that this good side is probably due to the fact that he sees Speyer as his future property. According to Armageddon, he will play a major role in the watchtowering of the survivors. Until then, he will remove every piece of rubbish. After Armageddon, when all Christians are destroyed, others will do it for him.

Here follows the letter from Renate to the Jehovah's Witnesses ...

Today I, Renate, would like to visit this website personally and from the bottom of my heart. Today, yes today, I want to dedicate myself to Jehovah's Witnesses. You have read correctly, Jehovah's Witnesses, some of whom I got to know today in Speyer. Ruediger made himself invisible and I approached two male witnesses whom I saw today for the third time.

When they saw me, they were very frightened, almost panic-sstrokeen, and immediately closed their Jehovah's folders to look for space. I asked, "Why are you leaving? I only want to tell you about Jesus ..." I didn't get any further.

The little one, the spokesman, hissed me with eyes filled with hatred and shouted: "You are a liar!" I can only reproduce his further statement in my own words: "What he is writing ...!" Angrily he went away.

The other (great) witness went across the street to his bicycle. I went after him and said: "I only want Jesus..." Here too I couldn't get any further. With a violent arm movement (you can also call it a blow, at least I felt the pressure on my chest) and with the words "Go away" he sat down on his bike.

Nevertheless, I called out to him: "We need Jesus. Nothing else." That was the first stroke, the second followed.

We, Ruediger and I, then went through the pedestrian zone to the cathedral and back again to process and digest what we had experienced. But what did we see? A couple of witnesses. The man sat on his walkator, the woman stood next to him. When I described the incident of the Altpoertel to them, the woman said after a short hesitation: "We don't know these men". At that moment I wondered whether the Jehovah's Witness's assertion could be true.

The man said, "What he has on his signs is blasphemy." I said: "No, no! That's right on the signs!" Then the two of them changed their stand a few meters further on. I went up to them again to tell them about Jesus. They laughed at me when I said that God came to earth in Jesus Christ. Jehovah's Witness got angry and said if I didn't leave immediately, he would call the police. I said, "As long as you hold up your magazines, I can stand here and talk to you." His eyes were full of hatred and with a fire-red head he said: "Go over to your husband!" I said, "He's not my husband. He is a brother of faith in Jesus."

Good thing the poor man who lives without Jesus was weak on his feet. So I was spared a beating.

That was the second stroke.

Now I ask you, you Jehovarans:

Where's your love? Does it not mean that God is love and whoever remains in this love remains in God and God in him? And what does Jesus say to his disciples? I and the Father are one. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Is the Bible lying?

We need Jesus and His light, everything else brings us nothing.

And so, you Jehovarans, ask the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob for his Holy Spirit.

And I will not stop praying for you.

05 January 2018


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