Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 156

Jehovah's Witnesses embarrass themselves endlessly

Their strategies don't help against clear facts!

"All this evil man has told you is... " These are the words of Jehovah's Witnesses about me. Jehovah's Witnesses behave in my presence like a bunch of adolescents whose only concern is to be in the protective swarm: "Where are the others!" Jehovah's Witnesses flock together and only feel comfortable in the superiority of their own group. Then mutual control is guaranteed, and no one can be out of line or honest with real facts. The ignorance of clear facts from their doctrine only works in a group life similar to a roll command. The individual soldier hopes that he will not sink into the current conflict and puts on the face of the committed employee. And if your own accomplices stubbornly ignore facts, then you're not quite so wrong yourself. The group wins over logic and truth. Reality cannot do anything against the manipulated group.

With the motorcycle I drove past the pedestrian zone corner Schlecker-Ruine and already saw my favourite witness of Jehovah standing there. This is the woman with the Heidi smile. This woman has the characteristic of being able to approach people in a very engaging way and to be really winning with this superimposed smile. Of course, her perfect technique is particularly frightening because this woman takes people for the anti-Christian Watchtower religion.

This Heidi smile witness of Jehovah's (Heidi smile in the sense of the famous cartoon "Heidi") immediately packed her clothes and left when she saw me. That's a whole new behavior about her. So far she was the one who lasted until the last drop of blood. Her last action was to call the police. However, the patrol passed by when the officers saw that she had called the police again just for me. At that time the witness was running behind the police car and must have been told that she couldn't call the police without a real reason.

About 30 minutes after the rapid departure of the Heidi Smile Witness Jehovah's Witness, her behavior explained itself by itself. Several other Jehovah's Witnesses came to her aid. The reinforcements were positioned very close to me. I was already standing at Schlecker-Ruine again. The blonde woman and another – older – Jehovah's Witness who were involved in this reinforcing action could not get out of demonstrating their superiority. However, I noticed the blonde Jehovah's Witness froze her smile to a grin mask when she suddenly could no longer dismiss the facts as usual. Shortly after freezing her mocking laugh to a concrete grin, she and her husband took off.

The performances of the Jehovah's Witnesses, who are really exorbitant in Wiesloch, are still perceived as normal by the audience. But as soon as the opposite pole is there, i.e. I, who do nothing but Jehovah's Witnesses, a certain explosiveness arises. Some passers-by are enraptured to act as judges. Today it was a good German Swabian who cheekily wanted to make it clear to me that "create, create, build houses" was absolutely preferable to standing around in the pedestrian zone. This materialist could hardly be tamed. It's amazing what some people take out when they have judged others.

Exposing the Watchtower religion through simple, clear, accurate facts like

  • Jesus never advertised for a newspaper publisher.
  • Jesus never let people bleed to death.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death
  • Whoever bleeds people to death for a religion is a murderer.

the Jehovah's Witnesses can't stop. Jehovah's Witnesses cannot intercept these facts and present them as lies. Thus, their good reputation and prestige rapidly decline and they find it increasingly difficult to seduce other people into their antichristian religion. Today was a very fruitful day because the opportunity to hold up the evidence of these facts lasted at least an hour. And the attention of the people was great.

If you're a Christian, Jehovah must give way

The immense stamina of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch is only surpassed by the brutal ignorance of the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses. There must have been some breakdown in Speyer, where the famous Jehovah's Witnesses book table has not been seen for months. The teeth grinding of the Jehovah's Witnesses, who feel they must persevere in their resistance to their own religious facts, indicates that they would indeed rather sink into the ground than endure on the streets next to their clear and easily recognizable embarrassment.

However, your switch is certain. They must yield in confrontation with Jesus Christ, for Jehovah, the God of the Watchtower Society, is a false God. This Jehovah can only be Satan, who forbids people to have contact with Jesus and, as theological author, is responsible for the death of many Jehovah's Witnesses who have bled to death. Also, this Jehovah "made all Jehovah's Witnesses murderers by linking the entrance into this religious community to the obligatory consent to the refusal to render assistance with the consequence of death as standard.

Every person who joins the Watchtower Society must of course sign and agree to the elimination of people by preventing the necessary assistance in an emergency with all his feelings and thoughts, i.e. with all his person. Perhaps the individual Jehovah's Witness is not fully aware of the responsibility before God and the people that each individual Jehovah's Witness has thereby assumed. But this aberration from the way, from the truth and from life is fatal for every single Jehovah's Witness in the end. Whoever bleeds people to death for a religion is the absolute prototype of the "offender of lawlessness" to whom Jesus speaks: "Get away from me! These are people who have not taken Jesus seriously and for religious reasons do exactly the opposite of what Jesus does and teaches.

Jesus never let anyone bleed to death for a religion. Jesus also never founded an organization whose binding statutes include bleeding people to death. Jesus also never put a false name of God into the world. Jehovah's Witnesses do just that and not only rejoice in it, but draw their entire identity and attitude to life from this antichristian action. The highest goal of the Watchtower religion is to denigrate Jesus and directly disobey Him. Directly after this motive comes the addiction for money and power as motive and driving force. The Watchtower religion is anti-Christian and ends deadly for all involved. The earthly promise of paradise of this religion is merely a means of seduction.


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