Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 401

Jehovah's Witnesses chew human flesh

I'm sure a sip of human blood would help.

In Heilbronn I sneaked up on two blatantly good-looking Jehovah's Witnesses from behind. After I had taken a sneaky photo of them from behind, I came with my signs from the front and the two dignitaries left immediately. They were replaced by two women whom I accompanied in their glorious sermon service. The gentlemen of the watchtower had probably no more desire.

The two Watchtower Rollator pullers made a nice morning and one said to me at her first stop: "Here is good place. Here we stand well." I answered: "The six-year-old from Walldorf, who had to die for your religion, can't even stand now. He's in his grave." The ladies didn't scratch him and they put themselves into it like cows before the plough. With big round eyes, looking right and left and licking their nostrils. The ignorance of Jehovah's Witnesses is stunning and can hardly be described otherwise.

Heilbronn is full of Jehovah's Witnesses. When a city is ruled by a Masonic, there is room for every seduction. The Watchtower Lies Department is particularly well represented in Heilbronn and as a side effect one finds many more lie spreaders, starting from the Islamist with headscarf forced action up to the SPDler, who really believes that he gets his pensions from Muslims one day. The sick is based on the sick. And one of the root diseases is the lying machinery of the Watchtower Society.

By the way, my landlady put Muslims in the flat share. So if I don't publish any comments anymore, you know what happened. And I assume that you won't read any of it in the newspaper.

Unfortunately I cannot publish the extensive video material, which I received from different sources, because German judges with their right to their own picture trickily prevent these publications. Germany only lets sneak live. And I am also a duck mouse. Ouch! A gas attack! No, there was only one on the toilet.

The same think tanks that created the Watchtower Society are also the creators of the great resettlement program that is supposed to seal the slow but safe end of the Germans. So I can justifiably claim that the Muslims in my shared flat come from the same cock as the lies of the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society itself does not even need to have taken the initiative. Its backers pull the strings. (Whoever forces Islam to Europe also screws up completely different things.)

When I also see these good citizens who stretch themselves in front of the Watchtower Rollator and then are congratulated and supported by even more good citizens, I know what being a Christian means. In the spirit of today's Europe, there is no longer any chance of stinking at the lies of the adversary. And everything is condensed into the certain suspicion and feeling that we can be grateful for every day that we have survived lightly and without acid attack.

Can it be any consolation that Jehovah's Witnesses will also hang on the construction cranes of Islam? No. Today a Jehovah's Witness who had listened to Renate for over two and a half hours months ago tried to convince an Islamist. He said goodbye to this conversation as credibly friendly and honest as he had done after the conversation with Renate. "It was quite a great conversation with you today. I will certainly not forget it so soon. The man is a suck-up, as he says in the book. But luckily I had the opportunity to smash his pride, as you can see in the following video.

The man turned into a grinning pillar of salt, for he couldn't answer anything and had to accept the fact that he immediately understood the simple murder context. What will this man do? Will he escape from the Watchtower prison? I don't think so. The man is too dependent on the recognition of his lying friends.

A shopkeeper who had encouraged me a few months ago and was happy that there was someone else to tell the truth didn't look bad when she saw me standing in front of Jehovah's Witnesses. It gave me a good feeling that this woman could very probably very happily continue the day in consciousness: Aha, it goes on!

A foreign looking man photographed me with his mobile phone and was visibly satisfied that I did not protest. This kind of spreading is also important to break the superiority of the Watchtower lies at least in parts. What we cannot do today, Jesus can do exactly when people can bear it. Exceptionally, I anticipated Jesus a little today, because the slime witness of Jehovah probably needed it. This man lies not only theologically, but also humanly very smoothly and with a lot of phlegm. I had to put up a kind of resistance against him. Therefore I enjoyed it very much when I told him that there can never be a ban on human blood in the Bible, because it does not contain a human flesh permit at all. The man and his harem became pillars of salt, pillars of salt grinning diagonally upwards. Think of Lot's wife!

The two Jehovah's Witnesses were comfortably on their way and sat down here and then they sat down there and then they talked and sat down somewhere else again. This is of course a very special kind of sermon service. You demonstrate to the people: We don't care so much. It's fun, it's joy. You can stand that and I was so bored with the sight and the experience of this kind of making that I simply went to eat a Yufka kebab without human meat. And lo and behold! When I came out of the pizzeria, the two of them sat there again and pretended Jehova loyalty.

If there's something in life that pisses me off, it's a Muslim who, by Merkel's grace, takes control of a strange house and is bored. The two snails of the Watchtower, who were constantly chewing chewing gum as if it were human flesh, were boredom in person. Anyone who wants to get to know the devil personally should either go to Jehovah's Witnesses or accept the God of the Muslims. The devil is not so evil, the Freemasons say. But he is stinkingly boring, I say.

There is an incredibly close inner relationship within the Watchtower and Islamic fascism. The embodiments of satanic idiocies, Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims, indeed believe almost the same! Anyone who analyses these religions will inevitably find that they come from the same source and that Freemasonry is attached to the Muslim God. Against this background it was a very special pleasure for me to pass an Islamist stand with the sermon to be heard on the video above. And the boys stood there and folded down their lower jaws and let them hang there.

The parallel that these two religions find a very special fulfilment in slaughtering their own people is only one feature of the abyss in which Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses find themselves. The two religions also have this fanatical joy of not testing the facts in common. These people feel themselves in puddles of lies and are incredibly proud that they remain faithful to their ideology through their power of self-conviction. The achievement of Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses is finely chased self-deception. One takes shape through it. A little hat on, a little book in the hand and death in the luggage. And Aunt Merkel makes selfies.

And the DA's office also makes selfies. They don't even realize that they have long since given up their own right to exist. Murder is only dismissed as a cultural peculiarity with a mild smile. But they enjoy power. When Jews circumcise their sons (in a completely harmless way), German prosecutors go wild.

The Watchtower Society is anti-Semitic and the prosecution is anti-Semitic. Public prosecutors support the Islamic path with leniency and understanding. They are not interested in the Watchtower Society's serial murder. Jewish customs are condemned as evil par excellence and the destruction of people by Muslim religions such as the Jehovah's Witnesses does not notice them. And I have a violently aging woman sitting next door who depends on black Muslims because no one else loves her.

It's no use being a witch or having money. You can't be happy with religious techniques. Even the Pope won't help you, because he's only a Grand Master of the booth magic. Come to Jesus. He saves. Even atheists.


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