Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 385

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People are badly informed.

I'm a lost cause with my signs on. This is the general opinion of the general public. Jehovah's Witnesses don't look a blemish when they read: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" and "Jehovah "God" murders six-year-old from Walldorf (30.01.2018)". Any normal person would approach such an assertion and protest against it, but at least ask how such assertions come about. None of this happens to Jehovah's Witnesses. They already know and are bored. The business must go on and they don't care about the dead they produce.

Even some semi-informed passers-by are of the opinion that there is no legal means against the mountains of the dead produced by the Watchtower religion. They are not to be misled, especially the fine ladies and gentlemen who are willing to be greeted by the murderers as they pass by. But they don't even listen to the fact that the pure lust for murder as a motive for the blood doctrine remains demonstrably as the only option. What kind of a man is this that sets the tone here? What must happen when people finally start not to close their eyes and ears anymore?

At least in the course of the morning it can be seen that many come back again to read the signs again. Obviously, many will understand the matter better, but will not be concerned with gaining real insight. This puts them in line with Jehovah's Witnesses. One repels that which requires a little more effort in understanding. The spiritual hammock swings nicely back and forth and the children continue to die cheerfully from the blood doctrine of the Watchtower Society.

The blood doctrine of the Watchtower religion, as I recall, was invented by a certain Mr McMillan. This man was one of those people who cared more about the destruction of people than about the injustice he suffered at Rutherford's inauguration. Many, in his position of the rigorously overruled, gave up and separated themselves from the Watchtower Society. McMillan, on the other hand, remained as one of the most joyful collaborators and worked his way up the career ladder, rung by rung, submissively. It must have been a special pleasure for this man to be able to give the Watchtower Society an instrument with which people are systematically murdered in series with the artificial cannibal law. That must have been a very special reward and a unique satisfaction for this man.

Just as the Watchtower Society clearly and unambiguously reveals its true intention in the picture with the three Romans holding a modern Bible in their hands, so already after Russell at the latest the principle of the Watchtower Society was to mislead uncritical people as firmly and as senselessly as possible. Certainly Russell had laid the foundation for this with his pyramid theory. But after Russell's death, Rutherford really let his lies and fairy tales go wild.

Surely no one has a legal means against the sick people who have invented the blood doctrine of the Watchtower Society and organized it in the smallest detail. But against the people who still today support this deadly doctrine and assert it among the people, there is indeed a legal way of dealing with it. If the motivation for murder in this matter can be proven (and it can!), then the question remains, who teaches the blood doctrine in the Watchtower Society decisively and calls it part of the truth it represents. These people should be brought to justice because they know full well that an average of 9000 people worldwide die every year as a result of their false doctrine.

After that, the court must determine who is actively applying the Watchtower blood doctrine. These are the elders who work in hospital liaison committees and work on the people until they either die or, with luck, survive. These princes, who are called princes by the Watchtower Society, are guilty of aiding and abetting murder by misinterpreting the Bible.

It's a little more difficult to take the lower ranks of the accomplices to court. But at least it should be decided by the court that Jehovah's Witnesses, who grin knowingly at the mention of such deaths, must be given an explanatory therapy.

There's a line! If a religion causes 9000 deaths per year on average, freedom of religion can no longer be applied to that religion. If then it is also recognizable that the conditions for these serial murders are not to be found in the Bible, the voluptuous murder motivation of this religion must be assumed. No court in the world has dared to do this so far, but the demarcation in this matter is vital for 9000 people a year. The cover-up of child abuse within the Watchtower Society cannot really be stopped, only sanctioned. The Watchtower Society murder series can be stopped. We see the legal means for this in every cheap crime thriller. It is the clarification of the question of motive.

Were or are there ever people in the Watchtower Society who drank or drank blood? No. Could or can the blood doctrine regulate people within the Watchtower Society in any way? No, because none of them drank or drink human blood. Once these facts have been clarified, there can only be the motivation to use the application of dietary rules concerning blood as a safe tool for murder. How the authors of this murder method must have knocked themselves on the thighs and how wicked are those today who not only use this murder method pleasurably, but also personally recruit new death candidates!

The fact that these things cannot be legally grasped and decided is only a fallacy, which the Watchtower Society cultivates and carefully guards with many efforts. There is talk of the holiness of blood, there is talk of the side effects of blood transfusions, there is talk of a Jehovah who values blood higher than man. If a court of this world succeeds in rising out of the pool of the semi-informed and collecting and evaluating facts one to one, then the end of the serial murders of the Watchtower Society has been reached.

Would beheadings in Germany simply be accepted as religious peculiarity if they were ordered by the appropriate authorities and carried out by the religious servants? Why does a constitutional state permit bleeding murders to be tolerated within its territory? Why does a constitutional state allow a religion with a fictitious cannibalism law to exert its deadly influence? The question is not difficult to answer when we look at the sad stupidity of the decision-makers that led to the recognition of the Watchtower Society as a public corporation.

The end of murder advertising in Bruchsal

Photographing the dismantling of the dazzling Watchtower literature was a very special pleasure for me. How these sacred riches disappear in cheap cardboard boxes is always a wonderful experience. The facade of the Watchtower Society is like a balloon. Puffed up to the going-no-more-more. And before I forget: In between I shouted several times to the murderers of the Watchtower Society: "Evil has a name! Jehova!" The two men reacted like someone who said to himself: "What's he saying that's new? We know that!"

I have done my duty and I will continue to do it. Now it is the turn of those within the German jurisdiction who think of themselves as no despisers of man and no destroyers of man. What will be said about the German courts in ten or twenty years' time?


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