Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 139

Jehovah's Witnesses fear for Their Highness

Each of them supports the murder by bleeding to death.

The Watchtower Society apparently only pursues a few tactical manoeuvres in Wiesloch in order not to lose its pedestrian sovereignty in public. The longer the enlightenment about the murder society, which kills people in a religious way, lasts, the less people perceive the Watchtower sermon service as an engagement of only true Christians. Also, the idea that one could gain a good standing before the Watchtower Jehovah through magazine advertising must have suffered quite a bit in the Jehovah Guard. The dark faces speak volumes. And yet they hold out bravely and hope for the rescue function of the Watchtower Society.

Since 1992, at least insiders have known that Jehovah's Witnesses have their own deadly goblin: The Watchtower March 15, 1992, page 23:

As a replacement for the poor Jehovah's Witnesses, a new locust with tablet PC presented itself to the Volksbank (Jehovah's Witnesses call themselves the locusts from the abyss, Revelation 9:7-11, explained in the so-called Book of Revelation). Opposite it a small grey haired businessman Witness of Jehovah with a smile mask positioned himself and took photos or videographed incidentally. Should material be collected about the charges I bring? Do the Watchtower Superiors want to find out how they can legally get rid of me?

I must call myself again and again not to take the misguided faces of these advertisers for an anti-Christian religion as an occasion to look down on them or to let myself be repelled. The fate of these people is puzzling, because they get calculated by me one to one that they are antichristian through and through, but they grin at you that the viewer can get really sick of it. They do all credit to stigmatization as locusts with scorpion tails. This stigmatization was carried out by the Watchtower Society itself and Jehovah's Witnesses believe it and live it out.

In Wiesloch, Jehovah's Witnesses have long since ceased to be concerned with saving face in the narrower sense, but only with the great outer impression. Therefore they fight for their ancestral advertising space in the pedestrian zone. Wiesloch is not as big in this area as Speyer. In Wiesloch it is still about personal honour, the more people know that Jehovah's Witnesses had to be driven away by facts and arguments. In Speyer the magic of the booths with the book tables came to a surprisingly quick end and only the usual loners dance their death dance there. In Wiesloch, Jehovah's Witnesses are in a phase where they have to fear that everyone is not enthusiastic about their heresies.

Recently someone wrote me in the chat that Jehovah's Witnesses are increasingly being urged these days to pack a three-day emergency backpack. In this way, the Watchtower Society would like to revive the cohesion of the few remaining. It will be interesting to see what destruction scenarios the Watchtower Jehovah can trigger. The year 2015 could be exciting.


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