Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 83

The Watchtower Organization wins through organized mass

New Jehovah's Witnesses loot in Speyer

In 1985 I was once in a Jehovah's Witness congregation in Mettmann. At that time, almost nothing was clear to me about this religion. The question was asked: "What do I need for a successful preaching ministry assignment?" I came forward and wanted to say: Love in the heart. But someone else was called and said, "A good organization!" I looked into the watchtower being worked off and couldn't believe my eyes. The answer was written just as it was in a training course for the learning disabled. Gross! The drill that was recognizable in it did not even surpass the nonsense that was multiplied by this drill. The assertion that a sermon service mission would be successful through good organization is significantly more nonsensical than the mechanical learning methods used by the Watchtower Society. For preaching in Jesus' mind does not depend on a good organization, but only on the truth of the teaching.

Almost 30 years later I had to experience how the Watchtower Society won through its good organization. I had to give up after 4 hours in Speyer, while just the third shift of Jehovah's Witnesses was sitting on their chairs at the book table.

But did Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer really have a successful sermon service assignment due to their good organization? Was there only one person who spoke sincerely and candidly with Jehovah's Witnesses at the book table and perhaps expressed an interest in the paper products of the faithful and circumspect slave? No. They were not even able to maintain the piously committed façade. They sat or stood only there and grinned broadly. Either out of pride or embarrassment. The latter is more likely. Especially in the first layer, in which the dark-haired young woman who was probably born inside was involved. Her bad facial expression was that of a person about to spoon out the fifteenth plate of pea soup.

The entire Watchtower's own organization was of no use. Even the long duration of the advertising campaign – at least 3 shifts of 2 hours each – brought only one profit, namely that after 4 hours I had to leave the place because of pain in my back and joints. The mathematical performance of many person-hours may be reflected in the Watchtower statistics, but not in an increase of the Jehovahist meeting in Speyer. The disgrace of the false doctrine – presented to the people in Speyer for 4 hours – certainly causes an immunization of the informed people. The pious Watchtower men have ignored my criticism for nothing under the gaze of the public.

It came to funny situations that you don't experience every day. A tourist guide, who led a group of about 50 people through the pedestrian zone of Speyer, translated my announcement for the tourists, which I held up on DIN A4 sheet: "Every Jehovah's Witness supports the religious murder by bleeding to death." The 50 people walked past me like at a sight and smiled in agreement. Today, very many people have expressed their consent at all, so that the Jehovah's Witnesses' glances became rather blunt and were directed more towards the distant horizon.

During the 4 hours of the public display of the Watchtower heresy there were of course extremely many interesting conversations with inquiring Christians and non-Christians. I was able to explain to a Buddhist that religion is of no use without Christ's personal dominion over my life. Against this Buddhist, who was surprisingly open, a heavily made-up woman set herself off negatively, who first let me speak, only to then claim that a blood transfusion is always the affair of the respective person and that she is a Jehovah's Witness and that she very much likes to be a Jehovah's Witness. This woman let me prove that the Watchtower Jehovah was a liar, only to be able to let go of her saying that she loved being a Jehovah's Witness. She repeated several times that she was a true Jehovah's Witness, although she held a view that would have resulted in immediate expulsion in the Watchtower Society.

Such events show the good organization of preaching ministry as the tactical audacity of the Watchtower Society. I am sure that this woman with her centimetre-thick make-up did not approach me by chance, that is, unorganised. The woman also didn't care what I thought of her stories. Like so many who were supposed to impress me with confusing stories, she left the scene emotionally completely unimpressed, so that it became clear once again that this action had once again been "arranged from above".

Jehovah's Witnesses do indeed place their hope in the ever-increasing spiritual conquest of the whole world, so that the New World, the earthly paradise, will at some point appear feasible under the guidance of the faithful and intelligent slave – even very probably without the great intervention of the Jehovah God. Then the theocratic world order will eliminate all elements that are not devoted to the Watchtower doctrine, and the rule of the Watchtower elite will last forever. Only that with eternal life will not work in the New Watchtower World right away. The Watchtower Society will have to come up with new light. But that won't be a problem, because all critical people will then be eliminated.

Jehovah's Witnesses do not radiate inner peace, but a stubborn pride that is tinged with iron self-control. They take great care in positioning and straightening their colourful notebooks and brochures on the tables, wiping these and those grains of dust off their fine clothes, and they are so carefully dressed as if they were on a fashion catwalk. Jehovah's Witnesses no longer have a sense of truth and falsehood, and they have no means to meet the accusations I make against them. Only the personnel superiority and the strict organization of their appearance won the semi-silk victory over their critic, who had to leave the field between 13:00 and 14:00 o'clock.

The lying god Jehovah is not yet sufficiently known to people as the lying god. The pious Jehovah façade blinds people so that they see Jehovah's Witnesses as Christians and feel that being a Christian as a whole is only crazy craziness. In it, the Watchtower Society has indeed succeeded in presenting people with a counter-religion that thoroughly discourages God. And the worst victory that this organization has suffered is that the extras themselves firmly believe they are in the only true religion.


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