Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 125

Jehovah's Witnesses are now observers only

Jehovah's Witnesses make the informer

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch have learned. The accusation I accuse them of on DIN A4 sheet is: "beheading or letting bleed to death, both is religious murder." That is probably with high certainty the hit of the century, the black inside the tunnel, the center of the Watchtower doctrine. The factual correspondence between the Islamist murder and the murder committed by Jehovah's Witnesses through mental manipulation sustains the flight of the representatives of the Jehovah God. They no longer try to stand firm for a long period of time. They have probably been ordered from below to leave quickly if the accusation is upheld on A4 sheets.

But this loss, which is decisive in terms of content, does not matter to Jehovah's Witnesses. They do not follow facts and facts, but are in bondage to their spiritual mother. This is the Watchtower Society with its Popes, who form the Governing Body. Jehovah's Witnesses are in bondage to these devils against all reality and truth. Jehovah's Witnesses are cored. Jehovah's Witnesses perish with defiance and dogmatism like the Nazis. The power of the Watchtower Society is based on totally cored people who act like zombies. They march until they are completely destroyed.

Not only on Fridays, but even on Saturdays the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch prefer to retreat when I am there with my DIN A4 sheets. They have certainly received instructions from their furious leaders to the effect that the confrontation with facts in public is absolutely harmful to the Watchtower Society and must therefore be avoided at all costs. That's why they rely on strict evasion, but at the same time constantly spy on whether this DIN A4 sheet man is still on site. In this way you know exactly when and where to avoid him best.

Since the accusation of religious murder has been made against the Watchtower religion, the seductive power of this anti-Christian institution has been lost. The expected knowledge of many people about the roots of religious murder in Islam makes it possible to see the parallels between the Islamic State and the Watchtower Society. In essence, Islamic murder is exactly the same as Jehovah's murder by bleeding to death. And not only in essence is this murder the same, but in effect even more dramatic, because it is associated with permanent remorse and with one of the most ruthless ideological dictatorships there is. Jehovah's Witnesses form committees that do everything in their power to really lead the delinquents to bleeding to death. These committees act as a collective, so that the individual participant does not have to reproach himself for persuading a person to commit suicide. And finally, behind the committees that guarantee the bleeding of Jehovah's Witnesses willing to live is the Watchtower Society, which calls itself the Truth.

There is no more brutal way to trample on Jesus, who subordinated all religious regulations to life! Jesus broke the Sabbath to heal people. Jehovah's Witnesses teach and live diametrically opposed to Jesus' teaching and behavior.

If religious freedom supports religious murder, it has turned itself into its own opposite. That is the goal of the Watchtower Society. As an institution disguised as Christian, but conforming to Islam, it wants to eliminate religious freedom by leading it ad absurdum and celebrating the coldly planned murder by bleeding to death under its protection. The fact that the judiciary does not recognize as murder the murders that Jehovah's Witnesses commit collectively shows the skill of those who have such a high interest in killing people through religion. How long will it take for a normal lawyer to realize that Jehovah's Witnesses see freedom of religion only as protection for religious murder?

Nobody can rely on the state and especially in the judiciary we find people who serve only their belly and their pride. In Germany, the Nazis have shown how to act against all applicable law and this legacy continues in the deliberately closed eyes of today's judiciary. If only a few grams of credibility could be found in the German public prosecutor's office and the German judiciary, there should have been a development a long time ago that identifies and prevents religious murder as such. Not a single wire of the German legal barbed wire fence has ever proved to be suitable for making a clear, unambiguous judgement on this matter. Not a single judge in Germany is interested in judging religious murderers by their deeds. The only thing that puts Germany on its feet is panic at Islamic extremists who have re-entered Germany. The fact that the religious murder takes place with us directly before the entry door ignores these career people. And the religious murder does not only exist directly on our doorstep, but it goes from door to door in Germany.

Jehovah's Witnesses feel like sworn advocates of a great world idea, a glorious unique human history. But they don't see that they are murderers in the core. Every Jehovah's Witness – if the German judiciary were to function properly – would have to be examined to see how much he understood and was responsible for the religious murder. Nobody can deny that Jehovah's Witnesses have large numbers of blind puppets. But Jehovah's Witnesses certainly have a group that knows very well about the murderous character of their organization.

But no one in this money-bound world feels responsible for thoroughly investigating the Watchtower murder by bleeding to death. Everyone follows Facebook or Twitter, but not their conscience. All follow any ideologies, but do not feel any responsibility towards God and humans. All are arrested themselves and if there is an advantage, then satanic religion is chosen and the killing of those who get involved is decided. We are so free! Jehovah's Witnesses are even free to murder, because the judiciary does not want to admit that Jehovah's Witnesses are religiously motivated and pious murderers.

In conversations with other people I kept getting the news that they did not understand what was meant by religious murder. The modern man, the BMW and Audi egoist, who has to give up a yacht because he changes his wife, has no eye for the fact that the death of Jehovah's Witnesses by refusing blood transfusions is a product explicitly developed by the Watchtower Society. And this deadly product is used well organized by committees. Not that anyone would be free to choose whether or not to sacrifice himself to a Jehovah "God" in an antichristian manner, no, he is systematically and deliberately influenced by Jehovah's Witnesses until he gives up his will to live and joins the will of his murderers.

Slowly, however, the organizer of the religious murder begins to realize that the unmasking of her murderous deeds by holding up DIN A4 sheets of paper puts people off their religion. The Jehovah "God" of the Watchtower Society is recognized for what it is. The Watchtower Jehovah defies Jesus as boldly as possible. The Watchtower Society's Jehovah is a vehicle for the ultra-pious deception of many people with the goal of killing them spiritually and, in many cases, physically.

Jehovah's Witnesses are on hand to build their world empire. They will not shy away from anything and will feel entitled to all infamies in their servant role as soon as a Watchtower official uses them. It is amazing that only now it becomes clear that they are on the same wavelength as extreme Islamism. And the joke is that the Watchtower Society has decidedly announced the enforcement of its Jehovah's kingdom in its literature and also describes the techniques by means of which the earthly paradise is to be established. There is talk of an iron rod with which Jehovah's World Government will rule. There the killing of the renegades between the lines is announced by the regret that one cannot do it because of the existing laws unfortunately yet. In this religious community the destruction of people, families and marriages is everyday life. The spiritual abilities of their followers do not even have to be reduced. Only their conscience has been surgically removed. That is enough to turn a human being into a murderer.


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