Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 410

Jehovah's Witnesses don't know their murder victims

That's the only way organized serial murder works!

Imagine you're sitting in a restaurant and the waiter brings you the pre-soup he knows is poisoned. If the waiter knew you personally, he would have a hard time putting the poisoned soup on the table and wishing you a good appetite. With this picture we are already in the middle of the topic. The waiter is an assassin and the organized murder he has to carry out was planned by some backers. The waiter was told that it was absolutely necessary to serve this poisoned soup. This would save his life and move him up the waiter hierarchy.

In exactly the same way, Jehovah's Witnesses are told that it is absolutely necessary to reject human blood in a medical emergency. In this way, a Jehovah's Witness who goes through this program with himself and his relatives becomes an assassin. He acts in good faith in the doctrine and carries out the murder planned by other people. The extent to which the individual Jehovah's Witness acts consciously and knowing the implications remains open, so that the individual Jehovah's Witness goes free with the utmost certainty. However, this does not free the state from the task of protecting people from such an organization.

When I joined the Jehovah's Witnesses in Walldorf with my signs, the Jehovah's Witness immediately began to laugh. I lifted up the sign that marked the anniversary of the six-year-old's death and said to her: "I hope you're not laughing at the six-year-old who had to die on January 30, 2018 because of your religion!" Jehovah's Witness replied with satisfaction: "We don't even know him."

This is the only way to make organized serial murder possible without unnecessary conflicts. You create a scenario that is very likely to lead to death, you bleed people into the whole thing as a religious duty and make sure that only a few people are personally aware of the murder victims. And already a serial murder assistant can say quite carelessly: "We don't even know him."

The medical prohibition of the use of human blood in an emergency cannot be derived from the Bible, even if it is extremely illogical, because the consumption of human flesh never took place in the Bible. If the Bible now speaks exclusively of animal blood, because cannibalism has never been and is never on the biblical agenda, the human blood ban of the Watchtower Society cannot be explained by the Bible. But there must be a reason for this human blood prohibition doctrine, because there is never any behavior without reason. For this Watchtower cannibalism clause, therefore, only the murder of as many people as possible who have previously been seduced into the Watchtower doctrine comes into question.

What is striking is that the individual Jehovah's Witness very quickly realizes that the human blood question cannot be justified by the Bible because the release of human flesh is missing. But they are all so trapped in the Murder.Org that 99 out of 100 witnesses immediately reject the idea and make a good face a murderous game. The main thing is that people don't know anything about it. In fact, most people don't know the Bible at all and therefore don't know that Jehovah's Witnesses are serial and organized murderers.

Explanation: In the Bible there are food commandments which exclude the consumption of blood. The flesh eats, the blood pours away. The human blood ban of Jehovah's Witnesses, if it wanted to be biblical, would need an equally clear statement: The human flesh eats, the human blood pours away.

Here lies the clear proof that the inventors of the ban on human blood were not interested in observing a biblical principle, but that the inventors of the ban on human blood had other intentions. This other is the practical carnal elimination of some who fell for this religion. Spiritual death is the fate planned for Jehovah's Witnesses. In the carnal elimination of some Jehovah's Witnesses by human blood doctrine, the Watchtower Society boasts before its true God. It creates a collection of trophies. On average, 9000 people worldwide are eliminated in this way every year. And Jehovah's Witness says: "We don't even know him."

The thing becomes particularly disgusting when the words "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "blood transfusion" are banned from newspapers in their reporting. This is reminiscent of the many crimes that could not and must not be reported as perpetrators of migrants and/or Muslims. But some newspapers formulated their reports about the death of the six-year-old from Walldorf in such a way that despite the prohibition of the words "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "blood transfusion" the facts became clear.

Jehovah's Masonic Witness still claims stiffly and firmly today that the Walldorf boy didn't bleed to death, and many Jehovah's Witnesses simply say that something like the death of the six-year-old is based on the Jehovah's Witnesses' freedom of speech. While some demand large puddles of blood so that the term bleeding to death would apply at all, others justify the serial murders of the Watchtower Society with the freedom of expression that they would of course be entitled to, I say:

  • The bleeding of Jehovah's Witnesses occurs in many forms. No large puddle of blood is necessary as evidence. It is about the strictly prevented assistance.
  • Neither freedom of expression nor freedom of religion can justify murder.

Today, Jehovah's Witness in Walldorf said outraged, "You're committing defamation of character! We now call the police!" I asked him why the Watchtower Society, which otherwise takes legal action against every fart, is still doing nothing against my public accusations of serial murder? It would be an almost ridiculous trifle to have this assertion forbidden to me in all its variants. Such accusations could then result in millions in fines. Yes! If my accusations were false, then this chapter would be long gone and forgotten. But the Watchtower Society knows perfectly well that such a complaint would pull a load-bearing stone out of its house and the entire sectarian construction would then collapse over it. A world-renowned court ruling declaring the serial murder by the ban on human blood is the ultimate end for the trading company Watchtower Society.


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