Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 242

Jehovah's Witnesses infiltrate the town

Being antichrist doesn't hurt!

In the morning, two totally good-looking, attractive Jehovah's Witnesses stand at Walldorf-Wiesloch station. They are so attractive that you can hardly stand them. And they are available! Guaranteed! All you have to do is address them and take a watchtower with you. Then you've almost married her. And if you also take the book with you "What does the Bible really teach", then you can order the posse. Fantastic! They are so likeable and so sweet.

And if you have successfully entered the world of Jehovah's Witnesses, then you still have a little work to do to achieve the desired copulation. Because as long as the Watchtower Female can't hope for you to become a Watchtower Mighty one day, she won't let you go. And that's despite the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses have a huge surplus of women – at least when it comes to preaching.

The Watchtower religion lies on the shoulders of the drying woman. A wife has too little time to provide the Watchtower Society with the services that a desiccating single woman can provide. Therefore, the Watchtower Society lures its female members into a status where marriage is hardly possible. Of course, you have to accept a few accidental slips, but the number of women who are absolutely calibrated to being single has to be continuously increased.

And as long as a Jehovah's Witness can still trigger the move to the goal, press against the ball and have her body language under control, she enriches the Watchtower team. After that, there are only hours to go. With the end of women's Watchtower attraction, when the natural attraction of the flesh fades, Watchtower women are only good enough to spend hours and hours and hours as newspaper racks. Then they stand in front of the Volksbank and look distantly down on the normal people. What a life!

After about 20 minutes, the two Watchtower Attractives realized that they were only helping to educate working commuters about the Watchtower lies. Because I stood 20 meters away with my signs. The response at Walldorf-Wiesloch station was not bad and the Watchtower advertisers had to decide to leave. Fatal! Liars have to leave. That's what happens if you don't think about the organization you've got yourself involved in.

The old guard of Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch has long dreamed of selling watchtowers with carnal attributes. Here it is only a matter of hour tablets and stubbornness in the sense of the inventor of the name Jehovah, who was never and can never be God's name. The word Jehovah was only invented by a Catholic monk in the 12th or 13th century. Never has God had this abortion of a word as a name.

(The word Jehovah is arbitrarily composed of the tetragram and the vowels of adonai – backwards! This linguistic abstrusity did not exist and the notation served only the purpose to wake the reader in the synagogue so that he did not pronounce the name of God.)

For these hourly tableisters of the Watchtower Society, someone who turns directly to Jesus, as God demands in the Bible, is either simply stupid or satanic. They look snobbishly down on someone who simply believes in Jesus without succumbing to a religious organization. They live by human standards and seek their salvation in religious achievement. The Word of God is nothing to them, for they need an ideological concept to calculate their salvation. They will put their "good cards" on the table in the presence of God and will not understand that God meant something completely different.

At least word has got around in the Watchtower troops that everyone is allowed to photograph Jehovah's Witnesses while practicing their religion because Jehovah's Witnesses practice public appearance and are therefore no longer considered private individuals. That is a small point that could be enforced in the long run in the fight against the Watchtower lies. The organization has to accept that people from outside Jehovah's Witnesses bring a new insight to the lies, from which they should actually be isolated. For example, an old Jehovah's Witness holds the Watchtower in front of her face like a child molester holds the file when it is recorded in court by television cameras. The fact that she doesn't notice what she is actually pulling is symptomatic. On the one hand, she dedicates her life to an invented God, this Jehovah "God", who forbids contact with Jesus, on the other hand, she is ashamed when she is photographed practicing her religion, thus admitting the shame of the Watchtower religion.

When I reproached the angry Jehovah's Witness with the signs "Jehovah's Witnesses must refuse bread and wine – Antipast meal – Antichrist", he looked away for 10 minutes and then left. Should he have recognized something? How will he justify before his conscience that he also solemnly rejects Jesus?

These 3 hours of reconnaissance in Wiesloch were characterized by an unprecedented consent of the people. That went from thank you to offering financial support. The Wieslochers seem to understand more and more the deadly lie potential of the Watchtower lie. The state of unqualified organizational advertising in Wiesloch seems to be halfway overcome. At least people know a lot more today than they did a few years ago, when the Watchtower Society could still hope to be diffusely accepted.

When people have put everything on the wrong horse, they can hardly ever turn back and correct their mistake. This is how Jehovah's Witnesses feel. They have let themselves be captured and have exchanged the possibly still to be recognized meaning of life into a dark feeling of being there – in an organization of religious murder. They could not recognize the professional celebration of Jesus' rejection for what it is. For they came as godless into an allegedly Christian organization and have not yet recognized that they have fallen into the trap of a "God" whose only goal is to separate people from Jesus and, if possible, to bleed them to death physically.

So we see the angry Jehovah's Witnesses striving towards the horizon and can be sure that he has learned nothing from what he has experienced. He will put on the same face at his next religious performance, think and feel the same and calculate how long he will have to hold up the Watchtower. But one thing the angry Jehovah's Witness and the Watchtower organization can't prevent: People are being warned sustainably.


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