Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 333

Jehovah's Witnesses arrogant

Speyer goes nuts

Jehovah's Witnesses have not been seen at Walldorf-Wiesloch station on Fridays for some time, because they know that they are confronted with unpleasant questions on Fridays. Today they made an exploratory visit, stood up with their Watchtower Trolllies and left quite deliberately when they saw the one with the facts on his raised signs. They slowly and unhectically moved away without a ruckus. This suggests that they were very well instructed. Prepared and with firm instructions for action. These two Jehovah's Witnesses were not arrogant. But those in Speyer!


In Speyer, Jehovah's Witnesses always have a certain basic attitude. They are pompous, insulting and arrogant. Today they were especially "good" on it. They laughed themselves to pieces and took my appearance as no longer an exciting affair. Jehovah's Witnesses only beckoned away and walked away amused. For one or two hours afterwards I sat on the bench at the bus stop at Altpoertel with the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death".

A passer-by told me I'd be in the paper. Because of the signs – and everything had been presented well and in the correct context. I was not astonished, but later I couldn't find anything on the Internet that would confirm her statement. But directly in the pedestrian zone I experienced some things, which could be explained well with the fact that some people had read something about the thing in the newspaper Rheinpfalz.

In front of the Kaufhof stood an old pair of Jehovah's witnesses. When I lined up there with my signs, the big laughter started. Many Jehovah's Witness Supporters showed up and made fun of me. There were also two Jehovah's Witnesses with prams. Sermon service as a walk. You have your watchtower flyer in your hand and go shopping. This is then regarded as sermon service. In this way you can of course also fulfill your compulsory hours.

One man asked me aggressively if I believed that people wanted to know. He pointed to my signs "Why do Jehovah's Witnesses need cannibalism laws? – In order to bleed people to death. " The man increased into worse and worse hate tirades and when he finally left, he showed me his middle finger with great pleasure. Cyclists drove particularly close to me and shouted insults at me. Still about 50 meters away they made insulting hand movements.

The old Jehovah's Witness couple themselves loudly indicated that I was not to be taken seriously. Others called me "bald head! Eyh, baldness". The scenery was funny and very interesting against the background that a newspaper had written about my actions. It's also possible, however, that most of it was only arranged.

But there were also many who supported me by classifying the action as good. The scenario really wasn't from bad parents. If all this had been arranged, I would like to know what the Watchtower Society expects from something like this.


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