Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 90

Mass appearance of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch

Like when students come to the lecture

May 3rd was incredibly cold and I did not plan to go to Bruchsal or Speyer to look for Jehovah's Witnesses. I had arrived in Wiesloch very early, but didn't feel like leaving the city. The bustle only slowly returned to the pedestrian zone and I stayed there rather bored, without any special plan or ambition. But suddenly I was curious about what it felt like to stand on the slightly elevated regular square of Jehovah's Witness to the Rollator, which is always full of hatred. The advantages of this place turned out very fast. From there you have a superior overview, is somewhat hidden, but still quite central, because through the entrance to the post office right next door people pass by all the time, whom you can smile at friendly as Jehovah's Witnesses. This is a great help to imagine having brought the message of the Watchtower Kingdom a little closer to these people, at least symbolically.

So I spent about an hour in this place, watching the people and protected from the wind I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I didn't have any special plans, but I had the idea of waiting ten o'clock to see the faces of the Jehovah's Witnesses when they found their stand occupied. If no one had shown up shortly after ten o'clock, I wanted to go home.

At ten o'clock the first Jehovah's Witnesses showed up quite excitedly and I photographed their opposite stand in front of the Volksbank. The Jehovah's Witness sprinted towards me immediately and I went towards him. He threatened me with the police and I responded to his threats immediately and clearly: "Get the police!" He then let it go because he knew of a plan that Jehovah's Witnesses had concocted. Before this plan became clear to me, I had a very special encounter. I had hardly taken the place of the Jehovah's Witness again when this very Jehovah's Witness marched towards me with his walkator. His wife ran after him and caught him just before there was a confrontation. She had to control him several times: "Honey, get away from there! The man bowed to the superiority and renounced his ancestral position of power. I say power position because this position actually has something that gives you power. At least in the imagination. I also say position of power because this man, in his habit of preaching at this point, can make strings of exaltation vibrate that perfectly help him to overcome the shame of false religion. Without ancestral habits, preaching is hardly possible, for Jehovah's Witnesses are not under the freedom of the Holy Spirit, but under the narrow pressure of an earthly organization to perform.

How much the power of habit, the habituation to certain, practiced circumstances, strengthen Jehovah's Witnesses, was shown by those Jehovah's Witnesses who ran up today for reinforcement in the pedestrian zone of Wiesloch. They revealed much uncertainty in their behavior, and when I publicly recited my facts in the wake of their mass action, their uncertainty showed itself again. Jehovah's Witnesses live from establishing themselves in certain niches in order to carry out their organizational duties, i.e. their sermon service, as a rut.

Shortly after ten o'clock, about twenty Jehovah's Witnesses had arrived within a few minutes and grouped themselves throughout the entire lower pedestrian zone of Wiesloch. The plan was to wrestle arguments down by mass, but in reality Jehovah's Witnesses had lined up like a school class to receive an announced lecture from the strict class teacher. Jehovah's Witnesses, through this mass occupation planned by Jehovah "God" offered me the opportunity to walk up and down my signs for nearly two hours and hold the worst facts of their religion against them. It was so embarrassing what Jehovah's Witnesses wanted to show there that the senselessness of the supposed supremacy of the masses made itself apparent for two hours in the pedestrian zone.

Many of the Jehovah's Witnesses who joined in the reinforcement were visibly impressed by the few clear facts I said about their religion. From this point of view they had certainly not yet considered their teaching. But many hypocrites also almost perfectly deafness and this usual superiority. Jehovah's Witnesses had resolved to oust me from the pedestrian zone by overpowering presence and achieved the exact opposite. They had really set themselves up to listen in public to the disgrace of their religion. This even went so far that in the end a group of about eight or ten Jehovah's Witnesses withdrew before me and trotted away like a herd of cows. Their ignorance had completely overlooked the fact that I could still call something after them. The embarrassing religion provides enough material to expose Jehovah's Witnesses. I kept shouting after them: "Jehovah's Witnesses forbid contact with Jesus! Jehovah's Witnesses forbid prayer to Jesus!" That was very embarrassing for these people. None of them had the strength or courage to put the glorious Jehovah against Jesus. Many of them must have guessed in those seconds how important prayer to Jesus is. For a few moments it became clear to everyone that they were trapped in an antichrist religion. They trotted before me. Those who are not guilty and disgraceful do not flee in this way.

Above all there was a stupid and partly tortured smile of these people, the only thing they could oppose my clear arguments. Even if only one of them is honest, he has to admit that he experienced the greatest disgrace of his pseudo-religion this Saturday and that he has to carefully rethink his membership in the Watchtower Society. No eye remained dry. No possibility was left out to speak the Watchtower madness openly and loudly in front of all people. Jehovah's Witnesses today negotiated the greatest possible public exposure in Wiesloch by trying to make an organized tabula rasa. Once again, they have proved that organization is not a virtue that makes arguments.

Of course, the situation is more than amazing for me. How can one stand on the street with a perforated mental clothing and think that by appearing locusts one can close the holes in the mental clothing! With this action, Jehovah's Witnesses have proven that they are not capable of responding to people and that they are not capable of responding to arguments. They prefer to gather for mass blasphemy to imagine that they suffered for Jehovah. Imagine that! The Watchtower doctrine is an exposed joke in itself, and Jehovah's Witnesses think they can make up the lost ground by simply quintupling the task forces. Jehovah's Witnesses have learned so much truth about their religion today that I hope some will seriously consider it. The Anti-Cenacre with the annual ceremony of the rejection of bread and wine, for example, this Anti-Cenacre that Satanists could not celebrate more beautifully, I have been allowed to recite aloud pedestrians-on and pedestrians-off. Jehovah's Witnesses gave me the platform. Jehovah's Witnesses could only remain silent and grin crookedly.

The incident in Wiesloch, this mass appearance as a desire to crush arguments and facts with superior power, naturally brings me to the idea that they will soon use buses to finally regain the upper hand in Wiesloch. Dear Watchtower planners, I look forward to this development and hope that the confrontation will continue according to the tried and tested scheme. As long as you, dear Watchtower planners, do not clean up your death religion, all Jehovah's Witnesses will publicly experience the anticipated demise of your doctrine. Please use buses, dear Watchtower planners, Wiesloch is waiting, I am waiting.

The Watchtower Superiors are too clever to let go of their false objectives, because then they would lose half of the seduced ones. At the same time, however, they are too stupid to recognize the limits of their doctrine and organization. They unintentionally expose themselves to the cutting ray of truth. The scenery offered today by the Watchtower organization in Wiesloch is one of the most beautiful testimonies of how a weak Christian under the guidance of Jesus can dismantle the entire apparatus of lies. Jehovah's Witnesses were massively embarrassed for two hours. Jehovah's Witnesses ran from the field like driven cows. Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch are in a state of increasingly clear self-exposure. They can no longer maintain the mild smiling facial features of their art religion. The religious mask of Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch cracks.


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