Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 61

No more Jehovah's Witnesses!

Wiesloch, Speyer, Bruchsal

As if Jehovah's Witnesses had noticed that the public refutation of their heresies is counterproductive for them, they could not be discovered on Friday in Wiesloch, on Saturday in Speyer and in Bruchsal. They were replaced in Bruchsal by Muslims with a book table and the Scientology Church with an action stand.

The latest sign "Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the destruction of all who are in contact with Jesus" makes it clear that Jehovah's Witnesses are actually not in contact with Jesus. There are some statements of Jesus about being in Him. We are in him and he in us. The eating of his flesh as the bread of life is the symbol of these most intimate of all associations.

In all the biblical passages in which Jesus uses this formulation, the Watchtower Organization has translated this little clear word "in" impudently weakening with the phrase "in connection with". Thus in the New World translation of the Watchtower Society the impression arises that already in the spiritual connection through appreciation of Jesus as idol such a connection to him is given. This mere connection with Jesus instead of the real oneness with him is echoed in the latest shield in the annihilation of Christianity desired by Jehovah's Witnesses. Here the connection with Jesus is given with the word "contact".

Worldly-minded people who read the sign immediately notice that this is something they do not yet know and have not thought possible. Jehovah's Witnesses who only have anything to do with Jesus in the formula "in the name of your son Jesus Christ" and possibly as idols with him and read the sign, immediately realize by using the word "contact" that the thing with Jesus is more than just a functional connection of prayer transmission or the use of a leading figure. However, Jehovah's Witnesses clearly recognize by the phrase "contact with Jesus" under the skin that their religion is anti-Christian. They realize that there are people who are actually in real contact with Jesus. They had never thought so far in their Bible studies and were not led to this thought either.

The Watchtower Doctrine is only one false doctrine among many. But it is the most tempting and most ingeniously conflicting false doctrine of the true gospel, so that every second of deployment at the scene of Jehovah's proclamation of the kingdom is worth as much as the address of true Christians to the world of those who do not know Jesus.

Passers-by recognize by the conflict that arises from the false teachings of the Watchtower Society, quickly and realistically, that they urgently need to think about themselves and Jesus. This stinks the Watchtower Society very much that many can recognize through the enlightenment about the Watchtower heresy that religion is not the vehicle of salvation, but that, if anyone at all, Jesus Christ alone saves. Therefore the theologically philosophical literature Moloch has recently grudgingly renounced the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch, Speyer and Bruchsal carry out the street propaganda on "devils come out".

In the chat someone wrote under my name, I would stop the use with the signs in the pedestrian zones immediately. This spreading of a rumor in the Chat is a very nice feature for the fact that some people are really close to not being able to spread their false doctrines undisturbed anymore. This false report is like a success message and is basically an unwanted encouragement, because it signals that the educational work is working.

Exactly this person, who put down the false report in the chat, suggested to me a few days ago in the chat, on the page Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses steadfast for minutes on end, 25.10.2013 – They cannot bear their own teaching in public! the statement "When stupidity and senseless pride mate, then Nazis and Jehovah's Witnesses" emerge to extinguish by putting them close to slander. But the fact remains that the one who idolizes an organization is a fascist. Jehovah's Witnesses deify a human organization like all other people who became fascists by deifying an organization. Fascism does not necessarily have to be glorifying violence. Fascism is as present among the Nazis as it is among Jehovah's Witnesses. Both are or were prisoners of an ideology based solely on and dependent on deifying an organization.

And those who take a closer look at the doctrine of the Watchtower Organization will also recognize the fascist traits of this "religion".

What will happen next?

When in the coming weeks and months the Jehovah's Witnesses will again stand in the pedestrian zones of Wiesloch, Bruchsal and Speyer as if nothing had happened, then I will enjoy the situation, because then I will be able to give people a new impulse to think in the direction of Jesus. Simply naming the Watchtower heresies is enough to make it clear to all people that the Jehovah doctrine is heresy.

Both options are fatal for the Watchtower Society! When it returns to the usual business mode, it creates the platform for educating about its heresy and for attracting attention to Jesus. If she remains absent and withdrawn to preaching from door to door, she documents Jesus' victory over her false doctrine. In this case she admits that she cannot stand against Jesus, who was only represented by a small person with an A4 sheet of paper.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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