Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 402

Jehovah's Witnesses: "Move along, please!"

Maximize success without arguments

Due to the English version of, the Watchtower Society has decided to migrate its online propaganda system to That cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, the expensive conversion could no longer be avoided because the poor Jehovah's Witnesses simply landed too often on when they were looking for the old Jehovah's Witnesses page. It was called! Funny.

The Watchtower Society recognized a late consequence of this only after years. Non-English-speaking people simply do not understand this JW. They do not realize that it is about Jehovah's Witnesses. And so the Watchtower Society must actually place the words "Jehovah's Witnesses" next to its JW as an explanation. How hollow is a religion that has to create such circumstances with its logo? One of the pictures shows this stupidity. Jehovah's Witnesses pull out all the stops to collect as many people as possible. She is interested in infinitely expanding the blood trail of her mental and physical serial murder.

On the way to Heilbronn we thought about the statement of Jesus: The Father is greater than I am. Jehovah's Witnesses like to use this sentence of Jesus Christ to underpin their false doctrine that Jesus is not God. We realized that no being but Jesus could say this sentence meaningfully. What does it sound like when an angel says, The Father is greater than I am? If not a single angel can make this sentence meaningful, how can this sentence serve to deny the divinity of Jesus? This sentence of Christ is in itself the epitome of the proof that Jesus is God. No one who is not God can say this sentence meaningfully. It is so simple that you can hardly see it. And so false teachers misuse this sentence to supposedly prove that Jesus cannot be God after all. The false teacher does not consider, however, that no created being can apply this sentence meaningfully to itself at all.

The claim that there is a human blood prohibition in the Bible is just as crazy stupid and audacious. A God who has never allowed human flesh for food purposes and yet forbids the intake of human blood cannot be a God, because with this absurdity he does not even correspond to human logic. How could such a God ever surpass human logic if he does not even master the basic rules of logic?

Or otherwise: Someone who has imposed a ban on driving does not have to prohibit the use of car tyres in a rotating manner. Jehovah's Witnesses, however, claim that one should not drink human blood, extend this to the general intake of human blood and thus have their murder instrument in hand. And there is no public prosecutor in the world who opposes it. And no Jehovah's Witness protests against it, even if he has to let his own child die in order to remain a Jehovah's Witness.

The Jehovah's Witness murders of bleeding blood are also a measure of the fascism inherent in them. They idolize an organization and deliberately ignore that the God who allegedly sits behind this org demands human sacrifices, as they used to have to be brought to natural religions. Who then, in the case of a case with Jehovah's Witnesses, lets his own child jump over the blade is nothing more than a pagan, a natural religionist, and nothing more than a fascist. Fascism is not always only connected with the Hitler salute, but also with the fulfillment of certain misdeeds for the mother of the fascists. For the ideology of the fascists. A six-year-old son of a mildly smiling Jehovah's Witness has to die a miserable death so that the devil's wheel can continue to turn in her life.

Renate had good conversations with the Jehovah's Witnesses at the JW booth, but was treated very patronizingly by the tall Witness with Watchtower Rollator. Renate and I had completely separated our confrontations with this professor of Watchtower Death. This Watchtower Professor treated Renate and me with a raised index finger, as the IS fighters love to do. In the discussion with me he came as close to me as a normal person would never do. When asked why Jehovah's Witnesses needed a human blood ban when they didn't even have a human flesh permit, he couldn't answer and thought he could chase me away. "Please go on! Please go on! Please go on!" Then he told me that I had my opinion and she hers and that I should go on now. While the two human-blood-ban lunatics were packing their funeral advertising material, I shouted to them that this is not about opinions, but about lies and truth. Jehovah's Witnesses actually kill people based on one opinion! What a shame it is that the public prosecutor's office has not yet looked at this type of serial murder.

A Christian wanted to re-educate Renate. The thing with the signs was very bad and one always had to meet Jehovah's Witnesses with love. The uncovering of the Watchtower deeds was wrong. But the Holy Spirit works first by uncovering sin. And that is exactly what Renate and I do. Before all other steps, the Holy Spirit brings about the knowledge of sin. Since Jehovah's Witnesses do not have the Holy Spirit, at least the worst must be calculated for them, so that they too can enjoy at least a small chance.

But for the pious Christians this is already too hard. Pious Christians attach great importance to loving smiles and well washed hands. But they cannot do anything in Jesus, because they persistently refuse to accept the requirements of the Holy Spirit. Before all knowledge the exposure of sin takes place. This is how everyone who becomes a Christian experiences it. If Christ now instructs some people who do not listen to the Holy Spirit, but to a religious group, at least to give the first impetus to the conviction of sin, why do pious Christians oppose it?

Pious Christians are trudging up against the first step of the Holy Spirit because it does not belong to the good green-left-humanistic Goering-Merkel tone in Germany. Pious Christians can no longer distinguish between true and false facts. And if they do, they must keep quiet so that they may remain in their congregation. That has something to do with letting six-year-olds die. The mother of the six-year-old from Walldorf also had to sacrifice her son in order to be allowed to stay with her. Thus pious Christians sacrifice the truth and buy themselves the goodwill of the good green-left-humanistic Goering-Merkel religion, which has long since moved into many former Christian congregations and taken over rule.

Secondary question to all pious Christians: Does the Holy Spirit convict the sin of men out of hatred?

How sick must a Christian be if he does not judge by the behaviour of the Holy Spirit, but by the beautifully shimmering green-left humanistic Goering-Merkel ideology of Freemasons!


If the former SPD chancellor candidate Schulz is once terribly battered and found dead with 111 euros in his hand somewhere on an embankment, I am not surprised. He has taken too long, too open and too extreme advantage of Freemasonry's monetary support for himself. But there is also the possibility that Schulz will become the European Soros by turning his millions of dollars of wealth into billions through "intelligent speculation". Then Schulz becomes a person like Soros, the migration magnate who has more power than Trump and Merkel combined. That would be an option! Right, Mr Schulz?

Exkurs Ende

The fascism of bleeding to death works quite independently of financial contributions from Freemasonry. Jehovah's Witnesses are brutally calibrated to serve a cannibal god who forbids the drinking of blood for medical or other reasons. That's a friendly cannibal god who thinks of the side effects of drinking human blood. Consequently, the infusion of human blood must of course also be banned, because there is almost no difference. The most important regulation of the Watchtower Society is Jehovah's Cannibal Law. By claiming that Jehovah prohibited the consumption of human blood, Jehovah's Witnesses automatically assign their Jehovah "God" the attributes of a cannibal God. Because without a human meat enjoyment permit there can be no human blood prohibition. So this Jehovah is just as primitive and sick as those who stand under the pavilions of JW.ORG.

According to my information, the significance of the Watchtower Society's blood doctrine is expressed in 9,000 deaths per year worldwide, which were not allowed to continue due to religiously justified refusal of treatment. Why do Jehovah's Witnesses missionize so intensively? Every newly manipulated Jehovah's Witness is a potential murderer and at the same time a potential murder victim. This is the most beautiful side of the Watchtower religion in the eyes of Jehovah "God". His organization has been serially murdering for decades and selling the whole thing as a special piety. Do the public prosecutors become active at least when their own children are turned to this religion and die miserably?

The demand of pious Christians to refrain from enlightenment about error and devilish teachings out of love is the product of mixing green and left ideals with Christian doctrine. Our Christian congregations have degenerated into pious ideal communities that can no longer be told anything about Jesus. For their own ideology is worth more. They give orders to the Holy Spirit to experience something wacky, and are otherwise the mild smiles with the highest ethical demands. They do not suspect that they are on the best way to be like Jehovah's Witnesses. They are the best! They know best and have the judgement about the enlightenment about false doctrines already in their pockets. But they don't even know anymore that enlightenment about false doctrines can only happen out of love. They have lost that. That does not occur at all in the Katrin Goeringly Merkel Doctrines!


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