Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 409

Jehovah Cannibal-God, the Watchtower-Jehovah

Only cannibals can be banned from human blood

A cosy time in Heidelberg. On Fridays there is a ticket counter at the large tram and bus station Bismarckplatz where you can buy your ticket for the ultimate journey to hell. Ticket to hell! Jehovah's Witnesses actually stand behind a toy ticket counter and turn on the people under the JW.ORGTM brand to crash into hell.

The day before I was visited by a small spy robot that looked like a cricket. Perfectly made. The spy robot, who of course could only have come from the Watchtower Society, took a close look at everything. That he didn't have a watchtower with him was his cover. So I could recognize him as a spy robot of the Watchtower Society. But he remained quite calm when I photographed him, which I again took as proof that he had clearly been sent by the Watchtower Society. The Jehovah's Witnesses always remain calm. If you can't see anything human about someone, if one always stays calm, then he either comes from Jehovah's Witnesses or is called Angela Merkel.

Okay. (laughs) The cricket won't blame me for defaming her. I didn't crush her to see if she was a Watchtower society spy robot. But cannibalism is the order of the day when human blood is banned by decree. A god who must forbid human blood can only see in his people a people of man-eaters. And this applies to Jehovah's Witnesses. They kill for their God, they kill above all spiritually. Every person who gets in their way will hardly have any access to Jesus. That really is man-eating. Spiritual man-eating.

Meanwhile, Jehovah's Witness sucked on the broomsticks of his toy ticket counter. No, he only had to tighten the screws because the box was swaying. What a disgrace it is to stand behind such a toy ticket office and think that you are bringing salvation to people.

An uninformed Christian came by and learned the truth about the prohibition of human blood in a matter of seconds. Then the son of a Jehovah's Witness who had been in the club for 40 years came along. He understood nothing. That can be seen very nicely in the video. The man accused me of being a Jehovah's Witness and Jehovah stood in position with his legs apart. The son of a Jehovah's Witness, who was fortunate enough not to have died for this religion at the age of six, was upset willingly and joyfully and in total harmony with the faithful leadership of the Watchtower Society.

Immediately afterwards I had a conversation with an atheist. Unlike the son of a Jehovah's Witness, he understood the implications of the cannibal-god accusation. I held up the signs: "Only cannibals can be banned from human blood!" and "So the Watchtower-Jehovah God is just a cannibal god!". The man expressed his hope that I was equally consistent against Christianity. When I told him that I belonged to Jesus, he warned me of death. I would then find that there was nothing. You can see the further course in the video.

Secondary question: If we are all only more highly developed amoebae, what awaits us when we die? Does the surprising survival come, without which no one can realize that there is nothing after death? How sick are atheists? The video above gives an answer to this question.

The next conversation I had was with a woman who knew at close quarters the destructive power of the Watchtower doctrine. And yet she was no more able than to recommend a great Franciscan monk to me. Sometimes it is really bad to be a Christian and have to experience the religious crap in this world with a clear view. But she realized what she was doing and went without my veto with the words: "I know why you think so, but this Franciscan monk is really good." To this day I don't understand why people love cults and religions more than God! God came to us in Jesus and most people indulge in some books, monks or ritual acts. It is incomprehensible.

On Fridays, Jehovah's Witnesses stand at Bismarckplatz in Heidelberg and take the children's train. They have their ticket counter with them and wait for customers who want to buy a ticket to hell. And when somebody comes, the full-bodied Watchtower conductor immediately fills the ranks of the diabolical offer again.

In the few minutes of my presence, so many people became aware of this evil fraud that I could not wish for myself. The looks of the people, this minute-long looking at my signs from the distance, this clear Groschenfallen is very pleasant to me and the sun shines on all this down.


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