Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 136

Jehovah must make up ground

On Saturday, he pinched his dick.

Where does the criminal energy come from when someone has been plausibly told several times that he is acting as a murderer or aiding and abetting murder, when he supports the anti-Christian works of the Watchtower Society, and yet stubbornly and unreasonably does the job of the Witness Jehovah's recruiter? I have very clearly dissociated several times that the Watchtower Society's blood doctrine is a deliberate misinterpretation with the aim of killing people with this misinformation. I have also explained to this Jehovah's Witness that Jesus taught and lived exactly the opposite and never harmed or withheld salvation from a person because of a religious rule. Jesus even broke the Sabbath.

The persistence of the Jehovah's Witness is remarkable. He ignores the piles of corpses accumulated by the Watchtower Society, and his religious interest is exactly the opposite of Jesus' teaching. A woman asked me how I knew it was murder. I explained the connections again loud and clear. Again, Jehovah's Witness has clearly learned that the Watchtower Society's deliberate misinterpretation of the Bible indicates that Jehovah's Witnesses – man for man and woman for woman and child for child – should jump over the blade. And the final proof that this is a murder is that Jehovah's Witnesses are intervening with a bleed in the form of an organized "hospital liaison committee" to prevent the hemophiliac's will to live from dominating. Now, at the latest, Jehovah's Witnesses are deliberately killing people. They move them planned and organized from life to death. This is murder.

On Saturday, this Jehovah's Witness had run away from the confrontation with the truth. So today he held out especially long to restore Jehovah's good name. This gave me the opportunity to inform many new passers-by. A man came up to me and asked, "Yes, anyone dares?" He was really amazed. A Christian came by and signaled that she didn't really understand the problem. This is always a serious point that I experience: many Christians do not get an idea of the antichristian strategy of the Watchtower Society.

A married couple came by and asked me if I knew the movie "Evil Blood" and seized the Jehovah's Party of Bleeders in this way. They didn't allow an argumentation on my part at all, but loudly stated that I probably had no idea at all about medical contexts. I shouted after these quickly advancing convicts: Have you ever done a follow-up examination after 20 years on a bleeding patient, on a corpse? These people just didn't want to know that there are situations where blood transfusions are essential for survival.

In the course of this morning I was thinking about how nice it would be to do this educational work as a full-time job. That would really be a fruitful thing and you could expand your sphere of influence. Unfortunately, I don't have the courage to sponsor something like this. Perhaps someone will be found who can advise me in these matters or even take over the organisation of a sustainable sponsorship. But regardless of that, it turns out that exposing the Watchtower Society's bleeding doctrine is also worthwhile as a hobby. Anyone who can no longer fall for Jehovah's Witnesses is a blessing. Anyone who no longer sees the art religion of this Jehovah "God" as an obstacle to personally addressing Jesus is a miracle, an intervention of God in this world of religious seduction.

There are still so many people who need to be warned. Take a close look at each and every Jehovah's Witness and consider if you should simply leave these people to the Watchtower cult. And sit down on a bench in the pedestrian zone and think about how many more people can get into Jehovah's Witnesses' knives.


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