Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 38

Cat-and-mouse game in Wiesloch

Testimony Wiesloch:
Walking with the watchtower in your hand instead of sermon service

The Watchtower headquarters in Germany, the branch office of the Watchtower Society in Selters/Taunus, Am Steinfels, looks like a prison. When I took the photos, I was in a hurry, because I was depressed by a strange threat. Once the world was to be ruled by Jehovah's Witnesses, I didn't want to live! Fascism is measured by the serenity of its prison guards. Jehovah's sovereignty is transferred to his earthly foot people as ice-cold oppression.

The new heroic deed in Jehovah's Witnesses seems to be to endure and ignore what one can and must publicly accuse them of. The Watchtower Drill turns old people into tricksters who want to avert the public disgrace of their false doctrine with tactics that are as relaxed as possible. The old man made the bait and hoped in this way to prevent a confrontation between the "dear sisters" and the deadly truths of their heresy. The man, for example, really stood behind a column like a little boy and read from time to time whether I was still standing there watching him. Then he left resolutely to go back to the pedestrian zone after a few minutes, because I had not followed him. As he passed me along the way, I asked him loud and clear: "Write this down as a sermon service...?" No answer.

While all passers-by can see the exposed shame of the Watchtower doctrine, some Jehovah's Witnesses, like clumsy clowns, try to make something of the tricky situation. They resist for a long time, but then give up and clear the field. Jehovah's Witnesses would like to retain their old special position. Others have not come to the pedestrian precinct to spread the Watchtower doctrine, but have apparently been gossiping privately for decades. The women who were in the Wiesloch pedestrian zone today to perform their so-called sermon service clearly showed that they only used this time to gossip and chat. They tell each other the latest and probably also the old lamellas and carry the Watchtower around with them only as a sermon service alibi.

Not that I wanted to change anything about this situation. Of course, I am happy for every person who escapes this fascist religion because Jehovah's Witnesses only appeared as adapted religionists. But I can and may point out that this old-female behavior says quite a lot about the true intentions of these people. They themselves know very well that they do nothing meaningful with their "preaching". They participate only because it is their imagined duty and because otherwise they would lose the social recognition of the Wiesloch Witness Convention. It is a disgrace how in Wiesloch religion becomes an useless stay in the pedestrian zone. Anyone who can dance their name is more seriously on the road than these Jehovah's Witnesses, who have turned sermon service into an entertaining entertainment walk in the pedestrian zone.

Strangely enough, the people of Wiesloch are particularly respectful of this misunderstood religion. The almost submissive acceptance of the representatives of this enigmatic religion is fascinating. But here and there people show their agreement when I openly oppose the heresies of the Watchtower Society. There have been some situations in which consent has been expressed to me. – But always under close control as to whether the Jehovah's Witnesses did not notice. What is this strange atmosphere in Wiesloch? Why does such an under-the-skin inspection of Jehovah's Witnesses take place in Wiesloch? How much influence do Jehovah's Witnesses have in Wiesloch?

In any case, they are biting their teeth at the public naming of the key points of their false doctrine and up to now have always had to give way after about 30 minutes. Today, they have lasted a little longer – with the result that all the more people have noticed the badness of the Watchtower doctrine. Jehovah's Witnesses close their eyes to the fact that they are hopelessly inferior to the public listing of the cruxes of their religion. Every second in which people can be made publicly aware of the practices of Jehovah worshippers is a precious second. And Jehovah's Witnesses have yet to find a cure for the denunciation of their lies and misdeeds. Who knows, maybe at some point the police will have to protect the practice of this anti-religion from people holding up an A4 sheet of paper.

Simple clarity brings them down

I never wanted to belong to a religion that stumbles upon the public announcement of its sitemape, i.e. through an unvarnished factual report. A community that pays tribute just because you walk the streets with its literature has the attractiveness of the CPSU. A god who appears like the Watchtower-Jehova is nothing more than a Putin or a George Bush. An organization whose goal is world domination and which acts as if God Himself were establishing this world domination is as sustainable as a building made of polystyrene. People who rely on people because they wear ties and collars can be found in politics and business, in the Mafia, in criminal circles and in the Watchtower Society.

It's tragic that nice and loving people get involved in something like this!

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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