Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 432

Livestream on the canal Joh 146

Stress due to order of punishment

Yesterday evening we had a livestream or hangout (you hang out of the window) on Youtube. Stephan had invited us.

The stress of the order of summary punishment from a video is increasing

Insertion on 22 January 2019: The court sentenced me not least because of the plea of the public prosecutor. He said that if he had been there, the camera would have been with him much earlier. The man is a public prosecutor for the use of force and vigilante justice! And the judge confirms this with his verdict! These people destroy the basis of all jurisdiction. The judge is not American and is not called Lynch.

While four witnesses appear against me, it is proved in this video crystal clear that I was rushed over the church place and thus no insult has discharged, but an exclamation of astonishment and fright. In addition it will be negotiated whether one may film and publish Jehovah's Witnesses. Paragraph 23 of the Kunsturherbergesetz expressly permits this. There it says:

Without the consent required under § 22 may be disseminated and displayed: Pictures of meetings, elevators and similar events in which the persons depicted took part; ...

The evidence video is currently not evidence, but only an eye-opening object. You have to let it melt on your tongue! The Watchtower Society is setting up four witnesses against me, although there is a video that clarifies the whole matter crystal clear. One witness is even a police officer. So it wonders how they got the police officer to do it.

At the end of the video you can see me being rushed across the square. Then a Jehovah's Witness puts her arm around the agitator. This is no consolation! She just wanted to stop him from following me further. This sequence is not cut and the video is available his July 2018 unchanged on the Internet.


What is interesting is that the accusation of slander has been dropped. My allegation "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" was not raised to the subject of the trial. Did the court understand that the accusation "Jehovah's Witnesses Bleed to death" could quickly be directed against the Watchtower Society?

What's the next step?

From many directions I experience the disappointed expectation that it should continue as before. Unfortunately, I am personally deeply affected by this upcoming criminal trial. Therefore, the attempts to clear up Jehovah's Witnesses about their errors and misdeeds have become somewhat rarer. The mental processing and coping with this act of the application of power has priority and I am actually not in a position to continue as before. This can be seen as a small victory for the Watchtower Society. But I am curious to see how things will develop overall.

I don't have a plan.


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