Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 298

Watchtower liars embarrass themselves

Good thing takes time!

When I look at the appearances of Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf-Wiesloch station, I can well understand that they avoid public presence there at all costs on Fridays. The predictable result of the confrontation was always the shameful escape from the simple truth. I always hold up only clear and simple slogans that make the facts of the Jehovah's Witness religion understandable to everyone. This is enough to impress the Watchtower staff so much that they refuse to missionize for the Watchtower Society in the places threatened by the truth.

And even in Wiesloch itself, in the pedestrian zone, the self-confidence of the Jehovah's Witnesses, which has been expressed for years, no longer has a chance. For some months now, the trend has been towards "escaping like a caught thief". This tactic of the Jehovah's Witnesses is highly embarrassing. They will most likely take it upon themselves to establish themselves as persecuted. Besides, they achieve the effect that the warning of the humans is shortened to a few seconds.

But the situation comedy of the Jehovah's Witness stung by the tarantula bears an important testimony to the Watchtower religion. The Watchtower Society's lying composition, painstakingly mixed together over decades, shows itself in all its poverty in these moments. The lifeline is only the idea of Jehovah's Witnesses that I am a godless man. This message of my alleged godlessness must have been spread widely and intensely by the Watchtower authorities among their inferiors.

Jehovah's Witnesses act in the pedestrian zone like subversive secret agents of the lowest level. They inspect the situation, put away their advertising material, take it out of their pockets and put it away again, and so on. They act as if they were interested in travel agency shop windows, new wool or jewellery and watches from 2000 euros upwards. The show they perform is not a window-shop stroll, but a tactical speculation on the chance to hold out their lie literature to people.

The long watchtower blonde hid behind a tree. Jehovah's Heidi Smile Witness walked through the pedestrian precinct haphazardly, and her husband, holding rolled up Watchtower advertisements in both hands, happened to bump into her. Then they made passers-by or people interested in shop windows. After half an hour of indecisive looking around, they finally left purposefully. I accompanied them with the signs: "Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the destruction of the people – then they move into the freed houses" and "Jehovah's Witnesses do not decapitate – Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death"

A selection of particularly stubborn Watchtower fanatics read the signs and disappeared into the underground car park.

What is interesting is the fact that the entire Wiesloch audience not only reacts with a lot of understanding, but even gives me the impression that criticism of Jehovah's Witnesses and their lie advertising is very welcome. At this point there is a very objective community among strangers. This common attitude is clearly noticeable and the police have not been involved for a long time in forbidding me to express my opinion.

Jehovah's Witnesses have lost their imagined supremacy in the Wiesloch pedestrian precinct and are now trying to play the chased little deer. But they will not succeed with their well-known tactic to make themselves the persecuted ones. For they run away alone from the facts of their own religion of lies. It should be quite difficult to stylise oneself as a victim in this context. I haven't yet invented a revolver to shoot Watchtower-style lie facts from the hip at Jehovah's Witnesses.

The objective of the Jehovah's Witnesses galloping away like hares remains completely closed to me. I can only assume that the old tactics of the Watchtower strategists to publicly sacrifice their unpaid employees is the currently favored way out, beyond which this religious org has no solution to their problems. The keyboard of the Watchtower leadership is played up and down and does not make any sounds anymore. The aggressive Watchtower advertisers have become the poor, poor Jehovah's Witnesses, who must always run away. A concept that solves the confrontation with one's own religious facts is unknown to these religious makers. – The Watchtower leadership has only the money it has accumulated and the hope that its fraud can continue successfully in a few years' time.

A belief in God that depends on tactics is already highly embarrassing in itself. The mutilation of the Bible and the reversal of its statements has consequences. The Watchtower Society is already beaten, but it must save its face. This saving of her face is only possible within her old following in Wiesloch. In order to strengthen the cohesion within, Jehovah's Witnesses have to accept the embarrassment in public for strategic reasons. And they do it perfectly. The Jehovah's Witnesses' attitude to life in Wiesloch is no longer the superiority of the house, but the tactical cult of the kingdom proclaimer running away. Help! We are prevented from practising our religion!

If Jehovah were to issue the order "Walk only through the pedestrian zone on all fours", then Jehovah's Witnesses would do so. This is the point at which the danger of this religion becomes apparent. And it is here that the Watchtower religion and Islam are a heart and a soul.


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