Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 352

Live forever by watchtower advertising?

When cheated people advertise their deadly fate ...

A Jehovah's Witness turns the corner and talks to someone. What stands out in the end? – His gloating grin after the conversation. Jehovah's Witnesses have decided to believe in a God who manifests himself on earth through the omnipotence of an organization. There are few organizations that do nothing but exercise power over people. But there is only one organization that exercises absolute power over people and claims to be the organization of God.

How can a person follow a human organization (Watchtower Society, Catholic Church) and imagine that this organization can give him eternal life? How much manipulation is necessary to draw a person into a human organization and make him know that he can live eternally? How much manipulation is needed to get the manipulated to manipulate as many uninvolved people as possible?

There are people who stay with a certain make of car for the rest of their lives. Some people strive to have status symbols that they see in others. Most people have only one goal in their lives: not to attract attention. Most people find their lives meaningful if they can enrich themselves with others. We all live with images of the enemy, with prejudices, with hatred and anger. There is no one who can detach himself from these human characteristics. Only Jehovah's Witnesses have found a concept. They simply apply all evil in themselves to religion and call the great mountain of their wickedness "true worship". Their natural wickedness has only been redirected in favor of a god called Jehovah.

Jehovah's Witnesses have not redeemed anyone, but have simply put the package of evil that every person carries with them at the service of a God. Just as the SS and the SA, with all their brutal qualities, became good through the service of the Fuehrer, so man changes when he becomes a Jehovah's Witness. His corrupt interior may remain as it is, but he puts his destructive power at the disposal of the organization that is the organization of Satan Jehovah.

For a Jehovah's Witness it is then no longer important to find the meaning of life or salvation from the disgusting inner being. For Jehovah's organization needs all his power of evil! How nice it is to feel like notoric child molester suddenly with all his abilities used by someone? Isn't it a nice fulfillment to be able to use all his lies, flattery, deceit, falsehood, domination, superiority, slander, spying and all the bad things of his character in a completely new and meaningful way for an organization?

Certainly one of the worst examples mentioned here is child molestation. But the illusion that man can erase his sin through partisanship and iron loyalty to the Watchtower God is from the devil. Jehovah's Witnesses will not live forever unless the devil pulls the carpet from under God's feet and God falls with his head on the edge of the table and breaks his neck!

Today I was a little earlier in Speyer at the Altpoertel and Jehovah's chief witness didn't get the chance to live out his Jehovah-like qualities anymore. The waiting Jehovah's Witness hadn't even unpacked his propaganda material, but had spoken to a passer-by. If you click through the pictures, you can tell what I'm talking about by his grin.

After Mister Grins had discovered me, he went away and told his boss that he didn't have to leave anymore. After some time Mr Grins drove his bike in the other direction past me – home.

In old age, the sermon service becomes more and more urgent!

What must happen in a person who can never be sure of being accepted by the one living God despite his daily sin? How do you feel when you have placed your trust not in Jesus, but in an organization from America? What abysses open up at the breakfast table when the sip of coffee hits your throat crooked and half gets stuck in your windpipe? Then, when the coughing fit signals to the godless person, "You're not going to live long," a Jehovah couple sets out to rebuild the inner peace they had when they suspected the Watchtower Society was administering salvation. Then they go off and make fun of the hourly logs. For in the lobe of hours lies the salvation that this Jehovah God supposedly distributes.

If Hitler's henchmen were still in power today, old SS men would proceed very similarly. They would go out to make sure of themselves and clean a few streets of Jews or blacks. After that you go home with a good feeling.

After the encounters in Wiesloch the reaction of the passers-by in Speyer was not only restful, but a real blessing for me. The two poor old Jehovah's Witnesses didn't really notice what was happening to them right from the start. They had only the usual wavering, trivializing wink left when they were approached by passers-by at my signs.

I notice:

If anyone can save, it is only the one who said: You will die in your sins if you do not believe that I am! Jehovah's Witnesses! Eliminate the Jehovah's organization and its influence from your lives. And if you can't, ask Jesus to do it.


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