Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 304

Speyer: Jehovah's Witnesses extreme

Jehovah's facade gets cracked

There's a man running against the pump. He rubs his forehead and runs against the pump. Then he rubs his forehead again and runs against the pump again. This is the main activity of this man and he does not stop because he is not allowed to see the pump.

Jehovah's Witness at Altpoertel in Speyer keeps standing up to walk quickly when he sees someone on the horizon photographing him. If someone is ashamed to be photographed while advertising an imaginary god, and always runs away immediately like a caught liar, perhaps after the hundredth time he should ask himself whether he shouldn't think about his lies. But this Jehovah's Witness at Altpoertel in Speyer is far from asking himself this question.

This Jehovah's Witness prefers to be caught lying and embarrasses himself publicly with it by quickly leaving! What behaviour! Has there ever been a clearer fanaticism in this world? The man is convicted by his own behaviour and still continues like this! He refuses to learn and draws hate faces when he sees me.

Jehovah's Witnesses redefine fanaticism. For them, fanaticism is steadfastness and no winding of the brain should disturb this Watchtower steadfastness. Still knee-deep in the entrails of the murdered, Jehovah's Witnesses must not admit to themselves that they are murderers. They spiritually kill people by lying and celebrate physical murder by bleeding to death by maltreating patients who rely on blood transfusions with their hospital liaison committees until death occurs for religious reasons.

The free helper of the Watchtower-MURDER-ORG at Altpoertel in Speyer is afraid to be photographed because he knows his lies. He knows that he is lying and is happy to distribute these lies among the people. By spreading the Watchtower lies, he receives recognition from his spiritual elites. He enjoys the we-feeling of the Watchtower liars. And his always the same behavior suggests that this human recognition is his true God.

On Easter Saturday 2017, I did not expect that Jehovah's Witnesses would give themselves the dishonor and publicly appear with their lies. But today in Speyer they offered me an irreplaceable opportunity to warn many people of their lies. Tourist groups took pictures of the scenery and the passers-by in Speyer took intensive note of the accusations against the Watchtower lies. Unbelievably many people captured the confrontational situation photographically. Thus the event of today is still remembered by many and many a conversation will unfold when they show their photos to other people. When can one experience and photograph the confrontation of the Watchtower lies with clear facts in such a true-to-life way in a foreign city? Very rarely.

Jehovah's Witnesses with their fanatical steadfastness formed the basis for this situation and could not see how devastating their appearance exposed the Watchtower lies. The whole time they looked like captains on the high seas into the distance, only that they did not hold binoculars before their eyes. They looked into the distance like world rulers. If they had put a hand away like Napoleon, the picture would have been perfect.

Two old women walked past Jehovah's Witnesses and pointed their thumbs at me over their shoulders and said, "This is the Antichrist!" They received a lot of approval from Jehovah's Witnesses, but then suddenly became very quick when I announced some information aloud: "Jehovah's Witnesses ceremonially reject Jesus and celebrate their big rejection celebration once a year. Satanists are jealous of this ceremony " Of course I explained the connections in detail and for several minutes it became very quiet in this area of the Speyer pedestrian zone. Only a few minutes after my speech, which made these two funny women disappear on the horizon, one could hear one or the other person saying something. Fantastic! The egg of Jehovah's Witnesses was not broken, but crushed.

The same happened later with the two professional Witnesses of Jehovah, who had lined up opposite each other. Meanwhile I had the sign in my hand: "Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood!" A man asked what that meant, and I explained it clearly audible to everyone. Jehovah's Witnesses are proud not to drink human blood. They turn the Mosaic dietary laws into cannibalism laws. There was and is no Jew who was or is a cannibal. But Jehovah's Witnesses miraculously find cannibalism laws in the Bible that allow them to kill people by bleeding them to death. – Jehovah's elite Super-Super Witnesses quickly packed their advertisements together and walked away "quite calmly".

Of course, a Jehovah's Witness can't react like a human being in such a situation, because he has to take embarrassing care that he keeps his Watchtower face in front of his Watchtower buddy. Jehovah's Witnesses are not brothers, but deeply suspicious of each other. Jehovah's Witnesses are permanently under the spying of their "fellow believers" and therefore have to literally eliminate their humanity. While the effect of my clear words made the Jehovah's Witnesses spiritually drop their interior into the street, their remaining parts of the façade clattered away. But they did so as casually and relaxed as possible. That their lies had been exposed so harshly was better not to be recognized by anyone.

It is always a pleasure to expose a religion of lies like that of the Watchtower Society in such a relaxed and effortless way. Most passers-by understand immediately and only a few need further explanations. It is nice that many who need more information also ask openly. And while I explain the shocking details of the Jehovah religion to the people, Jehovah's Witnesses look heroically into the distance like captains who have just lost their ship and have to hold on to a piece of wood.

And they scratch the facade of the high-grade elite religion together again and again when they stage their departure. They are still firm on the outside, because they have the hold of those brutally spyed on by their own people. The lowest of all systems is the structure that holds the Watchtower Society together. It is the snitch rule of the liar.


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