Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 312

Speyer: Watchtower spell broken

Altpoertel breathes again

The Watchtower Society calls Jehovah's free workers the grasshoppers from the abyss who can inflict pain on a third of humanity. A fat grasshopper of this kind always stands at the Altpoertel in Speyer and makes good buddies. And people fall for this grasshopper out of politeness.

At the Altpoertel in Speyer an awareness of the permanent presence of these Watchtower Abyss locusts has developed over the years. This is noticeable at first diffusely and inconcretely, but then clearly and unambiguously. Like an unexplained burden something sat over this quarter and the people there. As soon as Jehovah's Witnesses are forced to release the field, the sun somehow rises and the people become friendly and open.

So several people came and asked questions or certified that I had thoroughly driven out the cornerstayers of Jehovah. Conversations about religion and faith became possible. The hostile distance, which is always triggered by the Jehovah's fans, has been lost here in the sand and the human community at Altpoertel seems alive and healthy again.

After the Jehovah's Witnesses had assaulted me yesterday, I did not drive to Speyer today without fear. It was with relief that I noticed that the super buddy locust from Jehovah's abyss was not standing in its usual place. What a relaxation! What a salvation!

I rode my folding bike through the pedestrian zone and rejoiced inwardly. At the Altpoertel there was no Jehovah's locust, at the other end there was a flea market. But suddenly I saw the man, who is the middle column of the Altpoertel load, at the unicorn pharmacy turning to the market. Ouch!

I had a quick look at the flea market and then cycled back towards Altpoertel. At the sight of Jehovah's fat human-pain-added grasshopper I stopped and documented their behaviour. These animals from the abyss, as Jehovah's Witnesses themselves are called and described by the Watchtower Society, speak to defenseless, polite people and impose their heresies on them. A few more photos of the grasshopper, then departure to Altpoertel to be there before the grasshopper.

I sat down like the days before on the bench at the bus stop at Altpoertel and the Jehovah's Witness puffed past. Lucky for me! No screaming, no insult, no attack. And immediately life made itself many times easier. The mother of all locusts from the Jehovah Abyss must have received instructions from above yesterday. She just passed me by. And as it is, when the smoking clouds are distorted, the joy of life became a noticeable size. Not only with me, as I mean.

If one once wants to experience the term "peace, joy, pancakes" in the best sense – today in Speyer at the Altpoertel one could experience this vividly. The nosehulls no longer wrinkled, people smiled at me, some said that they liked what I was doing. The explosiveness and range of the action at Altpoertel was reflected in the behaviour of the people. The Altpoertel breathed again.

Of course the Jehovah's Witnesses will want to massively rebuild their stronghold of locust presence. They will try to restore their dominance during the week when I have to work. But exactly this will be to their disadvantage. Because the penetrating Jehovah-Abyss locust smell at the Altpoertel will make sure that every minute resistance with facts from the Jehovah religion has not only its justification, but will be ever more effective. The odor mark that will refresh Jehovah's Witnesses there again and again will ensure that people will become more and more aware of what is going on and understand the deadly, corrupt orientation of the Watchtower doctrine.

This makes this corner of Speyer, which until recently was under the undisturbed rule of the Watchtower lords, interesting. As people's perceptions grow, perhaps other deadly themes of the Watchtower religion will later become the subject of discussion: Child abuse under the sovereignty and protection of the Watchtower Society, brainwashing and unification, spiritual human destruction through the artificial disgust of the Jehovahists for the eternal Father Jesus Christ (Isaiah 9:5). – The Altpoertel and the breaking up of Jehovah's Witness rule there are like a newly discovered gold mine. There is much to do and the gold vein is thicker than expected.

One man asked me that the Watchtower Society had recently begun to allow blood transfusions in life-threatening cases. If that were the case, a lot would have happened. But I can't believe it. Does the Watchtower Society want to pull the legally dangerous tooth out of its systematic murder? Be that as it may, I rely on readers of these pages to tell me what the current status is when they become aware of it. Does the Watchtower doctrine allow blood transfusions in life-threatening cases? Is this turning point anchored in the Watchtower Doctrine? – If you find out anything, please write to me.

Whatever! All Jehovah's Witnesses killed by the systematically organized and purposefully deployed hospital liaison committees will continue to justify the shield "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". A relaxation of the Watchtower noose in the blood issue does not free the Watchtower Society from the thousands of murders it has systematically committed.

And yes! the partly violent reaction of the Jehovah's Witnesses was so impressive that today I caught myself searching the roofs of Speyer for snipers. Funny! It could happen. Like everyone else, I realize that this is a completely exaggerated reaction. But the impulse is the root and those who suppress the impulse cannot get to the bottom of it. There were no snipers and I understood how profound the Watchtower doctrine also affects outsiders. The above-described feelings of liberation, which were evident in the behaviour of passers-by, do not come from the fact that the city of Speyer has recently mixed a drug into its drinking water that creates good feelings.


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