Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 299

Jehovah's Witnesses stand firm

Beginning of a new assumption of power

The idyll in Wiesloch, dominated by the beginning of spring, took no notice of the fight of the Watchtower propagators against the loss of their supremacy. Only the people who were on their way in the Wiesloch pedestrian zone recognized the newly emerging Watchtower Jehovah fraud. My signs (Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the annihilation of the people – then they move into the free houses) met with generally increased interest. Even from a passing bus passengers waved to me.

Jehovah's Witnesses stood firmThe two coldest Jehovah's Witnesses I've ever seen signaled to me with their looks: "I will kill you!" and "You are the last filth!" I tasted the time of confrontation and enjoyed every interested look of the reading passers-by. The ice-cold Jehovah's Witnesses before the mail drew their faces: "We are the best! You will all be annihilated!" And after half an hour they nicely packed their evidence valid among Jehovah's Witnesses into the designated pockets and became quite normal passers-by. Oh how beautiful is the transition from a normal man to a Jehovah's Witness and back. The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is repeated many times a day in the lives of Jehovah's Witnesses. Mr. Hyde shows the Watchtower. Dr. Jekyll is the friendly customer of the bakery where he always drinks his coffee.

For Jehovah's Witnesses, only perseverance is decisive in their lives. Truth and fact are nothing compared to the ability to keep up lies and deceit to the end. Jehovah's Witnesses can be compared to a murderer who has long been convicted in court and who continues to stand firm claiming to be innocent. There is no argument that can shake a good Jehovah's Witness. The perfect denial of facts is the great achievement of the Watchtower slaves. Jehovah's Witnesses call this ability steadfastness. Stand firm, loyalty to the Watchtower popes, pure isolation from all facts – all this distinguishes the victims of Freemasonry.

Once you've crawled on the glue of Freemasonry, you can't do anything with your brain. The Masonic manipulated is only clay in evil hands.

Now that more and more Jehovah's Witnesses are celebrating the immediate dissolution into thin air when they see me, the most ignorant of them, as we all know, stopped for a good half an hour today, kindly giving me the chance to warn more people again. Because I only hold up my signs when Jehovah's Witnesses spread their lies near me. This steadfast Jehovah's Witness couple has always been the most blatant caliber among the Wiesloch religious swindlers. He always screamed when I took pictures and she had wrinkles in her face, which can only be explained by a heap of sniffles.

What fascination does the two of them have? It is this stubborn rigidity of Angela Merkel (we manage this – singing more hymns against the fear of Islam) perfectly seasoned with a big bag of primitive ignorance, as you can buy it in the Watchtower Temple for 100 hours of sermon service. If hatred and contempt can jump out of your face unchecked, then it can only be highly developed Jehovah's Witnesses. However, this stage of Watchtower piety is already the golden club. There are also many friendly grinning Jehovah's Witnesses who are pious and do not yet give free rein to their hatred and contempt.

When it comes to leading people to the lowest limits of behavior, the Watchtower Society is truly the great world champion. In this respect, it really exercises power.

The Natural Level of the Kingdom Promoter

Quote from the book "False witnesses stand against me", by W. J. Schnell, pages 100 – 102

Since the Jonadabe were not "begotten of the Spirit" and thus also excluded from spiritual growth and from maturing into a Christian personality, they naturally could not – confessing with their mouths, as Paul says in Romans 10 – talk about personal experiences either. For the rest they had been thoroughly brainwashed by the use of stereotypical textbooks published by the Watchtower Society. Every concept of personal study and personal thinking as a Christian that these people might have once had had been replaced by completely new concepts of value, new rules of thought, and new motives for action.

Certificate card

As a result, the certificate card was introduced. The spiritual activity of the kingdom preacher had become so stunted that it had become almost impossible for him to present his concern in his own words. Therefore the certificate card was introduced, which was issued by the Central Office. He was able to show the card to the owner of the flat to explain the respective book offer, similar to a deaf-mute who wants to sell his goods.

The card was supposedly developed to make it easier for the herald to sell books. In reality, it served a much darker purpose. Society realized that the new class of kingdom preachers and Jonadabe hardly knew the Bible. The leaders of the Society thought that the card could conceal this ignorance and at the same time increase book sales. By the way, the testimony card kept in check those older people who were quite capable of "handling the sword of the spirit" which is God's Word. In such cases, the testimony card fulfilled the function of a straitjacket, to finally "extinguish the spirit" those who still participated here.

The report card was a poisonous thing with a profound effect. During the Second World War I accompanied conscientious objectors to the Examination Commissions, where it was verified whether they rightly claimed to be clergymen. To my dismay, I found that most of the Jonadabe were unable to answer even the simplest biblical questions. It was shameful how little Jehovah's Witnesses of the "Jonadab Class" knew about the Scriptures and how much their knowledge was limited to things dealt with in the Watchtower magazines or in the books published by the Society.

Once a member of the Examination Commission said: "So you want to make me believe that you are a clergyman, and you can't even tell me where to find this scripture?" The Jonadab in question answered from above: "We don't preach in that way. We use a testimony card." This sentence vividly showed the spiritual low of a great community that had once boasted of its ingenuity and knowledge in biblical matters. Instead of being "impregnated with the Word of Truth" (Jam 1:18), the Jonadabe were impregnated with the theocratic spirit of a mass organization.

It was the mass sowing of an organization that had made goods out of these people through false words. Since their point of view was entirely derived from the views and conclusions of the organization, any other opinion they might have had about the Bible, themselves or other people was washed away from their brains. Their own thoughts were replaced by a narrow sphere of thought – the Watchtower calls it so beautiful: a "channel". So people were filled by the "Organizing Opinion".

The kingdom preacher had become a herd man, he no longer acted intellectually. If he moved at all, it was only within very narrow channels. Whoever did not follow them was a loner, a calf without the owner's brand. He would not stay long in the herd – that is, within the organization. He would either be drawn or chased away.

The Jonadabe had only one thing to do outside and like vending machines to say: "I represent the Watchtower Society". They had to show their certificate card. Then they presented their writings, sold them – or not. After they had done this for a while, they went home and sat down to draw up the time report and the sales report on the forms supplied by the group servant. That was the whole area of their religious responsibility, and that was the "reasonable worship" Paul recommends for a Christian in Romans 15. Religion had become for these people a matter of sayings and forms.

Jehovas witnesses had now – thanks to the clever planning of the class of "faithful and wise servants" in Brooklyn – become robots. So it came to the sad state of affairs that we can see today among Jehovah's Witnesses. As a result of the constant suppression of spirit and heart, they are mentally and emotionally ill. They suffer from paranoia and fear of Armageddon. They are always angry and incapable of correctly assessing any human child in this vast, vast world. From the Brooklyn Watchtower everything is transmitted to them "in channels". An entire truckload of books they might sell does not contain a spark of their own personality either. They are prisoners in a modern snake pit.


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