Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 51

No sermon service due to election campaign

The Watchtower Program is just political!

Who actually notices when Jehovah's Witnesses are not standing on the street doing their sermon service? No one but the Watchtower Society, which keeps its internal statistics. Just as it doesn't hurt anyone if the FDP doesn't advertise for itself, it doesn't hurt anyone if Jehovah's Witnesses are not present on the street and at the front door. This parallel between the political parties FDP (legal and registered) and Watchtower Society (disguised as religion) is only a small indication that the so-called religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses is actually just a political association. The extra-parliamentary association of all those who would like to be subjects in the kingdom that the Watchtower Society's governing body will (allegedly) erect under the leadership of a Jehovah God and has already spiritually erected has only political goals, pragmatically speaking. And these goals are worth seeing. Just as Hitler wanted to destroy the subhumans, the Watchtower Society promises the destruction of all evil men.

In the bloodless annihilation of allegedly evil people, the Watchtower Society practices itself very successfully every day by declaring apostates dead and literally destroying their lifelines. Social references are simply destroyed by a basic program and psychological torture is applied as in the strictest communism. Even God has to follow the guidelines of the Watchtower leaders. They ignore him at a goose step and claim that it is not man who has to justify himself before God, but God before man. They claim that the universal statement of the Bible is that God's rule over humanity still has to prove its legitimacy. They work hard on this proof, but forget that God is no longer God and cannot be God at all, if he has to justify himself to anyone at all. They turn the God of the Bible into an ungod named Jehovah and claim that this God must prove his claim to dominion before men.

The real goal of Jehovah's "religion" is the clear political goal of taking over world domination. Adolf Hitler also had this in mind, and the Watchtower Society wrote a letter to him saying, "We're basically pursuing the same goal, Herr Hitler! Hitler ignored the Watchtower Society, and it responded by sending its followers to concentration camp as martyrs. Even today, Jehovah's Witnesses insist that they were badly persecuted in the Third Reich, but that the Watchtower leaders themselves decided to send the "brothers" to their deaths out of anger at Hitler's ignorance, they do not mention that.

Nobody finds in the Watchtower scriptures the vocabulary "spiritual" when it comes to the Watchtower Society. This, and the promise of earthly paradise, points to the real quality of the Jehovah religion: it is thoroughly political and disguised only as religion. Freemasonry has never produced anything but political upheaval, and it worships exactly the same Jehovah as the Watchtower people. The great vision of the One-World Government is the core of Freemasonry, it can be seen in the unification of the realms of Europe into one great ruling committee, and this is reflected one-to-one in the Watchtower doctrine.

When it's election time, Jehovah's Witnesses stay home. They get free from the leadership elite and rejoice in it. But the real reason is the Watchtower leadership's fear that people might recognize or at least sense the parallels between Jehovah's Witnesses and the other (legal) political parties. Likewise, the Watchtower leaders want to avoid the Jehovah's Witnesses recognizing themselves: "Hello? I'm as stupid politically as the FDP and all the others!" The Watchtower leaders can't take that risk and command their subjects back home.

The political watchtower system is already well thought out and takes such subtleties into account. Not for nothing do they boast of a perfect organization. In this they are absolutely comparable with totalitarian political systems such as inhuman communism.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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