Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 29

Bruchsal / Speyer (April, 13 2013)

All routine?

In the morning I made a sign with the saying: "Whoever prays to Mary, does idolatry." I also laminated two older leaves, one of which bears the saying: "The name Jehovah came about 1200 A.D.! Jesus didn't know this name at all!" More and more often the thought comes to my mind to signal to Jehovah's Witnesses that they are not the masters of false doctrine. Here, in the magical Catholic area around Heidelberg, Speyer and the surrounding area, the loyalty to death of the Marian worshippers is rampant and manifests itself in small and large sculptures and figures from which people hope for help and salvation.

Dead trousers in Speyer

In Speyer the place of Jehovah's Witnesses was empty. A yawning gap in the pedestrian zone.

Self-destruction in Bruchsal

In Bruchsal I met three young attractive witnesses. Of the three, the second male Jehovah's Witness came with his car to the pedestrian zone to drive the book table with it. Upon his arrival, he hugged his wife, girlfriend, lover, for minutes and whispered something into her ear. I got the impression that Jehovah's Witnesses also contain couples so that they can comfort each other, because in the Watchtower doctrine there is no consolation, only a claim to performance.

A passerby told his companion about me that I stood here every Saturday. That's not quite true. Sometimes I am also in Speyer. Over the winter I was not present at all. But the regularity is already important! Because it is not least about the fact that the passers-by learn to think about the problem of the false doctrine, to take the topic seriously. Who knows how people react when I refer to Our Lady's idolatry? However, I do not yet know when and how this will happen.

I said goodbye to Jehovah's Witness with the perfect shoes: "Except you, only Satanists can celebrate the Lord's Supper as you can! They let bread and wine pass by." He said a stressed "Okay!" which of course meant more the famous "yes, yes".

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses! You are trapped in a social prison. If you all turn on your brains together and clear the way for sincerity, you can break the power of your prison warden. The earthly organization of this Jehovah God cannot save. It is not the way.


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