Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 6

Heidelberg, July 06, 2012

An important experience: do not give the appearance of "persecution"

06.07.2012 Heidelberg – There was no Jehovah's Witness at the Kaufhof in Heidelberg. So I drove to the main station and met an old Jehovah's Witness there, who was clearly seen to have spent all her money on the Watchtower literature. She made a rather torn impression, which per se aroused pity. But she had a two-wheeled handcart with her that was filled with Watchtower literature like a vendor's tray. I stood up in front of her and held up the said cardboard sign. She threatened me with the police, then walked away after a few seconds a few steps, so that I had to turn with the sign after her. Through my loud words, which I replied to her objections (I asked her the question: How come you are not allowed to have contact with Jesus?), a police officer in the police station at the main station noticed, opened the window and shouted to me: "Leave the woman alone!" I held my hand to the ear and called back: "What? I don't understand you!" He again: "Leave the woman alone!" I reply: "I do the same as the lady!" He closed the window, opened it again a few seconds later and shouted to me: "You may stand there, but don't chase the woman!" The scene was over.

The question remains: When does the offence of persecution occur? Do I already follow her when I turn around and talk to her within a fixed radius of at least three metres of Jehovah's Witness? Apparently so. The pressure that this Jehovah's Witness was under did not come from me, but from the clear statement: Jehovah "God" is Satan. He forbids contact with Jesus. She immediately understood that she could not keep her place at the station, and I hope and believe that she also immediately understood that she must thoroughly examine her religion again. The clarity of Jehovah's "God" separation from Jesus penetrates so deeply into the hearts of Jehovah's Witnesses confronted with it that even holding up the cardboard sign for passers-by looks like persecution. They all feel immediately that the Watchtower façade has collapsed. This high pressure is a great advantage, but it becomes a disadvantage as soon as the process gives the public the impression of persecution. Nowadays a ban on pronouncing the name Jesus on the street is desirable for many.

The lesson I have learned today from the event is: I must not be more active than the respective Jehovah's Witness. I must put on the same uninvolved mask, I must avoid direct confrontation, I must not actively distinguish myself in conversation, I must be extremely careful to avoid the impression of persecution. Otherwise, I sit at a desk with a police officer in no time at all and dictate my personal details to him.

Is persecution really about entering into a confrontational situation? Surely I would have gone after the woman. That would have been too much. So I am only allowed to take my position in silence just like the Jehovah's Witnesses. Nothing more!


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