Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 107

Jehovah's Witnesses own Wiesloch

Jehovah's Witnesses take possession of the ministry, which they will take over in the near future.

Yesterday I met two Jehovah's Witnesses in my immediate neighborhood. They hang around here very often, I heard. They are set on a Romanian neighbor family. Does the Watchtower Society need someone to observe me directly from up close, or to embarrass or frighten me in any way? The New World of Jehovah's Witnesses will not be free, but will be under the absolute control of the Watchtower Society. They call it "governing with iron rod". I can quite well imagine what will happen to the useless human remains when the theocracy of the Watchtower Society is established.

Characteristic of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch is the short period of time they remain in my presence in the ministry of preaching. They take their position arrogantly and with a smug smile, then observe the many conversations I have with passers-by, and they become increasingly uncomfortable. They realize that they are only newspaper racks, and always make the self-rescuing departure earlier and earlier. Then they go back and forth a little in the pedestrian zone and long for the good feeling they had before. Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch are very much inspired by this feeling of owning Wiesloch. They have already made plans as to who will settle in which house when all the world's people are finally dead.

Surely you will have to wait a few weeks until all the blood has drained away and until Jehovah has removed the corpses of the world's people with ultra-modern means such as antimatter. But then Wiesloch will be open to Jehovah's Witnesses and they will rule. Then they will spy on each other so that they don't cheat. In the eternal paradise on earth they will have hundreds of children per couple and the men will be able to enjoy all the girls with transparent blouses. The old Jehovah's Witnesses will then be young and crunchy again, but their men prefer to look at the Jehovah's paradise girls.

Converted to hatred in five minutes

Converted to hate in five minutes, that's what happened to a man in Wiesloch today. While above I draw the conclusions from the abstruse Watchtower doctrine and give the impression that I only hate, I would like to give an example of how Jehovah's Witnesses can make uninvolved people hate in minutes. A man with a gold cross on a gold chain sat on the bench, and the Jehovah's Witnesses, whom I had disturbed in their service to Jehovah, sat with him and talked to him. I positioned myself with my signs 5 meters away to give the man an opportunity to see the true intention of the Jehovah's Witnesses. An old man passed behind the bench and bent over for a purse lying on the floor behind the bench. I went to the man the Jehovah's Witnesses had in need and asked if he still had his wallet. His answer was a deeply hostile and hateful: "Oh, leave me alone! Jehovah's Witnesses had managed in a few minutes that this man could no longer meet me neutrally.

I met this man several times in the pedestrian zone and always had soft knees, because the hatred of this man was so convincing that I expected no less than a suddenly flying fist. The ability of Jehovah's Witnesses to infiltrate and alienate people at this rate is worth mentioning publicly. For the rumor of the much-vaunted harmlessness of Jehovah's Witnesses loses weight and validity. Evil seems to be quickly attained by Jehovah's Witnesses through words. Fortunately, this man still had some self-control left over. I could still feel his hatred in my later encounters.

City owner – Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses line up in their places with broad shoulders and broad grins, and when they see how extreme the effect of my warnings is, they lose the courage they no longer needed because everything has become routine with them. Suddenly they realize that they might not be the future owners of the city of Wiesloch and they pack their seduction literature and go. To calm themselves down and to avoid the appearance that they are on the run from their own lies, they walk up and down the pedestrian precinct a few more times. Maybe then they are looking for the good old feelings that arose when they thought about which house they would renovate for themselves, when Armageddon would finally be over and all the people of the world would finally be destroyed. But they have no reason to think about their heresy, because they guard each other.

The body language of Jehovah's Witnesses is fundamentally broad-shouldered, superior and imperious. They appear to me like a landlord entering his property. When they later realize that they cannot do anything about the simple facts of their own religion, they only want to maintain the façade as best they can. The exceptional situation that the Jehovah's Witness couple provided by inciting the man against me went far beyond the usual extent of their reaction to me. Normally, Jehovah's Witnesses hate only personally. Today, they have transferred their hatred to an uninvolved person. But why do Jehovah's Witnesses hate me? I only mention clear facts from their religion on my signs and add the motto: Whoever idolizes an organization is a fascist.

Only pedestrians with tunnel vision are insulting

A man came up to me and insulted me as a greeting. I asked him if he wanted to know my first name so that he could insult me even better. He yelled at me that I would "trivialize the" but only with my saying "Who idolizes an organization is a fascist". I called after him: "Not a single argument, but insult! This is a good technique!" He came back and repeated his accusation and I held against it by pointing the shield at the Jehovah's Witnesses and saying: "If anyone trivializes something, they are!" Only later did it become clear to me that for this man only Nazis can be fascists. But that there could also be left-wing fascists, religious fascists, sexist fascists and so on, did not seem to be clear to him at all. It was already too late to explain this to him.

The fact that the Nazis certainly belong to the worst fascists remains. But fascists are not only Nazis. If you take a close look at Jehovah's Witnesses, you will also have to recognize them as fascists. They worship an organization like the Nazis. They spy on each other like the communists. They beat each other up like the capitalists. They cheat like the capitalist financial system. They kill themselves by letting their leader God bleed to death and form hospital committees to ensure that the bleeding is also successfully carried out on the willing Jehovah's Witnesses who need a blood transfusion. They destroy families for their ideology. They hide child abuse within their own ranks or prevent child abuse education by demanding two eyewitnesses for child abuse evidence. They have a God who will wipe out all unworthy lives. Like Nazis, they are not reachable for arguments.

It is very comforting that people are becoming more and more open to me, the warner against false doctrine. The conversations and encounters in the pedestrian zone, while I hold up my signs, show Jehovah's Witnesses very clearly that there is more going on than just a counter-show. My appearance is genuine and heartfelt. Jehovah's Witnesses are just organized newspaper advertisers. They feel this difference and there is a little hope that in a bright moment they will come to the conclusion that they may be abused by only one organization after all.

A Christian woman told me that the day before she had told Jehovah's Witnesses that they were the stone throwers. They throw their stones at Jesus. Jehovah's Witnesses do not challenge that. They don't know Jesus and they don't love Jesus, they just have their Watchtower Jesus, which is an example given by the organization. The super newspaper advertiser.

The wonderful weather, an egg roll and the events of the day made the Jehovah's Witness Clearing up attempt 107 a very beautiful and interesting experience. The awareness, not through brainwashing, but through continuous self-criticism and surprising insights in believing in Jesus, of having come to the attitude of opposing Jehovah's Witnesses with their own methods and facts, excludes stubbornness, but miraculously keeps one "playing against the ball". The Watchtower doctrine makes fanatics. Jesus saves people.


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