Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 364

Darmstadt: Jehovah's Witnesses casserole

Thou shalt not drink the blood of thy neighbour.

In Darmstadt there is a rather autocratic Jehovah's Witness of the very old school. Among other things, he shines with an old shopping trolley, which he converted into a watchtower trolley using old kitchen furniture and his own work. I already met this master of the trolley from Darmstadt on 29 October 2016, also in Darmstadt. In the meantime it became night many times and day again. And exactly like on 29 October 2016, this Jehovah's autocrat of Darmstadt stood at Luisenplatz behind his kitchen furniture watchtower transport machine. When he saw me, his face darkened. He began to telephone.

In the meantime, the Jehovah's Witnesses in Darmstadt must have developed a battle plan. The first person to see the guy with the signs calls a certain number and from there a telephone chain is triggered. The purpose of the event is: All available slaves of the Watchtower set themselves in motion to flood the pedestrian zone of Darmstadt. That's exactly what happened today. It was dreadfully beautiful how unkempt, unwashed Jehovah's Witnesses appeared. As if taken away from the breakfast table, as if arrested in the middle of the night, these people appeared in public. A little tip: If you are on standby, you should always have your uniform handy.

First came a very shy Jehovah's Witness, who adored the old chief elder to the best of her ability. She was sincerely engaged in supporting the old master of mobile kitchen furniture to the best of her ability. She avoided looking at my signs with iron eyes. They did not exist for her. Nobody can reveal more clearly that he is present on order. The two had an incredibly important conversation and they were not disturbed by anything or anyone. The kitchen furniture watchtower car stood there and said nothing.

The next small sensation consisted of eight young Jehovah's Witnesses, about 10 to 15 years old and snotty. With all the clear message that echoed in one of them saying, "You could become a good teacher of religion," all these Jehovah's kids responded the same way. This reaction was beautifully portrayed by another girl. She said snappishly and typically adolescent: "That's not true!" I imitated her and enjoyed it and the situation was solved. It was very funny.

The ringleader wanted to give me in all seriousness a treatise and advised me to go only once on "our website" and ... he really connected it with the conviction that I would then be healed!

My arguments, which these snotty Jehovah children won't forget:

  1. Jehovah must be Satan. He forbids contact with Jesus.
  2. If anyone saves, it's not a religion! Only God can save and of all people he is Jesus, whom Jehovah's Witnesses only allow as a side God.
  3. The Bible tells us to have only one God. But the JW Bible comes in John 1:1 with a second God.
  4. The Watchtower Society has transferred blood rules as the only religion in the world to human blood in order to be able to kill people. For they do not have a single cannibal to regulate.

When these snotty little herds then went to the ruling kitchen furniture watchtower driver, they received a great deal of praise. But the strict look of the old man remained. But the children didn't notice it. Shortly afterwards I had a conversation with passers-by and the Kitchen Watchtower furniture wagon driver used the opportunity with his assistant to deliberately get out of the dust. Three Jehovah's Witnesses stood opposite each other as replacements. The whole thing somehow reminded me of the announcement: Let him take a picture ... you will come out big.

The three ladies, as has been customary with Jehovah's Witnesses with Watchtower Trolleys for quite some time, kept changing stands and I followed them. The warning action had been very effective before, and the relocation of these three Jehovah ladies gave it even more substance. They climbed Darmstadts pedestrian ramp (see photos) and got visits from colleagues. They were very happy that they didn't have to stop and went away. But I followed them. They withdrew to a department store, not without first switching their Watchtower transporter to inactive.

What all Jehovah's Witnesses had in common was that they decisively ignored my signs: Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death ... What is a serial murder religion? ... Serial murder by bleeding to death ... Internet search: Jehova serial murder. They may have read the slogans, but they remained calm and death-defying. Very surprising. Only at the very end of the beautiful morning in Darmstadt should I get a hint of an explanation for this behavior. It must be a kind of unneeded stupidity, a kind of mental laziness. One is so full of strange watchtower teachings. There is no energy left for one's own thoughts!

The solution to the riddle were the three Jehovah's Witnesses at the very top of Darmstadt's pedestrian hill. They looked at my signs like three little raccoons looking into the cone of light of a torch. But when I asked them if they knew the commandment "Thou shalt not drink thy neighbour's blood", their eyes brightened. And when I said that there is no cannibalism at all in the Bible, their faces fell down and crashed with the outermost incisor on the marble floor (formulation Helge Schneider). That was the info that the unalloyed of the Watchtower religion lacked. But perhaps the others will come to this conclusion later. Above all, I wish the impudent Jehovah youth to see how the Watchtower Society lies to them.

There is a video by Brother Matthias on Youtube in which he reports on how the children of Jehovah's Witnesses are organized. He tells of a terrible inherent malice that manifests itself when the parents' control is removed. That's how I experienced Jehovah's snot-faced thugs today. The snobbish superiority of Jehovah's Witnesses manifests itself in these children's souls at a very early age and today I was able to experience this baggage up close. When it comes to bullying, nobody can hold a candle to these young people. When it comes to unjustified allegations, nobody can stink at this mentally dried-out human material. It was even so that I had to evade several times and increase the distance, because these young people of the watchtower house wanted to drive with all obtrusiveness any victory against me.

I dare claim that these Jehovah kiddies are super protected from any knowledge by their bondage. With every fiber of their childhood, they are out to gain recognition from their parents and their important friends. Only a school trip or a visit to the cinema can endanger such children. At least in the dreams of the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's semi-strong baggage, which I experienced today in Darmstadt, exceeded all my negative fears. But I am not afraid for them. The Watchtower doctrine will not be able to keep her in her mental prison forever.

It is astonishing again and again that the apparently better-off either completely ignore the topic of Jehovah's serial murder or avoid the open conversation, i.e. the honest reaction embarrassingly. It seems to belong to the good tone in Germany to not express yourself clearly about anything. On this point, Germany has been totally taken over by Freemasonry. You don't talk about anything if you're not in the Masonic Club. This bone-hard isolation of the German man is quite worth mentioning. Loriot and the noodle in his face is the story that describes the Germans very well under the influence of Freimauerei. And the Jehovah's Witnesses like to use this human gutting. Every good German who passes Jehovah's Witnesses without a word is a good German, is a good German, is a good German, is a good German, is a good German.

One person recognized me after more than a year and greeted me with the words: "Well? Long time no see. Forget the rich and the beautiful! Life does not take place on their levels. Life takes place somewhere else and I believe that everyone who gets to know Jesus has a part in it. The rich and the beautiful and the Jehovah's Witnesses are all just a facade with nothing behind it.

Give me a monthly income and I will call Jehovah's Witnesses to repentance and warn passers-by every day in German cities and churches. No, this is not a serious call to the non-Masonic people. When I imagine the matter, I only think of someone who draws me into financial dependence and then ... yes ... makes my work meaningless if possible. We know this from the Protestant Church and others. Masonic organizations do so much good. And those who depend on them must deny Jesus. Step on the gas, pastor. The Porsche wants to be moved.


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