Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 445

When the signs are viewed, Jehovah's Witnesses disappear

The Watchtower order to disappear seems confirmed

It actually seems to be the case that the great Watchtower announcement is: "The good Jehovah's Witness immediately disappears when he looks at upheld signs." And with this instruction not one of the true worshipers (often with hat*) asks himself why this decision has been in effect for some time. The thought that with these signs the heresies of the Watchtower Society are denounced does not come to these people. What have they been told?

* According to the Bible, the man is forbidden to wear a headdress during worship. According to the will of the WTS, Watchtower advertising is "true worship".

If upheld signs with some aphorisms suddenly drive the Watchtower teachings from the picture surface, one would have to draw conclusions about the truth content of the Watchtower teachings. If the Watchtower Society speaks the truth, how can the instruction to disappear immediately be given? How faithful must Jehovah's Witnesses be to the fact that they clear the field at the sight of a little criticism without realizing that their truth loses against a few facts? Anyone who is reasonably in comfort should realize that something can't be right. If someone boasts of having the best offer in the world and immediately leaves the market when the competition appears on the horizon, his business model must be in doubt. And this competition consists of a few people who care about Jehovah's Witnesses. How is it that the immediate departure of the Watchtower advertisers is ordered?

The only possible explanation lies in the word "mitigation"

After the Watchtower Society had waited for a long time with disparaging nasal swamps for the criticism of the Watchtower lies with high signs to run by themselves through the sand, it was decided at some point that this condition was no longer tenable. The loss of people who used to be so beautifully lied to must have taken on alarming forms. A Jehovah's Witness in Walldorf confessed by mistake: "We're getting less and less!" For about a year now you can observe in the Heidelberg-Heilbronn-Speyer-Bruchsal area that Jehovah's Witnesses disappear as if by magic when they see signs held high on the horizon. Only the glorious bookstands are not abruptly dismantled. Jehovah's Witnesses have to grudgingly survive time and watch people enlighten themselves. But these book tables are also becoming fewer and fewer.

The goal of this trend is to avoid these high maintained signs. The education of the people must be stopped or at least largely reduced. The chassis of the Watchtower Society has rusted and attempts are being made to paint over this corrosion. This means that the Watchtower Society has reduced the number of its advertisers to a minimum. On the one hand, this is as relaxing as the omitted muezzin call, but on the other hand it actually pulls the Watchtower liars out of the light of criticism and back into the semi-darkness of the abstruse sect.

How is the retreat of the Watchtower advertising to be evaluated?

At the time of the intensified confrontation, i.e. at the time of the Watchtower Society's laboriously maintained major effort, when Jehovah's Witnesses were deployed in large numbers and were driven into the region by buses, the Enlightenment had an unnoticed effect on the uninvolved public and was only later reflected in the Watchtower Organization's statistics. When, after a long time, the Watchtower Society noticed the downward trend, the bite into the sour apple had to be considered, crying quietly. And indeed, for some time now, reconnaissance avoidance has had the highest Jehovah priority. The Watchtower God has decided to seriously reduce his existence in the presence of highly held shields.

With this selfless reaction of the Watchtower God the question arises how the enlightenment of the people should be continued. Will the Watchtower lies be solved? Will Watchtower advertising recover? Will the JW.ORG be able to spread its lies unhindered among the people again sometime? I would love to get to know the mood within the affected circle. What hope do these people have, and what causes them to hold their own in spite of clear losses of untruth?

Is it necessary to regrow the weed population in order to make weed control more successful again? I have no strategy. The Watchtower actors always lie their own way, which is sad enough. How all this develops, I leave open in all composure. I can only trust in Jesus. Let's wait and see how the Watchtower Society will continue to take action against Jesus.


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