Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 169

Jehovah's Witnesses confronted with new tactics

Perfect reconnaissance – fresh air in Wiesloch

After yesterday's good experiences it was clear to me that I wouldn't necessarily only hold up the signs if Jehovah's Witnesses were there as well. This means that I wanted to position myself in any case, even if there were no Jehovah's Witnesses. This new tactic makes sense. First, it demonstrates that you don't need a new religion to behave like Jehovah's Witnesses. And second, the atmosphere is much more relaxed without them. This clichéd Jehovah's Witness image in the pedestrian zone doesn't have to be. And people understand the facts that way.

Likewise, in Bruchsal and Speyer, I will no longer prioritize my sign holding depending on whether Jehovah's Witnesses are there or not. For the enlightenment about the Watchtower heresies and their deadly consequences must be.

Right at the beginning of the morning a German woman came along and stood in front of me with her hands in her hips and shouted: "Well! That's provocative! Or? I think we have freedom of religion!" Jehovah's Witness grinned broadly. I replied to the Germans: "When people are killed by religion, that's freedom of religion?" The German became louder: "Go to work first!" Jehovah's Witness grinned even wider. I said: "I work." The Germans: "I don't believe it!" Jehovah's Witness went back and forth in his imaginary cage.

The German has always the folkish urge to regard everyone who does something according to his own insight as a work-shy parasite. Whether the German draws this from his genes or from his ideological imprint remains unclear.

A man passing by turned his face to such a grimace of contempt that I could have made a lot of money with a photo of it. Because this distortion of his face was the global model for the arrogant, contemptuous look par excellence. On the way back, this man once again performed his face disfigurement in absolute perfection. Get to know the people as they really are. Hold up signs in the pedestrian zone.

Otherwise the morning in Wiesloch was very quiet. The passers-by were all very attentive. Everyone was friendly, many agreed, many praised. Besides the Jehovah's Witness at the beginning, two Jehovah's Witnesses in civilian clothes and two in uniforms passed by. My assessment is that freedom of expression "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death – Jesus never let anyone bleed to death" just because it took place independently of the presence of any Jehovah's Witnesses, it had a very positive effect. The police and/or Masonic ecumenists did not appear on the scene. The day was fruitful and good.

My horizon of experience in relation to people has, of course, widened considerably since I tried to enlighten people about the deadly consequences of the Watchtower doctrine and to initiate reflection on it. The realization with which shameless ignorance both private individuals and civil servants can react to freedom of expression is sobering, but the bottom line is the enrichment through the surprisingly large participation of people in the problem addressed.

I'm looking forward to the next Watchtower bleeding death in Germany. Will the German judiciary take a closer look?


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