Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 205

Islam in Heidelberg – No Jehovah's Witnesses

Islam is frightening.

I don't know why Jehovah's Witnesses shy away from daylight and no longer appear in the pedestrian zone of Heidelberg. Are Jehovah's Witnesses afraid of Santa Claus? Are they afraid of being confused with Santa Claus? Are Jehovah's Witnesses afraid of the Salafists who, like Jehovah's Witnesses, want to bring their information to the man with a mild smile? Do Jehovah's Witnesses shy away from drowning in the mass of religious threats?

I saw a fully veiled woman and noticed in passing that under her cape many angular contours shone out. I turned around. She and her companion were no longer there. I waited a long time, but the two did not show up. I admit, I am a scaredy-cat.

The passers-by formed a large arch at the height of the Islam information stand. Nobody, and really nobody, walked close to this stand. And the very young Muslims, who all seemed to be Germans, did not give the slightest thought to why people consistently avoided their closeness. I have never seen this effect in Jehovah's Witnesses. Certainly, passers-by remain at a certain distance from the advertising material of Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Scientologists. But I have never seen such a collective avoidance of proximity as this Islam bookstore.

In Heidelberg, both Jehovah's Witnesses and I, as well as all other people, climb over beggars to make some progress. There are the rose professionals who approach the people with a rose, there are beggars with dyed hair, there are cripples who try to squeeze the tear sac through their handicap, there are people who are stuck at one point as if they had grown up, that one wonders whether they at least get up at night and leave. Some have parked all their household goods next to flower boxes, some have their dog with them or their child. How many young, healthy Muslims who flock to us still have to be dispatched by technical assistance before the German Rest Welfare Service can take care of the profiteers of the pedestrian zone? Is the fight to the death, which we know from capitalism, really the measure of all things in the meantime?

The desolation that is perceived in Heidelberg's inner city is fed directly by the misery of the people that stems from brutal capitalism. The overall mood there can be hung on a certain hook. This hook is called Westerwelle. And just as Westerwelle was on it, so the beggar professionals act. You can't walk through the pedestrian precinct of Heidelberg without your throat being repeatedly pressed by feelings of guilt. The German welfare state no longer really stands out from the rest of the global slum. The island of the formerly sensible fight against poverty is visibly disappearing and this cannot be explained by global warming.

Are Jehovah's Witnesses a possible solution to the problem? With a high degree of certainty no. Because the Watchtower Society is mercilessly exploiting the voluntary unpaid "associates. I remember the Heidelberger Jehovah's Witnesses, who bent over with joy after three cents, although he was actually very much involved internally with something else. I had confronted him with some strange facts from the Watchtower religion.

Freemasonry stands untouched by everything in the pedestrian zone directly opposite the Muslims and sells Advent calendars. Freemasons were the ones who designed and developed Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses and some other sects. Freemasons are so beautifully detached and self-sufficient on their way. Most of the time they know nothing about the deeds of their former masters and masters. Freemasons simply can't help it. They are not to blame. They only have the money and the power.


I just heard about the Paris bombings! (14.11.2015 21:00 Uhr)


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